Saturday, 24 November 2018

Atlantis, Lemuria, prophecies, present & past catastrophes, A.I., roboticism

It is important to understand that Atlantis was spread out across the planet... its main population centre being Poseidonia... a culture composed of many races, which in its golden age was closely linked with the stars, and from there  received enormous technological and advanced scientific knowledge.
Enormous quantities of evidence, remains, Oopart have been discovered all over the planet; gigantic pyramids, monoliths, sarcophagi, remains of giants... Why does official thinking not want us discover that giant beings populated the Earth and  ultimately were destroyed by appalling catastrophes... or perhaps was there another reason related to their degeneration that led to their destruction while the planet went through a new deglaciation of geographical and magnetic poles?
Our ethnic and genetic origins are linked to an earlier supercontinent called Lemuria or Mu located in the centre of the Pacific Ocean, of which there are preserved pockets in South America, Easter Island, the Maldives, Tibet and even Australia itself. Were its inhabitants, for the same reasons of social degeneration, destroyed by tidal waves, volcanoes, meteorites, hurricanes and earthquakes?
As far as we can deduce, we are faced with a similar situation that involves all of humanity... that is why we are describing the infinity of catastrophes that are taking place; earthquakes, tornadoes, typhoons, cyclones, as well as powerful hurricanes and storms which destroy everything in their path while much of humanity ignores the results, and more because the planet is going through a transforming process of geomagnetic mutation as occurred previously. Is this an indication that we are following the same steps of ancient cultures who because of their arrogance and contempt for internal principles and universal cosmic laws ended up being destroyed? How can we reduce the effects of such sinister calamities if we are at the end of time as great visionaries have been referring to for centuries?

Saturday, 22 September 2018

The Great Pyramid, Sphinx, Obelisks, Star-gate technology, Toroidal energy

There is no doubt that the narrative fed to us by modern Egyptology in no way coincides with the wonders achieved by the mysterious Egyptian culture… What is the origin of their extraordinary technology which continues to be completely unknown to us today? Huge pyramids and monuments built with striking mathematical exactitude have survived until our times, bearing witness to the advanced technology used to cut and transport millions of stone blocks… Why has mainstream science sought to cover up the reality that these structures obviously could not have been built by the hand of man during that era, as we have been led to believe?

What about the Great Pyramid, comprised of more than two million three hundred thousand huge blocks weighing between 2 and 70 tons each? Was it built as a tomb for Pharaoh Cheops or was its purpose to channel solar, stellar and cosmic energy…?

And what can be said about the impressive Sphinx surrounded by an aura of ancestral mystery and depicted as the silent guardian that protects the pyramids? Why has the circular opening in its head and its underground tunnels leading to the Great Pyramid been virtually overlooked?

Did this culture have highly-advanced cosmic and stellar technology with extra-terrestrial origins that they used to achieve perfect measurements that were founded upon astronomy and mathematics? Is it possible that they were familiar with the electric light, as depicted in numerous images? What about their huge obelisks? Could they have been built by the hand of man, considering the enormous weight of each one?

According to many researchers, ancient Egypt is not what it was once thought to be, rather, it is an amazing reflection of the Heavens…

Sunday, 12 August 2018

Egypt, Gods from the stars, curse of the mummies, Sirius, Orion, Shemsu Hor

Much that existed in ancient Egypt is still to de deciphered by historians, archaeologists and explorers… colossal statues, obelisks, pyramids and monuments filled ancient Egypt and were linked to a field of solar and stellar energy that those people knew how to take utilise.
There are remains of numerous  temple-cities that are spread along the length of the planet's largest river, the Nile as a testimony of this magnificent civilization, and still today we  do not understand how they were built.
Recall that conventional science has always hidden things from us for the sole purpose of maintaining al level of ignorance, and we cling to this ignorance and obscurantism that is shared by the entire planet.
And what of what has always been said about the curse of the mummies? Could it be that Egypt was always protected by a spiritual and cosmic light, governed by a very severe Justice, based on total veracity and rectitude and supported by an unknown luminous power? What is behind the unusual deaths of scientists, archaeologists, etc., related to the desecration of tombs and crypts like that of the Pharaoh Tutankhamun?
These were a people with outstanding knowledge in medicine, astronomy, stellar alignments, mathematics, engineering ...
Could it be that all this knowledge was received from their ancestors, that is to say, the gods of ancient Egypt, who had descended centuries previous from their stars, like Sirius and the constellation of Orion as well as the Pleiades themselves... they being the stellar designers of both the pyramids of Giza and the great ancestral Sphinx?

