Saturday, 4 December 2021


 We are experiencing a psychological, genetic and spiritual war linked to control, power and depopulation that the elite, from the shadows is waging against humanity. To achieve their aims, they are using a DNA-altering vaccine, because they know just how precious our DNA is and that it offers us profound knowledge and enables us to connect with the Universe itself. Evidence suggests that they severed the 12 DNA strands we originally possessed, leaving us with only two. For this reason, they now fear the awakening of millions of people who are becoming aware of everything they have done to us.

This is why they have deliberately tried to hide the issue, and anything linked to the stars and extra-terrestrial origins are not disclosed to the public, and the same can be said of free zero-point energy. In reality, Free Infinite Energy forms part of empty space. It is inexhaustible energy that would generate huge benefits for us, however they want to replace it with harmful 5G. Free zero-point energy was discovered by the great genius Nikola Tesla, and a number of scientists who developed his work later, would be assassinated.

Many different ancient cultures, like Egypt and India, were familiar with this energy and used it. In fact, they still host artefacts and vestiges demonstrating that they had access to superior technology, with which they built monumental structures, temples and pyramids. It was also used to travel throughout various universes, through unified, quantum and fractal fields, which vibrate with the music of the spheres. This is where chrononauts or Star Travellers journey when travelling through hyperspace using Stargates.

Wednesday, 1 December 2021


 From its very beginnings and throughout its history, the United States has always been a nation of courageous fighters, who ventured into the unknown in search of freedom in the land of opportunity. Starting with its Founding Fathers and first presidents, the nation was founded upon several principles set out in the Constitution they created for the people. In fact, its fundamental precepts are detailed in the Bill of Rights.

The spirit of freedom and the pursuit of happiness have always been fundamental pillars of this nation’s culture. At the same time, it has always been open to other cultures, and served as an example of advancement. Whilst representing the quest for the American dream, it has established itself as one of the foremost world powers.

The people are being stripped of these rights, today, as we face medical tyranny linked to transgenic vaccines, and a fake pandemic, triggered by a Chinese virus. What consequences are emerging from this situation? What is the connection between the virus and China? How is it linked to China’s plans for global control, which includes taking over the United States? Is China achieving its aims?

Now is the time for big decisions. Indeed, Americans need to reach an understanding about what is taking place and reclaim their own history. It is not a history of hatred, racism and oppression. It is not a history of failure. Rather, it is rooted in values and principles, like freedom, equal opportunity, and the right to life and happiness – and these are all things worth fighting for.

Tuesday, 23 November 2021


 The 46th President of the United States is currently in office, as one of the least popular presidents of all time amongst Americans. His dark past is fraught with accusations of paedophilia, abuse and inappropriate conduct towards children and young people. His notoriety includes scandals in which his children are protagonists, as well as being centred upon accusations against him for corruption or irregular activities. He has been accused of plagiarism, racism and incompetence during public events. Furthermore, his memory lapses and blunders prompt rumours about his mental health and trigger doubts about his ability to govern the world’s leading power.

Furthermore, his advocacy in favour of transgenderism, the LGBTQ agenda, and abortion, in addition to his ties to Communist China have brought approval ratings on his policies and how he manages the presidency to all-time low. The same is true of his mandate for compulsory vaccination, involving a harmful gene-therapy vaccine, which he wants to impose upon any number of sectors. In fact, many of these sectors are coming together to reject his policies. These include the Army, Navy and Air Force, as well as security guards, police officers, attorneys and bishops who have realised that he is merely a straw man – a puppet put in office by the NWO’s elite, with the aim of continuing their agenda against the people, in order to destroy the few American values left. In short, he is striving to create a State founded upon surveillance and slavery, as we continue to see.

Monday, 15 November 2021


 Do not conform to locking down children and punishing them through countless unfounded fears that ultimately create hard-to-treat social phobias. Do not comply with forcing them to wear masks, when playing on slides and swing-sets, or while playing football. The agenda being rolled out is becoming progressively perverse, as children are indoctrinated into the LGBTQ agenda. Indeed, they are being brainwashed about gender identity, which the powers-that-be want to pass off as normal.

