Friday, 14 January 2022


 According to the hollow-Earth theory, the planet's interior can be accessed through the North and South poles, and hidden civilisations live and thrive in its depths. This idea has been part of the belief system of many peoples throughout the world, for time immemorial.

A large number of expeditions have journeyed to the North and South poles over the course of history, including that of US Rear Admiral Richard Byrd and other intrepid explorers. They have encountered extraordinary landscapes and discovered polar oases with quasi subtropical temperatures. They have found warm rivers and crossed extensive forests, witnessing an untold number of natural phenomena. All of them have spoken of the Hollow Earth. Operation Highjump is particularly worthy of note and it allegedly involved an expedition to Antarctica for scientific purposes. Yet, what was the real reason behind this covert operation?

Eminent astronomers and mathematicians have advocated the hollow-Earth theory, including scientists like Euler or Edmund Halley, in addition to the many writers and researchers who have cited or discussed this subterranean world. Similarly, ufologists like Ray Palmer, among others, had been long convinced that the Earth is hollow and that UFOs emerge from, and return to a civilisation comprised of superior beings who remain unseen in its unexplored interior.

What are the Poles hiding? And what should we make of the massive hole observed in photographs of the arctic regions? Furthermore, what can be said about the mysterious disappearance of entire villages in these polar areas? Does the region host a subterranean realm inhabited by unfamiliar life forms, known as the Kingdom of Agharti, and how can it be accessed?

Tuesday, 4 January 2022


 Anthony Fauci, director of the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) has engaged in unethical scientific activities, throughout his career, including the unnecessary mistreatment of animals and cruel experiments involving human beings. He has also been accused of genocide for his involvement in the AIDS scam. It was he who funded the Wuhan laboratory in China, where the infamous virus originated, and his leaked emails suggest that everything had been planned. Indeed, his work focused on improving viruses’ ability to affect humans, so that they could be used as bioweapons, to create a ‘plandemic’.

He has lied to citizens and used his control of billions of dollars to manipulate scientific research, in order to promote his own interests and those of his Big Pharma partners, via a harmful experimental vaccine that operates to the detriment of citizens’ values, health and freedoms. This is not all, however. He has also created a new Covid-based religion: Fauci-ism. Dr Fauci’s Covid-19 response is destroying democracy, whilst elevating the power of a tyrannical medical technocracy.


 US senators, governors, members of Congress, judges and attorneys are fighting against Joe Biden’s vaccine mandates and government tyranny, setting an example for other countries in Europe and the world.

Senator Mike Lee of Utah, Senator Roger Marshall of Kansas, Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, among others, have warned they are willing to shut down the government over President Joe Biden’s vaccine rules. Senators Rand Paul, Mike Braun, Ron Johnson and more have taken a similar stance.

Governor Ron DeSantis also opposes vaccination mandates and has flatly declared Biden’s attempts to require vaccination unconstitutional. The same is true of Texas Governor Greg Abbott, Congressman Clay Higgins and many others.

Moreover, at least 27 courts have filed challenges in a move to block the mandate, and 24 Republican state attorneys general have vowed to take legal action against the US federal government, if the administration does not change course on its vaccine mandate. Through their efforts, they are achieving notable results which set an example for many countries in Europe and the world, when it comes to stopping tyrannical governments and their toxic vaccines.

Monday, 20 December 2021


 We are waging a psychological and spiritual war, in which a huge number of people have been hypnotised by fear, threats and bribery, so that they would accept a murderous spike-protein vaccine which is causing terrible injuries. And now, as part of this ever-intensifying holocaust, they even want to give it to children. In other words, World War Three is at the height of its rollout, where our soul and our mental, and spiritual integrity is at stake. As far as Christmas is concerned, everyone waits for this time of year with high hopes. However, supposed precautionary measures are now being put into place to stop the spread of Covid-19 and its new variants. Indeed, they have started cancelling Christmas in any number of countries, closing down Christmas markets, and cancelling the arrival of Santa Claus and other celebrations, processions and concerts. They have also cancelled midnight mass on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve parties, including family gatherings.

