Tuesday, 14 March 2023


 They are the masters of the worldwide economy and global politics: the corrupt, the paedophiles and the Satanists – all of whom have no respect for human beings. They are the powers-that-be, who consider themselves the ‘chosen ones’ fated to save the world. In January 2023, they gathered in Davos, for an event that many consider the greatest, most brazen concentration of organised crime ever: the World Economic Forum. Brainchild of Klaus Schwab, this meeting is where they decide their dark agenda, whose aim is to dominate the world.

It involves fake climate change, poisoning us through food and insect-based edible products, and injecting us with killer vaccines that destroy our DNA and cause millions of deaths. Through education, they indoctrinate us, including the promotion of their LGBT agenda. The Davos clique uses these strategies, and many more, to lead us towards robotism and soul-less transhumanism, which is completely devoid of consciousness. They are striving to gain complete control over the population, via the imposition of a dictatorial New World Order, which, in reality, is not new at all. In fact, it is merely a combination of the worst scenarios humankind experienced over the course of the last century: Chinese communism, Italian fascism and German Nazism.

One WEF participant, Tony Blair, is a faithful and obedient agent of the dark elite. A Bilderberg Group regular, he advocates for the rollout of a health passport in Europe and supports vaccine tracking and surveillance, in order to ensure the vaccination of all human beings. After his term as British Prime Minister, Blair became chief advisor of the US bank JPMorgan Chase & Co., and he wishes to continue perpetrating this eugenics-based agenda against humankind.

We need to wake up, with utmost urgency. We must break free of the constant indoctrination to which we are subjugated, and learn to say, “NO!”, as we reject the ‘reset’ world they’ve designed to make us lose our humanity, before it is too late.

Saturday, 25 February 2023


 The whole of humanity is currently experiencing a critical situation, and the events happening around us were prophesised in the past, as signs of the end times. We are living through a third Spiritual War, that is affecting us, silently, and on a global scale. It all began in January of 2020, with a huge lie engineered by the global elite, as a way of finalising their plan for worldwide genocide. They have used the corrupt media to achieve their aims and the media, in all its ignorance and arrogance, has twisted reality, according to the dictates of the globalist elite.

Synthetic foods, lab-grown meat, foods made with insects and other critters, and the use of vaccinated animals for consumption, represent a clear threat to human health. All of these food-based threats co-exist alongside the terrible effects we are continuing to see as a result of gene-therapy vaccines, which are already expired. Indeed, they have caused millions of deaths and terrible adverse effects, as in the case of airline pilots. The powers-that-be insist on administering these jabs to children, in order to destroy humanity’s future, which is yet another step in their genocidal agenda. Within this context, some countries continue to promote the vaccine through deception, and a number of actors are advocating in their favour. However, they are coming up against those who are fighting to overturn this genocide. Where are the rebels who have always come forth during history’s revolutions, those who tirelessly fought on the side of Light and Truth? We are in the throes of a Global Spiritual War, and there is no turning back. Let us fight until the end, like true warriors of Light!

Saturday, 11 February 2023


 We are living in the worst era in human history, immersed in a spiritual war being waged against us by the satanic elite, who have fabricated a fake pandemic in order to mandate their toxic vaccine, which alters our original DNA and robs humanity of its most precious assets, besides causing the death of millions of people and leaving vaccinated individuals to cope with dreadful adverse effects for the rest of their lives. In addition to this reality, the elite have manufactured a serious economic crisis, which is escalating worldwide without respite.

This economic crisis forms part of the New World Order’s Great Reset, designed to create unemployment and poverty, at every turn, via a worldwide economic recession, collapse of the currency, mass layoffs, the bankruptcy of companies, the destruction of national economies, unforgiving price hikes and economic ruin – all factors that are forcing humanity to grapple with destitution, homelessness and hunger.

These elements co-exist alongside medicine shortages, an upsurge in criminality, theft, raids, judicial corruption and more, and to the mix, we also have to add their digital currency – and its QR code – created as a means of controlling the population and, ultimately, forcing us into a social credit system, whereby we will be stripped of our freedoms and reduced to complete slavery.

All of these issues are part of the panorama we are already experiencing in today’s world, and things are going to get even worse, if humankind does not change directions, and veer away from its looming fate, by starting to stage protests against the one-per cent elites who rule the world, until we are finally oust them from government, before it’s too late.

Saturday, 28 January 2023


 We live in one of the worst eras in history, since we are immersed in World War III, as many writers and scientists have already discussed, which involves every country on a global scale. However, this is not a physical war; rather, it is of a mental, emotional and spiritual nature, and what is at stake is the survival of the original human being.

