Monday, 17 February 2020

Toxins, viruses, irradiated foods, hormones, meat consumption and cruelty

Although food is the most basic element in the development of every living being, it is no longer natural and is packed with preservatives, pesticides, artificial flavours and colours and all kinds of genetically modified chemicals.
Nowadays, many processed foods contain artificial vitamins and inorganic minerals with the aim of convincing consumers that these products are enriched and have higher nutritional values. Even meat is currently filled with large amounts of antibiotics, growth hormones and other toxic additives designed to maximise production for industrial farms.

Our body is specifically designed to be more vigorous when healthy, nonetheless dietary habits and unhealthy lifestyles lead to numerous health problems. In fact, the most common causes of sickness are related to the accumulation of toxins derived from a diet full of chemicals, pesticides, additives and pollutants found in the air, water and soil.
Chemical risks are also lurking in cleaning products, air fresheners, detergents, cosmetics, perfumes, packaging of canned foods… these synthetic chemicals have been linked to cancer, reproductive toxicity and allergies. What can be said about genetically modified foods being injected with viruses and about the presence of petroleum in some foods? And with regards to the consumption of meat, what will be the outcome to our health if we eat meat from animals from industrial farms that are treated with medicines and hormones and exposed to huge stress or suffering before being slaughtered?

Friday, 17 January 2020

Pleiades and Diwali, gods of India, 4 Yugas, Biophotons, Quantum co-creation

Many different cultures around the world celebrate their traditions linked to the Pleiades. Why were the ancients so awed by this constellation? Why has India, in its past and today, always celebrated festivals, featuring fireworks and pyrotechnical effects? Although popular memory has been wiped over the course of centuries, the reality is that everything can be traced back to an ancient tradition regarding the Sun Alcyone’s entrance into our solar system…

This is why Diwali is celebrated throughout the whole of India. It represents the New Year and is a ceremony that the country’s natives look forward to with utmost devotion, since they are commemorating the victory of Light over darkness and Wisdom over Ignorance. This has taken place in the different cyclical periods or Ages of the Universe known as the Yugas, eras in which the gods Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva fought against the Asuras. The same would happen years later, following the Bharata and Kshatriya wars against darkness or with the Rajputs, Porus, the Queen Padmavati and Bajirao. Later, heroes such as Mangal Pandey and Manikarnika would fight against the domination of England.

Is it possible that all of this relates back to us in the present day, as science discovers our body’s capacity to produce and emit biophotons? Some scientists affirm that our physical body is composed of atoms and molecules, but they also assert that the human body emits a number of biophotons.

We cannot forget that the light we are receiving as nourishment through photons comes from our Sun which is connected to the Sun Alcyone of the Pleiades, because our Sun is one of the seven suns belonging to the Pleiadean star cluster. In other words, we have a direct connection with the Pleiades themselves. For this reason, many ancient cultures and civilisations venerated them with devotion and respect, in order to form part of the universal macrocosm and become co-creators of a new destiny, in which our life is subtler and more evolved…

Saturday, 21 December 2019

Neurology of malice, Reptile brain, Gender violence, Male chauvinism, Feminism

Aggressive behaviour and violence cause lasting mental injuries and traumas for many people, with costly human and economic consequences. What is the origin of this violence that is increasing every day?
Scientific studies say that genetic factors play a fundamental role since they are involved in the production of certain neurotransmitters and can cause a greater propensity to aggressiveness, alcoholism and violent killings, however biology does not determine our destiny since the brain is plastic and malleable according to internal and external factors, substances, etc.
There is also the participation of certain brain structures, the influence of certain hormones, education ...
Violent behaviour can also result from a distorted, irrational and pathological mind that sees things different from normal people, such as dissociative identity or multiple personality disorder.
But what are the main causes that influence this incessant and ever growing social violence? Do horror movies and computer games contribute? Could it be that there is also a neuronal biological base that drives it? We know that there is the reptilian brain and that at its most basic and instinctive level it functions through power, force, and dominance as well as being intrinsically territorial. But how does it influence our behaviour, or that of politicians, those who direct the world of film, fashion, or paedophiles in the clergy or in the monarch... is it related to the increase in abuse that people are bringing to light?
What about the terrible gender violence, social, psychological, sexual, etc., with alarming data all over the world and its dire consequences? And male chauvinism and feminism that looks to divide and cause confrontation... what are they based on, is it all part of well-organised manipulation?

Friday, 15 November 2019

Toxic, conflictive, explosive individuals. Manipulators, Estranged families

We live in an era filled with problematic and difficult people who are aggressive and belligerent with everyone; they protest about everything, whilst discrediting and disparaging others. These egocentric narcissists feel self-important and try to stand out and criticise others, thereby harming their relationships with their families and society at large. How can this common situation be resolved?

Until we are able to identify the modus operandi of these emotionally explosive people, we cannot live in harmony and with emotional stability. These are toxic individuals who use resentment, rage and constant anger as a form of communication and day-to-day conduct.

For this reason, we should learn to foster proper relationships and avoid problems as best we can, because we are immersed in a world of cynicism and hypocrisy where treacherous conduct and simulation surface. Similarly, many manipulative and persuasive people who use flattery and promises to move the masses; the same can be said of businesses and educators who use their lectures and resources to persuade audiences. Dependency has intensified within this context and paedophilia is growing as well, supported by perverts who are members of the religious clergy or even corrupt politicians…

What role does family play in all of this? Is it still a pillar of society in the present day? What is taking place inside dysfunctional families characterised by emotional manipulation and ever-growing violence and headed by authoritarian or permissive parents? What about the increase in divorce and the fact that many young couples are deciding not to get married? What about the millennials who do not want any commitments at all…? What is happening inside interpersonal relationships characterised by unchecked emotional conduct and toxic people who display negative emotion and engage in criticism and neurotic behaviours, as manipulation reaches unprecedented levels?