And what can be said about families and children, who wait with great interest, for containers coming from China to be dispatched, so that they can buy their presents and celebrate a happy Christmas and New Year’s Eve?

Why do they want to quash the most tradition-filled holiday of the year, which includes the arrival of Santa Claus, with all of his presents, which has done so much good to children, and families over the years?

Saturday, 4 December 2021


 We are experiencing a psychological, genetic and spiritual war linked to control, power and depopulation that the elite, from the shadows is waging against humanity. To achieve their aims, they are using a DNA-altering vaccine, because they know just how precious our DNA is and that it offers us profound knowledge and enables us to connect with the Universe itself. Evidence suggests that they severed the 12 DNA strands we originally possessed, leaving us with only two. For this reason, they now fear the awakening of millions of people who are becoming aware of everything they have done to us.

This is why they have deliberately tried to hide the issue, and anything linked to the stars and extra-terrestrial origins are not disclosed to the public, and the same can be said of free zero-point energy. In reality, Free Infinite Energy forms part of empty space. It is inexhaustible energy that would generate huge benefits for us, however they want to replace it with harmful 5G. Free zero-point energy was discovered by the great genius Nikola Tesla, and a number of scientists who developed his work later, would be assassinated.

Many different ancient cultures, like Egypt and India, were familiar with this energy and used it. In fact, they still host artefacts and vestiges demonstrating that they had access to superior technology, with which they built monumental structures, temples and pyramids. It was also used to travel throughout various universes, through unified, quantum and fractal fields, which vibrate with the music of the spheres. This is where chrononauts or Star Travellers journey when travelling through hyperspace using Stargates.

Wednesday, 1 December 2021


 From its very beginnings and throughout its history, the United States has always been a nation of courageous fighters, who ventured into the unknown in search of freedom in the land of opportunity. Starting with its Founding Fathers and first presidents, the nation was founded upon several principles set out in the Constitution they created for the people. In fact, its fundamental precepts are detailed in the Bill of Rights.

The spirit of freedom and the pursuit of happiness have always been fundamental pillars of this nation’s culture. At the same time, it has always been open to other cultures, and served as an example of advancement. Whilst representing the quest for the American dream, it has established itself as one of the foremost world powers.

The people are being stripped of these rights, today, as we face medical tyranny linked to transgenic vaccines, and a fake pandemic, triggered by a Chinese virus. What consequences are emerging from this situation? What is the connection between the virus and China? How is it linked to China’s plans for global control, which includes taking over the United States? Is China achieving its aims?

Now is the time for big decisions. Indeed, Americans need to reach an understanding about what is taking place and reclaim their own history. It is not a history of hatred, racism and oppression. It is not a history of failure. Rather, it is rooted in values and principles, like freedom, equal opportunity, and the right to life and happiness – and these are all things worth fighting for.

Tuesday, 23 November 2021


 The 46th President of the United States is currently in office, as one of the least popular presidents of all time amongst Americans. His dark past is fraught with accusations of paedophilia, abuse and inappropriate conduct towards children and young people. His notoriety includes scandals in which his children are protagonists, as well as being centred upon accusations against him for corruption or irregular activities. He has been accused of plagiarism, racism and incompetence during public events. Furthermore, his memory lapses and blunders prompt rumours about his mental health and trigger doubts about his ability to govern the world’s leading power.

Furthermore, his advocacy in favour of transgenderism, the LGBTQ agenda, and abortion, in addition to his ties to Communist China have brought approval ratings on his policies and how he manages the presidency to all-time low. The same is true of his mandate for compulsory vaccination, involving a harmful gene-therapy vaccine, which he wants to impose upon any number of sectors. In fact, many of these sectors are coming together to reject his policies. These include the Army, Navy and Air Force, as well as security guards, police officers, attorneys and bishops who have realised that he is merely a straw man – a puppet put in office by the NWO’s elite, with the aim of continuing their agenda against the people, in order to destroy the few American values left. In short, he is striving to create a State founded upon surveillance and slavery, as we continue to see.

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