Worse still, this issue is being disguised as education and is now explicitly featured in Disney films and other forms of entertainment, or included as part of educational curriculum, with the excuse of promoting equality. In reality, we are dealing with a social engineering operation directed towards the young and vulnerable. The worst thing about this satanic agenda is that it is a smokescreen for paedophilia and child abuse. All the while, the governing elite’s dystopian agenda advances, with its absurd measures disguised as legality.

Moreover, what can be said about the genocidal vaccine, which they intend to use to cause sickness and death amongst children, as the health-based tyranny strives to impose the jab on younger and younger children, despite knowing that it is of no benefit to them and that children don’t even catch or suffer from this disease? On a related note, what can be said about the quarantine camps being set up across nations, to detain and isolate children suspected of having the coronavirus infection? What is their purpose? How many more children and adolescents have to die before the courts decide to stop the administration of the Covid-19 vaccine to minors?

Tuesday, 9 November 2021


 On November 28, the Swiss people will have the opportunity of referendum to see whether the Covid law is revoked along with their covid certificate. This could lay the foundations for freedom throughout the world, that is why we call on all the Swiss supporters of Alcyon Pleiades to campaign throughout the country, since they have very little time to ensure that the result of this referendum is in favour of the people.

If the Swiss people defeat tyranny, it would become the example for all of Europe and the entire planet, showing that true power resides in the free and sovereign people and not in the dictates of the elites that only seek to tyrannise us, with thousands of excuses, together with the mainstream media that unconditionally serves them.

The Swiss people may hold the keys that open the doors of humanity's destiny to freedom and the triumph of light.

Saturday, 6 November 2021


 Klaus Schwab is an affluent German engineer of Nazi origins. A descendant of the notorious Rothschild family, he is the founder of the World Economic Forum, which is advertised as an organisation that promotes public-private cooperation. Yet, what it really seeks is to roll out the global Great Reset, based on technological dictatorship and control. It advocates eugenics, transhumanism and nanotechnology’s integration with the human body, so that human beings can be remote-controlled by the State.

Klaus Schwab’s so-called ‘Great Reset’, comprises hydropower, plasma turbines, nuclear power, materials science, nuclear weapons, oil, and gas, coal, biofuel, paper, food, robotics, artificial intelligence, finance, patents, pharmaceuticals and more.

The World Economic Forum is completely fraudulent, and an enemy of humanity. It meets in Davos, Switzerland, at the beginning of February, each year, to draw up dystopian plans that reflect the agenda of psychopaths who are now using Covid as an excuse to accelerate their quest to control the world and destroy humanity.

Monday, 1 November 2021


 As a consequence of the closures and lockdowns derived from the fake pandemic, we have recently been seeing an upsurge in mental health problems in minors, which has caused a ‘wave’ of psychological disorders. Indeed, childhood psychiatric emergencies and eating disorders have doubled in number, and the same is true of cases involving anxiety, depression, self-inflicted injury and suicide among adolescents and children. Violence against minors, mistreatment and abuse are also on the rise, and the amount of screen time allotted to children and young people has skyrocketed.

Numerous studies and scientific papers are exposing this alarming situation, as figures continue to rise. This is a source of serious concern, because it engenders the possibility of prolonged side effects, expressed over the course of many years. These factors lead to the medicalization of children which is even worse, when combined with an experimental gene therapy. Why are they underestimating figures surrounding the vaccine’s serious side effects in young people, when they include irreversible damage and death? This not all, however. Children and teens are being subjected to mask mandates that harm their health and undermine relationships, which are extremely important to our evolutionary, emotional and physical development.

And what can be said of the indoctrination, psychological pressure and brainwashing of youth, who have not yet developed critical thinking and discernment skills? What is the aim? What ideas are schools inculcating into pupils, through an education system that has been hijacked for years, so that it can be used to carry out the elite’s agenda?

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