Thursday, 5 July 2018

Corrupt politicians, puppet governments, soft coups, immigrants

We find ourselves at the end of this corrupt civilisation characterised by a paradigm of extreme avant-gardism… The origin of this decadent modernist trajectory lies chiefly with our corrupt politicians and leaders. This movement forms part of a well-planned agenda whose aim is for confusion and pain to continue… The fact that a digital society is being created represents a serious problem, causing people to lose the ability to communicate directly and emotionally… they solely communicate via the Internet, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and social networks. The objective is to make us fall asleep and keep us from realising all that is happening in the world...
This irrepressible psychological, social and global decline has a lot to do with the leaders who govern the world amidst scandals and lies, adopting attitudes that used to be more effectively concealed but are becoming increasingly brazen… This is why they are now calling upon younger individuals to act as emissaries and gofers.
What can be said of the corrupt and dishonest governments that abound all over the world? Will they continue misappropriating public funds whilst continuing to demand that citizens fulfil their obligations? What about the puppet governments that are everywhere? What can be said about the most powerful nation in the world which seems to be lacking a concrete programme benefiting citizens?
Moreover, politics is becoming incoherent and ridiculous, the attitudes and behaviour displayed is typical of the uneducated, who lacking ethical principles carry themselves with arrogance, defiance and disrespect. Are the globalist elite adopting these modern methods so that they can put into office whoever they find most convenient, staging a series of silent, soft coups in order to remove worn-out members and replace them with others who will obey the orders of the kleptocratic globalist government?

Monday, 28 May 2018

AI, Toroidal energy, bio-nanotechnology, Smart Grid, Wearables, Robots

We find ourselves at a time of major decisions during a difficult transitional era, in which we must decide whether to follow the path leading to the evolution of our consciousness or in the direction of Artificial Intelligence, triggering the consequences these deceitful technologies ultimately produce..
This can be seen more intensely on social networks where millions of people fail to realise that a hugely dangerous and deeply dehumanising multi-sensorial technology is being created.
What they do not realise, however, is that they are falling into the net cast by highly advanced, extremely threatening cybernetics and Artificial Intelligence which threatens to diminish our human and cognitive abilities and stunt our genetic evolution. We will eventually become more distant, unfeeling and robotic thereby generating coldness in our way of thinking and our actions.
Biotechnology, Nanotechnology and Transhumanism form part of Artificial Intelligence's new prototypes, under the umbrella of which projects such as BlueBrain and Avatar aimed at creating different cyborg sub-species or digital clones all over the world can be found. This is a huge problem the vast majority are not taking seriously. The global elite are solely interested in keeping the masses hyper-connected and completely absorbed by their computers, tablets and next-generation mobile phones so that we fall into the trap of robotics.
What can be said about SmartGrids, or 5G technology that emits powerful microwave electromagnetic frequencies that are extremely harmful or 'Wearables' which are standalone devices or contained within intelligent clothes. Why are the technocratic elie in such a hurry to convert humanity in to insensitive robotic machines?

Sunday, 22 April 2018

Illegal bombing of Syria, fake chemical attack, Russia sanctions, World War III

This special documentary has been created with the sole purpose of warning as many people as possible and raising awareness about the Empire and its allies’ belligerent actions that are intended to escalate tensions so as to perpetuate the invasion of sovereign nations such as Syria and other countries of the region, while the main stream media and the UN stand by in silence.

What is the secret motive guiding the manipulation of this web of warfare and this attempt to hide the truth under the guise of supposedly seeking peace and stability, although all they simply create more chaos and pain the world over? Is it because they have lost the war against Syria and are now seeking revenge, reacting against Russia for the support it has offered the Syrian people?

If these terrible warmongering actions are not curtailed as quickly as possible, serious problems will result from such threats, sanctions, lies, disinformation… Should the current level of pressure and coercion continue, the end result will be catastrophic and irreversible. What new excuses will they fabricate in order to trigger the Third World War they long for?

Monday, 26 March 2018

Decline of the Zionist-Anglo-American Empire, Roman Empire, Jerusalem, Netanyahu

It is important to understand that the Zionist-kabbalists continue to generate confusion and abuse their power in order to strengthen the New World Order.  The United States' illegal recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital confirms that the Zionist Anglo-American Empire governs us in a totalitarian manner, aided and abated by a silent European Union that stands by in the shadows. It takes advantage of specific dates to trigger more separation, war and religious conflict to cover up its fraud and corruption.

Why are these events taking place in and around Jerusalem, which is the Holy Land of three major religions? This area's energy field is made up of very powerful, magnetised energies and the Zionist-kabbalist Empire has always tried to be in possession of it. 

In addition, why is there so much similarity between today's Zionist-Anglo-American Empire and the decline of the Ancient Roman Empire? Throughout this documentary, it is essential for us to realise that the Empire that governs us today is a replica of the corrupt ancient Roman Empire...  It is comparable to the decline of the ancient Roman Empire in terms of vice, malice and the plethora of depravity of the worst kind, including the abuse of power, unpunished murder, rape and paedophilia, the most barbaric Satanism imaginable.

We must also consider the pervasive abuse of power that has always reigned sovereign, or the greed, cruelty, adultery and incest that often plague families… and what can be said of the horrific slavery and despotically tyrannical subjugation that took place in ancient Rome and continues to exist today in our corrupt modern era although many people remain convinced that we are living in a highly evolved era characterised by social development?

If we must endure this reality, our only alternative to keep from repeating the mistakes of the past is to strive with all our might to wake our sleeping consciousness…