Thursday, 17 October 2019

Robotisation of Japan, IA threat, dehumanisation, microchips, control, addiction

In Japan, millions of young people are on a quest to immerse themselves in the dominating Westernisation, by abandoning everything traditional, adopting more modernist styles and embracing the digital age and new technologies. More and more often, the Japanese are personalising their machines and giving names to their robots, cell phones and media devices… and championing video game characters, singers and virtual actors. In other words, electronic devices have become so vital for life in Japan that they are becoming virtual members of the family and many people spend more time with machines than with their own relatives. 
We live in a society where Artificial Intelligence is causing huge alterations to the brains of the young and, if we do not take urgent measures, the fate of this humanity will be overwhelmed by automatization which will produce irreparable effects. It weakens feeling, expressivity, and natural spontaneity, thereby creating a generation of insensitive robot children.
Technology and robotics are making us increasingly vulnerable, despite their usefulness in societies like that of Japan which is lacking the work force to carry out many jobs and facing the challenges of an aging populace. Robotic androids have received a warm welcome in Japan; there are robot babies and robot pets, android presenters and actors, robot waiters and cooks as well as robot politicians…
Moreover, the merging of man and machine will continue to escalate until we become a transhumanist race of cyborg androids. Although this might seem like fiction, many futurists believe that the creation of machines using Artificial Intelligence is becoming a reality that will mark the end of humanity, because the time will come when artificial intelligence surpasses human intelligence. What can be said about the new 5G network and the huge health and environmental risks it poses for human, animal and plant life? What relationship does this have with the fact that artificial neuronal networks have been created to copy and simulate the biological human brain? And what are the objectives of the company called Neuralink, which focuses on the fusion or interfacing between humans and electronics?

Friday, 13 September 2019

Anglo-Saxon plundering of India, Festivals, Temples, Vimanas, Naga-Mayas

In the second part of this interesting documentary dedicated to the ancient Indian culture, we have to say that the English exploited India through the East India Company in order to provide British industry with raw materials and cheap manual labour for more than two centuries.
Despite the fact that many rajas rebelled, Anglo-Saxon domination destroyed palaces and cities throughout the country and India’s economy was dismantled and destroyed, which generated mass poverty and provoked serious famine and epidemics, particularly in Bengal, where 3 to 5 million people died.
This is not all, however. It established an Army, in which 4 million Indians fought on England’s side in World Wars I and II, helping the United Kingdom secure victory. Worse still, the British Empire astutely hid this information from the general public worldwide and did not disclose the genocide committed, fostering racism and segregation towards the natives of India, as if it were an uncultured nation.
Nonetheless, its profound origins are rooted in knowledge, language and architecture. Its magnificent ancestral temples continue to preserve the mystery of their construction: giantism with its inexplicable footprints, lathed columns with extremely exact perforations made using highly advanced technology, laser-like instruments and the mystery of their vimanas or flying ships.
All of these features form part of India’s cultural wealth and its huge, colourful festivals like the Divali, Ganesh Chaturthi, the Holi festival, Durga Puja and Teej, among others, are mainly dedicated to divinities who always protected the populace.
What can be said about the mystery surrounding the Naga Hindus who are known to have travelled as far as the lands of Mexico, pre-Columbus, to leave the legacy of their profound teachings? Who were these beings and how did they reach the land of the Mayans, which still hosts countless remains attesting to their presence?

Thursday, 22 August 2019

English colonialism, India, Vimanas, Cosmogony, Taj Mahal, Hindu temple

First and foremost, we have to become aware of the regrettable fact that our vast history and ancestral traditions have been maliciously adapted and distorted so that we will not learn the truth about many things.

In this documentary, we emphasise how the hegemonic Anglo-Saxon power mercilessly established itself in the British Isles, taking over territories that did not belong to them. Their imperialist domination spread, until they subjugated America and Canada, as well as regions in Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Oceania, not to mention numerous islands in the Atlantic or Indian oceans. In their thirst for domination, they provoked wars all over Europe, in order to seize territories in each of the world’s continents. Because they were certain no one would discover their presence, they created poverty and generated pain throughout the world, whilst amassing sizable wealth for themselves. 

In much the same way, the British Empire colonised India—a people who had inherited vast wealth from their ancestors, until the people, led by Mahatma Gandhi, were able to free themselves from the Anglo Saxon yoke that had ruled over them for more than two centuries, leaving a trail of millions of deaths and the devastated subcontinent in ruins. 

Despite this fact, it is important to know that the ancient Hindu culture comprises vast metaphysical, cosmogonic, technological and architectural knowledge. The gods Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva,  accompanied by their consorts Saraswati, Lakshmi and Shakti, guided their people for many years, engendering a highly advanced civilisation whose buildings, temples and city-palaces were constructed using techniques that are unimaginable today. They also travelled the skies using extremely powerful flying objects known as Vimanas… leaving behind considerable evidence that bears witness to aerospace technology, developed thousands of years ago. 

In Part III of this interesting documentary, we discuss the true history of the famed TAJ MAHAL. A substantial amount of carefully verified evidence proves that the Taj Mahal is not a tomb, as we have been led to believe. Rather, it is a Hindu temple dedicated to the god Shiva Mahadeva… because we have to understand that not all narratives presented by mainstream sources are true.