This war is designed to nullify the individual and our freedom to think, feel and act, according to our conscience. In reality, we are dealing with a war aimed at taking over our psyche, to dominate our moral, ethical, and spiritual values, and our souls, above all else.

However, scientists, physicians, politicians and writers are alerting the public about the implacable darkness being promoted by the elite who rule over us, sounding the alarm about their killer vaccines, whose ultimate aim is to poison, injure and kill millions of innocent people. The-powers-that-be are trying to rob us of the most precious asset human beings possess, by altering our genetics, and imposing artificial intelligence and robotic transhumanism upon us, which does nothing but turn our body into an empty shell, without individual emotions or thoughts.

More incredible still, is the fact that representatives of major religions are actively participating, taking a stance in favour of this gene therapy, which modifies our original DNA, as many scientists are denouncing. Our souls, the ‘God gene’, our genetics – which connect us to a superior power – are all assets that human beings simply cannot lose.

Saturday, 21 January 2023


 In this video documentary, we will be expanding upon the topic of cursed dynasties. Normally, these families are involved in schemes involving money, fortune, power and wealth, but they are also embroiled in misfortunes, scandal, violent and premature deaths, and even murders. Hence, their members are miserable, despite their status, or regardless of the money and possessions they have amassed for generations.

Therefore, we have families like the du Pont, who became rich at the expense of others, thanks to their business dealings, which were not always honest and transparent. Next, there is the Bush dynasty, a saga of ruthless, criminal politicians who were implicated in the start of several wars and the attack against the Twin Towers, triggering death in their wake. The same is true of the infamous Koch family, owners of an oil refinery; they have participated in various kinds of falsification, theft and abuse.

The Waltons, founders of Walmart hypermarkets, monopolised the market to impose their own rules, but their business serves as a smokescreen for hiding many other things. Others families are also worthy of note, like those of royal blood, such as the Habsburgs, who suffered hereditary diseases due to inbreeding. The Al Sauds, Saudi Arabia’s royal family, promotes a strict view of Islam that is characterised by a plethora of rules, yet they are embroiled in assassinations, betrayal and abuse, as they seek disproportionate power.

Saturday, 14 January 2023


 Following the inauguration of Brazil’s new president, former convict Lula da Silva, what is the government going to bring to Brazil? Over the last 70 days, masses of people have been peacefully protesting throughout the entire country, to a degree that has never been seen before. They are clearly rejecting the new President, and calling for intervention from the Army, as guarantors of the Brazilian Constitution. The reality they are grappling with, is not being featured in the media.

Lula is just another pawn, a puppet who belongs to the totalitarian elite. They are the ones who decided to release him from prison. They are the ones who rigged the elections, via electronic voting machines, so that he could lead the vast country of Brazil, with all its beauty and wealth. They plan to use him to establish a tyrannical and dictatorial regime, to the detriment of the people.

From the very start of his inaugural ceremony, Lula demonstrated that he does not love his country or its institutions. What he wants is to continue fostering corruption, curtailing freedoms, imposing a mandatory vaccine and destroying the economy. He wants to use environmental protection as an excuse to give up the Amazon’s sovereignty, by handing it over to multinationals. All the while, the people continued with their usual peaceful protests but Lula and his followers, in their quest to quash these demonstrations, planted violent infiltrated individuals on the scene, so that they could then blame the populace for the havoc the infiltrators caused. In short, it was a trap, aimed at supressing protests and imprisoning his opponents. It begs the question: what is going to happen, from here on out, in Brazil?

Sunday, 8 January 2023


 We continue to explore the dynasties behind corporations that have ruled the world, amassing power and vast fortunes, yet these things have never brought happiness to these families, or to the people around them. On the contrary, they often find themselves facing misfortune, scandals and death. Throughout the Twentieth Century, corporations, banks and politics joined forces, forging ties that were difficult to see. The weapons industry, together with the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, occupied a prominent role within the context of these corporations. Automobiles, fashion, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, and jewellery served to generate disproportionate wealth for a small number of families, and although they sometimes enjoy a veneer of prestige, on occasion, they find themselves falling into the depths of disgrace or despair.

These clans control society, in order to serve their dark interests, which are unethical and devoid of morality. They aim to create crises which affect the health, energy and food sectors, and their brazen interest in the New World Order’s Agenda 2030, and the Great Reset advocated by Satanist Klaus Schwab, has forged families like the Warburg-Bayers, the Goldsmiths, the Krupps, or those behind Nestlé, Johnson & Johnson, and Pfizer. These families create their own mirage of so-called honesty, social responsibility and environmental concern, when in reality, there are no real ethics behind their façade, and no morally sound examples to follow, as their lives are filled with misfortune, and ever rife with abuse and scandals.

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