Monday, 23 May 2022


 On this occasion, we are going to explore the origins of our civilisation, i.e., the great cultures of Atlantis and Lemuria. Yet, we will not only discuss the destruction that took place at the end of the civilisation, during its era of decline, which is what gave rise to the origins of our current Aryan race. Rather, our discussion will also take us further back in time, to its very origins, to the Golden Age, its era of maximum splendour, and back to ages of light and magnificence that are currently extinct.

A variety of different writers, researchers and scientists have compiled the traditions of these ancient peoples and, in so doing, have been able decode many of the vestiges associated with that powerful, highly evolved civilisation. Many suggest we are dealing with a culture of great astronomers and engineers. Although they used magic, they also had access to scientific and technological advancements with which we are unfamiliar today. They were capable of managing atomic energy, as well as other kinds, including solar, and their cities were lit using zero-point infinite energy.

They built ships they could use to travel by land, sea and sky, embarked on space journeys, and were in contact with other humanities and stellar beings.

Their huge metropolises were spread out in various parts of the world, and wise beings knew how to govern this powerful civilisation, whose underwater remains give us an indication of the size and grandeur of their buildings, avenues, temples, palaces and pyramids. And what can be said of their mirrors and how they were used? And what about orichalcum? What was its function and how did they get it? A number of mysteries have come to the fore for us, and we will try to resolve them.

Monday, 16 May 2022


 From its early days, Hollywood was always considered a ‘dream factory’ where brilliant young actors could strive for success. The situation shifted to adapt to the interests of the economic elite and its wielders of power, and Hollywood has since become the ministry of propaganda for the United States of America. In fact, it is controlled by the CIA, and, to this very day, it continues to be a factory-of-sorts for mind control and manipulation.

It should also be noted that it had tremendous influence on the two world wars, offering its support to the Nazi regime. Its history comprises scandals, corruption, vices, drugs, sexual abuse, suicides and murder. By the same token, it became a hub for the American mafia and international crime scene.

This is not all, however. It is also at the forefront, when it comes to child abuse. Mind control techniques have been widely used on girls from the ‘Disney Club’ and many other young people, turning their lives into a living hell, characterised by copious drugs, depression, jail, depravation, paedophilia and satanic ceremonies, until they turn into hypnotised puppet-like figures at the service of their creators.

Yet, Hollywood is a huge propaganda factory for the powers that be. It is also a smokescreen and an outlet for disinformation designed to cover up its countless crimes, as we are seeing today. And what can be said about the host of famous actors who have supported the government campaign advocating vaccines and draconian measures against the people? They have fuelled lies, but, as it turns out, they are also suffering from adverse effects or have died, as a consequence of these murderous vaccines.

Saturday, 7 May 2022


 In this new video documentary, we will explore the ancient origins of Eastern culture, which has ties to gods from celestial spheres. Its roots are in no way related to present-day China, which solely fosters oppressive collectivism and enslavement.

The beginnings of this great civilisation date back some 5,000 years with the reign of Huangdi, known as the Yellow Emperor, who created a culture inspired by the divine, which saw the development of Astronomy, Writing, Engineering and Medicine. The great Queen Mother of the West, together with the Jade Emperor – the Supreme Ruler of Heaven – reigned in a Jade Palace, situated on Kunlun, the Celestial Mountain, or Hsi, Paradise, where the peaches of immortality grew.

The traditions of Asia refer to Kuan Yin, the goddess of mercy and compassion who observes the world's suffering and continues to be a widely venerated deity to this very day. The most important divinity of the Japanese pantheon is the Sun goddess Amaterasu. On a similar note, the Pre-Celtic peoples worshiped the goddess Brigit, also known by the name Dana, the powerful goddess of Wisdom. Furthermore, the goddess Dou Mu, is a divinity revered in the whole of Asia, by Buddhists and Taoists alike. She is known as the Mother of the Seven Stars.

And what can be said of China's first emperor Qin Shi Huang, creator of the Great Wall, who reigned until he was 49, unifying the vast country and bringing about improvements for society at large? And what about the quest for immortality that these cultures always considered an achievable possibility? Many cultures discuss this prospect and, over the course of history, there have been accounts testifying to the existence of immortal beings.

Saturday, 30 April 2022


 The history of the British Royal family is rooted in a hidden contradiction, namely, that they are not entirely British. Indeed, the Queen's family is actually of German descent. It is well-known that the House of Windsor – the dynasty to which Queen Elizabeth II belongs – was created in 1917, drawing from two of the most important royal houses in Europe, the House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, which originated in Germany, and the Royal House of Hanover of England.

Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom is the reigning British Monarch and, as such, she is sovereign of fifteen independent states, which are constituted as a kingdom. At the same time, she is the chief political figure for the fifty-four member countries forming part of the Commonwealth of Nations.

Yet, her vast power hides a dark past that is populated by Nazi sympathisers and underpinned by eugenics and Illuminati ideologies. She is also implicated in child abuse and paedophilia, and has several cases pending before the courts. Furthermore, to this very day, her children and grandchildren continue to be at the centre of any number of scandals.

What can be said of the fact that she is a member of secret masonic orders and other Satanist groups? And what about her interests in banks and key industries, such as Big Pharma, including the British pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca?

Saturday, 23 April 2022


 In this new video documentary, we will continue to explore this interesting and wide-ranging subject of the Hollow Earth and the beings who live there. On this occasion, we are going to explore the ancient Celtic and Druidic peoples more in depth. The populations of ancient Britannia and Europe were descendants of the Hyperboreans, the Túatha Dé Danann and the Polar race. These beings of giant stature were closely connected to the elemental forces of nature and its magic, and they had ties with the wise beings from Agharti who populate the Inner Earth.

Furthermore, they had an understanding of the Science of the Geon and geomagnetism, as well as other knowledge associated with enormous stones and mystery-filled megalithic constructions, including the famous dolmens, menhirs and cromlechs of Stonehenge and Avebury, in addition to many other alignments that follow Ley Lines, terrestrial magnetism and Hermai.

This video documentary will also discuss talking stones or those that move, roam and levitate, in addition to exploring other mysteries linked to the legendary history of King Arthur and his wife Guinevere in Camelot, located in Glastonbury, in the United Kingdom. It also features the Knights of the Round Table, the quest for the Grail, and traditions exemplifying the fusion of Christianity, at its origins, with the Celtic-Druidic tradition, through the Holy Alliance.

Monday, 11 April 2022


 In this new video documentary, we continue to delve deeper into this interesting topic, discussing the Hollow Earth, its mysteries, and the evolved beings who reside there. On this occasion, we uncover the extraordinary ancient culture of Egypt and its mysteries, many of which continue unsolved to this very day.

In the introduction, we will see the mystery and beauty of pearls, a marvel of the Hollow Earth which encapsulates the knowledge of many cultures that continues to be extremely well-hidden. Pearls have always been the symbol of wisdom and immortality, as well as representing love and happiness. We will also examine the interesting false doors found in a wide variety of cultures. These doors don't appear to lead anywhere, and yet, they were interdimensional portals used since antiquity for interstellar journeys. In fact, they were used by Beings from space, who have always been in contact with terrestrial humanity.

Among the Egyptian culture's untold mysteries, that have yet to be fully revealed, we have the existence of tunnels that interconnect the Pyramids and the Sphinx. Who built these wonderous constructions, and for what purpose? What is stored inside the Chamber of Records and what information can be gleaned from the Inventory Stela, which discloses unfamiliar data? And what can be said about the highly advanced technology they would have needed to build these structures and artefacts? It is truly striking to discover the relationship linking temples, pyramids and the Nile River, with stars and constellations, as a reflection of the Cosmos on Earth.

Saturday, 2 April 2022


 It is striking how just when the majority of governments worldwide are lifting the draconian measures imposed upon the people in response to the Covid plandemic, after two long years, in which the Covid fraud's experimental vaccines caused a huge amount of injury and death, precisely now that people who are more awake are starting to realise who is behind this whole montage, pulling the strings of government... precisely now, a newly engineered war has emerged out of nowhere, pitting Russia and Ukraine against each other. This conflict is causing a lack of energy and food, producing price hikes, inflation, economic crisis and fear, in addition to fomenting hunger and poverty the world over.

Clearly, we cannot give credence to those who are now telling us that it is all over. Indeed, in a few months' time, they are going to come out with new measures, some worse than before, as they introduce a novel strain or a newly engineered pandemic. We also cannot trust those who are trying to cover up the crimes against humanity they have committed through murderous vaccines, by generating a war and manipulating humanity. In so doing, they are engendering more suffering and fuelling further crisis, which serve as a smokescreen to cover up all they have done.

We now know these circumstances form part of their agenda and that we are dealing with the usual suspects who play on both sides of the fence, without the slightest concern for human suffering, since they continue to pursue the same objective as always; their goal is none other than depopulation and to roll out the New World Order's Great Reset, which they are striving to impose upon humanity as a whole.

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