Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Global control of NWO, Big Brother, AI, robots

We find ourselves in the most difficult moments of this decadent and impoverished civilisation where only pain and suffering reign… This is because we have allowed the current owners of our life and destiny to manipulate our future but now, unsatisfied, they are stubbornly pursuing a project of implanting us with very harmful biotechnology in order to achieve global power, and thus establish their coveted Orwellian New World Order…

They are not only controlling us but they are also the subjugation of the entire population, their objective is to zombify us and this is why we can see such blatant coldness on a psychological, mental and spiritual level as well as the fact that millions are becoming more incredulous, distrustful, malicious and atheistic… in this way taking steps towards the robotic, synthetic and android world they so desire.

Remember that we are an extremely troublesome race for the elite, and more so now that the photonic light is increasing and as these powerful photons of light are the driving force behind the awakening of our consciousness as well as the recovery of the twelve strands of DNA that they removed from us thousands of years ago, this is why they are rushing to complete their genocide, a world war, and not allowing us to awake…

Thursday, 10 December 2015

Threat of ISIS, Biotech, Robotics, Nanotech, Modification of our DNA

After suffering many conflicts in which the dominators of global power, together with their faithful hybrid servants are determined to destroy our future many have become insensitive and cold automata and human expressions have dissipated very quickly and apart from living a life of constant individualism and selfishness the great majority ultimately lose the values given to us by the heart and consciousness.

The objective is to create growing tension, anxiety, stress and oppression…
Is it just another dirty move to ‘control’ the invasive terror that stalks the unsuspecting population to impose mass confinement whilst they continue to establish their New World Order? Will it result in the World War III that the Empire so desires? Are they looking for any excuse to justify it?

However, there is also a growing awareness and the global Empire to counteract and curb the progress of global society is trying to provoke widespread physical, psychological and internal disruption so that we focus our attention on the biotechnological industry they are promoting in order that we feel more attracted to transhumanism, robotic technology and bionics. What is the purpose behind the creation of artificial intelligence, which is pursued with such interest and ambition?

Sunday, 29 November 2015

Social chaos, terror attacks, EU divided, Schengen agreement, RFID implants

We are experiencing the most difficult period of our existence, the worst in our history and from what we can see everything either remains the same or is worse, since the usurping wielders of global power continue to create greater instability and pain with a huge number of refugees who do not know where to go and if we add to this the terrorism, blackmail, corruption and the cruel, inhumane wars, the enormous uncertainty that exists increases every day…

Does a colossal conspiracy of alliances exist with the aim that this strange breaking up of the EU urgently take place, which involves still more terrorism, tighter controls, further riots, economic crises, unemployment and racism and as part of this iron-fisted control of the masses the European population will also find themselves affected?

It is very important to understand that if we do nothing for our own survival, very soon the whole of humanity without exception will be implanted with electromagnetic devices, in other words, tiny microchips will be placed within us to control us in all areas of our life. We will be at the mercy of the so-called Big Brother, which has been widely cited in various films and books that refer to this terrible and serious threat.

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Paris terror attacks. ISIS threat. False flag. Illuminati. NWO

A terribly frightening and horrific event that has affected the whole world with the aim of creating greater instability and trying to generate insecurity and a state of shock everywhere. With great perversity the dark destroyers and have managed to alter the life, psyche and consciousness of all, causing great suffering...

This is sad news for peace, freedom and basic human rights. Fear has not only seized hold in France but throughout Europe and the entire world because the inhuman terrorist threats are spreading everywhere...
On top of these threats are they preparing something more horrifying that will inhibit our freedom? Do we still not to realise that all are moves to create their NWO?

Why someone post an anonymous message on the internet announcing what would happen two days before the attack?
It is important to understand that many of these macabre facts are not accidents as many may believe...

Saturday, 31 October 2015

Separatism. Political fraud and corruption. Spain. NWO

Continuing in this 2nd part with the delicate situations for our existence, as the elite and their allies are seeking to first to take their monopoly to the rest of the world, but if their cunning games of always do not work they are likely to seek alliances so that they can control us better, since their objective is to create their much needed New World Order uncontested, because with it they could take complete control of the planet and for this they have to show their true face and this seems to be what is happening now.

