Saturday, 18 January 2014


All the dominating aliens' sinister damaging intentions become more evident with each passing day. Is it not advisable to inform ourselves more and demonstrate our complete disagreement with everything that the echelons of power plot in their plan to destroy the human race?
Now the governing elite is trying to wipe out humanity and achieve our extermination by any possible means as can be seen in many 'apparent' coincidences, such as the unusual winter that many countries are experiencing or numerous disasters... Is the Earth managed by Project HAARP, Elf waves, Gwen and when they want to modify the climate they can do so with ease producing countless devastating hurricanes, typhoons, tornados and earthquakes?
Could it be that they can control it? What has happened to Comet Ison? Could it have been destroyed? What is taking place in the skies and in our atmosphere of which we are unaware?
The camouflaged dominating alien elite want to reinforce their cruel objectives of invalidation and nullification but upon seeing that they have been unable to diminish us entirely, as they always wanted, they have set out to toughen up their eliminating purging by means of countless strange underground bases. What is the aim of these underground bases?

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