Did they not impose themselves on the Greek people even after the referendum? And what can we say about Portugal and its recent elections?
What about the next elections in Spain who will govern, the same parties as always or other groups with supposedly supposedly new ideas, or will they be the same with a younger face in order to continue taking turns to govern, but always promising what not they will never do because they have to serve their masters?

Is it the case that many more conscious citizens know who is behind in the shadows giving orders to change monarchies and governments as they always have?
And what can we say about the independence that is in full swing? Will it be the new alternative for the owners of global power to impose its New World Order?

Terrorist cover-ups. Syria. Russia in the face of the elite’s conspiracies

The terrible events that occur around the globe are creating increasingly widespread chaos and destruction and are not products of chance or coincidence but it is more likely that they are precipitated by other unsuspected influences and the vast majority without knowing the hidden causes comply with them.
The problem is the lack of real information and this produces great ignorance which allows many events to take place at the whim of the empire and millions without knowing the truth accept how they unconvincingly report it...

Why did the powerful coalition that has the task of eliminating the terrifying Islamic State, not do so instead allowing them to take more cities and destroy cultural and religious centres?
Is such cruelty possible whilst society and governments continue not to speak out or is it all a targeted plan to create terror and more refugees from the Middle East and Africa?
Could it be that soon the hidden truth and great conspiracy will be revealed? What about Syria why is there a persistent attempt to o expel its legitimate ruler while the majority of the people support him unconditionally?

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Political duplicity. Photonic light in roses, spacecraft, giant plants, fairies

After discussing the terrible events that we are now experiencing because of the unjust wars that they create to provoke huge migration all over the planet. Will the elite try to hide their double dealing of always showing the face of support to the refugees for the sake of appearance or will the world ignore the cynicism taking place that will soon be uncovered? It's unbelievable but all these dirty and double standards of politicians are never ending...
On the other hand, another of the problems of mankind is that we have lost that ability to look up and see that we are not really alone, much less now where everything is rearranging-resetting toward the photonic stellar light.

Not only can we see spacecraft but there is also an inhabited multi-universe full of light, wisdom and love which awaits those who evolve their DNA and awaken their dormant consciousness... there are also the inter-dimensional portals which are prepared to protect and safeguard those who actually improve in their evolutionary field if we really want to be helped.
That is why we insist on trying to be normal, simple, thoughtful, understanding, creating greater receptivity, intelligence and sensitivity in order to raise our frequency since the ships of photonic light are showing themselves in nature in many ways especially in roses and various beneficial plants...

Monday, 21 September 2015

Special: Exodus of refugees. EU crisis. NWO conspiracy Concentration camps.

Terribly unfortunate events are occurring as the invasive terror continues usurping what does not belong to it and that pursuit of slavery, people trafficking and electoral benefits is now urgent for the empire as part of their great plan. But what is the reason for this terrible opportunistic and contemptuous cruelty? Is there something more that they are hiding and even know how to disguise it, it is becoming increasingly more evident?

Is it not clear how they are using refugees, selecting and marking them as if they were convicted criminal even though they are only seeking stability and work? What we are seeing, is it nothing more then rejection and greater racism?

Do they really want to leave their countries to be mistreated and humiliated in such a way considering that it is all a result of the unjust and cruel wars that the empire created in their homelands?

Have they not been deceived, led to believe that Europe was the promised land, and above all Germany? And to the utter bewilderment of the refugees and the entire world are they not encountering [all kinds of unimaginable difficulties? What is the EU doing?
Are they not treating them badly, driving them along long corridors towards some kind of cage or isolation cell where they are trapped under police control and placed in ghettos, while countries erect fences and close borders and what is worse without anyone realising their true horrific intentions...

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Refugees. Evacuation portals. Quantum leap. Multiverses, 5D world of dreams

In this second instalment in relation to everything connected to the transcendental cosmic world with which we should all become familiar so that we will be able to advance in our transformative, mutating progress that will take us to the Light. This is a cosmic event which is far too valuable for us to remain unconcerned or involved in situations that could change very quickly because the anti-light is working hard to eradicate us from the planet

Can their desire to depopulate and the huge suffering they are causing not be seen clearly throughout the world? Generated by the creation of wars and with them a huge quantity of refugees because they know that apart from taking possession of their lands and homes, these displaced people do not know where to go, so ultimately they end up in a worse situation.

This shows that the terror of the elite has taken over the entire planet but the more time accelerates, the more it works against them, for this reason they are pushing forward with their plan of extermination since every passing day more tunnels and energy of photonic light arrive and this is impossible for the anti-light to withstand, this is why the Stellar Brigade is monitoring them.

The path towards human and internal transformation is not easy, it is very important to know ourselves, to see our reactions and behaviours, this will raise our frequency which will reward us with becoming part of the new race of photonic light. Then the supra-dimensional portals will open for us before any serious incident takes place, and the evacuation will be realised [with the spaceships and portals of the Galactic Confederation.

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Dimensional portals. Galactic confederation ships. Urgent awakening

With the sole purpose of showing the correct path to our evolution-progress, now is the defining moment because with this high-frequency vibration if nothing gets in the way we can achieve the success we have always sought.
It is a powerful space-time light energy that surrounds our planetary environment which can provide us with this great stellar help to safeguard us. It's time to take that quantum leap stellar towards real change that elevates and transforms us towards the photonic light forever. Because as things stand everything has become so dangerous that it is urgent to be prepared to face any unforeseen difficulties and obstacles and be very alert to the movements of the anti-light.

It is urgent to awaken our consciousness because incredible dimensional portals and ships of light are coming in order to help because they have the capacity to appear or materialise... Are they carrying out protective missions, whilst mankind is caught up in its existence without realising that something greater is underway to protect us decode our old DNA and elevate our dormant consciousness particularly of those who are willing to improve their lives?

Saturday, 25 July 2015

Sensitive Indigo-Crystal children of the new race. DNA in action

What is the cause of so much injustice directed towards the population? Do they fear the awakening of citizens across Europe and the rest of the world and therefore try to curb this inevitable growth through untold excuses, trickery and deception?

we have to improve ourselves even though we are now surrounded by adversities, terror and global crisis because this demonstrates a sincere yearning to overcome obstacles and be better people not only for ourselves but also to become proper guides for our children and families.
Why are children who are markedly different being born precisely now with capacities that stretch far beyond the norm… surviving plane crashes… with unusual abilities and sensitivity, more awake, sensible, mature and with a higher intelligence? Do these children possess superior or even stellar genes and they are being born into physical bodies to help us? Are they protected by Beings of Light?

From what we are seeing it is really important to state that we are in a moment of unprecedented genetic change within the DNA of all humanity, particularly in many children and young people who are being properly guided.

Friday, 10 July 2015

Synchronised terror attacks. Bilderberg. RFID chips. Child genocide

Continuing on the theme of this inevitable process of transformative and renovating change, the time has come for our preparation to be resolute and sustained due to the different direction that social events are taking…
Clearly we find ourselves in the most critical and difficult moments of our lives as we can see through many appalling events that are

difficult to believe this is why for many innocent people every
passing day is a real hell and we must take real interest in
all the events that are taking place.

So it is important to keep striving to be more positive and competent above all maintaining the much needed physical, mental and emotional balance, and with an elevation of our psyche-frequency-consciousness will we be able to counteract the huge damage they inflict upon us.

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Danger in the Vatican, the Pope’s change of direction, threats-prophecies of IS

Continuing ahead with the pressing need to create authentic internal principles, not false ones as has often been the case, as well as to avoid becoming victims of horrors, mass murders and cruel attacks, there is something which really demands attention, and that is the case of the Supreme Pontiff of the Catholic Church.

It seems that he has been showing greater concern, more interest and dedication regarding the severe situations and serious conflicts that are occurring all over the planet even getting involved in the dreadful terror and barbarism that is taking place everywhere.
This attitude is not really typical of religious guides of fervour and devotion it is often the case that they preach is not exactly what it seems to be since they use it to play both sides and this can be seen throughout the centuries…

These facts are very crude and realistic particularly for those who
believe that the spiritual, moral and physical life of today is still synonymous with faith, transparency, purity, trust, harmony and peace…
and in spite of feeling very sorry for those who believe this we have to say that the evidence around us shows it not to be the case and this is what we would like to examine more clearly and truthfully in this documentary.

Prophecies of the elite. Warnings given in advance. Apocalyptic films

With the aim of helping to solve the problems with which regretfully all of mankind is beset it is of utmost importance for all those who are accompanying us to make a serious analysis of both themselves and the global situation, since the planet is entering a transformative phase, so intense and indescribable that has not been seen since the sinking and disappearance of Atlantis.

By this we mean that a new, cyclic, geological, topographical and
geomagnetic change is approaching…

So what can be done in these situations of intense planetary imbalance? Can we do something to curb these unusual geomagnetic and climatic changes?

Likewise, within this difficult transformative and destructive process which modifies everything that exists we find a profound genetic mutation but this change depends greatly on how we proceed individually and collectively…

Monday, 18 May 2015

Soldier suicides. Bin Laden. Germanwings crash. Drones

Within these harsh and cruel steps that we are made to experience by the elite and many bought-off governments that act behind our backs there is something that really grabs our attention, and that is the urgency to build bunkers showing us that a serious situation is approaching and only those who are in a better financial position will have access to them.

What is the reason? Is it due to the imminent threat of a thermonuclear war?
Or is the leadership and its clan taking measures against the next global economic collapse?

Is this the secret trigger they are waiting for to create a dictatorial, Orwellian police state and imprison the masses in concentration camps, as we have already explained in our videos whilst they form a single government, a single army and a single currency, in other words, the NWO and this is why they need to create further terrorism and attacks in order to justify it?

The objective seems to be to find ways to involve every country so that they all find themselves affected thus, making no excuses, they will fully enter the scene of conflict that is being prepared whilst humanity remains dormant in their occupations and distractions of always.

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Racial hatred, Illuminati-Zionism and MK Ultra. Increasing conflicts

Moving ahead with the firm intention of trying to examine more deeply the inescapable necessity of not holding ourselves back in the urgent process of physical, psychological and internal improvement it is crucial that we make more efforts to become efficient and positive since apart from giving us security, drive and motivation it will also counteract the dense, opposing energy from the usurping empire which tries to destroy the world in general with the help of its soulless, hybrid vassals.

Within this serious situation, we would like to mention that besides the incalculable damage that the planet is suffering we can also observe how everything is heading towards increasing racial hatred and anti-Semitism following the same direction as the first steps of World War II.

 Is the new strategy of the empire now to try to invade Iran leaving no country in peace since they are all a supposed threat? Why? Why are the so-called Islamic State and its new ally, Boko Haram, still growing, destroying temples, churches, mosques, historical sites, threatening [the whole world whilst the governments stay silent or only report on it to instil still more fear?

What is really going on which in no way whatsoever are we told?

Video created by Alcyon

Saturday, 11 April 2015

UFOs offering protection. International Space Station . Chemtrails

It is important to understand that as the Great Stellar Brigade wants to prevent a lack of confidence from arising amongst the population which it knows to be extremely traumatised, distrustful, suspicious and sensitive to everything due to its awakening process, change of
frequency and the profound mutation of its DNA, they only help us
internally and in the world of dreams, but also they strengthen our
protection with their amazing plasma, circular, spherical or tubular ships and their mother ships with their corresponding colours and shapes.

All of this is an enormous help that they provide to protect us not only on Earth but also in our airspace and even around the International Space Station (ISS)?
Why was NASA’s live feed suddenly cut, precisely when a fleet of UFOs appeared? Was to prevent us from seeing the protective ships that keep
watch and check everything they do?
What really happened with the destruction of the Antares rocket when it was launched towards the International Space Station? But also, what was the cause of a US military satellite suddenly exploding? Was this not a huge coincidence and extremely dangerous? And why was it not reported to the public by the global media? What is the strange and enigmatic mystery surrounding the ISS?

Do the Stellar Brigade know that the destructive Empire are plotting a great catastrophe and therefore remain on high alert to everything that happens?
Also what can be said about the Blue Beam false flag project that has been created by the dark ones to scare us and to convince the population that we under invasion from space when really it will be them showing themselves and continuing with their agenda?

MK Ultra in Hollywood, subliminal manipulation and freak accidents

Continuing with the pressing need to fight to awaken from our deep lethargy... And although the dark ones continue with their quest to destabilise the Earth and mankind in general, to keep us unconscious-sedated, as well as scared and worried we must make an effort to collaborate with those Beings of Light that with infinite love and charity are working to ensure there is no further chaos-destruction and to decode ourselves from everything dense that for years we have acquired and replace it with a new positive recoding.

But can we do it now that we're at the worst moment in time, when everywhere there is crisis, poverty, conflict, espionage, abuse of power, mysterious murders, false flag attacks, genocide and wars in order to create more Islamophobia, anti-Semitism?

And what can we say about cinema, does it also play an important role of brainwashing us to create their New World Order and does so by delivering all kinds of messages so that the ignorant fall into their nets?

Could it be that there is a well-studied objective to create destructive and manipulative movies? Or does the Hollywood Empire, as an important branch of the ruling elite, employ their double and triple dealings so that the submission continues and our mental, emotional and internal frequency is reduced? And within this do we find this terrible technique of levels of programming and mental compartmentalisation which include several methods of MK Ultra?

Saturday, 21 March 2015

The hiding of life on and journeys to Mars. Obama on Mars

With the sole aim of trying to help prevent the numerous conflicts from continuing to increase on a global level we are striving to raise awareness of serious events that affect us all as citizens of this planet, since our very home is at stake and to show disinterest is not the mark those who are fighting for their own destiny and of their fellow men. It is a question of becoming more involved and knowing everything that is happening to us, and that is increasing the pressure on us.

We are referring to this desire to destroy us from all angles and to get us used to living in this terrible poverty, distress, death and pain whilst humanity, as always does nothing to resolve it.

Will everything be resolved in a just and impartial way as it should be? Or do we have to continue suffering in order to achieve the urgent and necessary transformation?

It is very important to understand that we are in a difficult time when the Earth is enduring major structural changes and as has never been seen before there have been appearing on the Moon, many craft of an unidentified origin and what is more, strange explosions. On top of this, what can we say about the planet Mars and its many mysteries?

Friday, 13 February 2015

Plots and schemes of the Elite. Xenophobia. Energy of Helium 3

Continuing with the urgent necessity to strive hard to achieve this indispensable awakening of our dormant consciousness and thus cast aside the strong apathy, neglect and inertia we have already mentioned in several documentaries… …since the longer we detain ourselves in inaction, the harder it will be to face what we have to face, as the difficulties will increase and when we finally decide to address them it will more difficult.)

Will we wait for these serious disasters to happen or will we take our responsibilities seriously, knowing that our fate is at stake?

Clearly, they are getting us more and more used to living in a state
of shock amid impacts in which terror, insecurity, suicide and upheaval are increasingly common as is the managed climate change, tailor-made by those in power and obviously, by carrying out their destructive and precise methods of climate geoengineering they are drastically altering the atmosphere, meteorology and also the Earth’s crust with the overwhelming desire to destroy us.

What can we say about the strange, record-breaking snowstorms that ‘coincidentally’ take place in the countries they want to depopulate so
that they can keep them for themselves?

What about the growing number of fish and birds found dead with no known cause?

How is it possible that to mourn the 12 people who were killed, the Western governments and media mobilised millions of citizens all over France, including the participation of several heads of state and world leaders whilst in clear contrast, they remain totally indifferent to the thousands of Palestinian men, women, children and even elderly citizens sacrificed in recent months or the millions killed, wounded or made
refugees by the US and its NATO allies in countries like Iraq,
Libya, Syria, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Why is so much deception and falseness coming to light so quickly?

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Cunning and lies, false flag attacks, economic bankruptcy

Entering this new year of 2015, our greatest yearning is that over the coming months, the serious problems we face are resolved and we hope that this will provide true union, security, benefit, progress and harmony particularly to those who still hold onto some hope for a change for the better that would lead us to the creation of physical, psychological, emotional and economic stability…

So what can be done? For our part, we believe that the best thing to be able to move forward effectively and safely is to remain vigilant and to continue to tirelessly and ceaselessly demonstrate on a massive scale with this discontent and indignation since our life and future are at stake, and the only avenue left is to keep insisting until we obtain what corresponds to us.

To achieve concrete results, besides acting physically it is urgent to accompany this with a positive and real elevated psycho-energetic frequency because with it we will establish an authentic evolution as well as within the human, ethical, moral and spiritual level, which is the principal support that brings us closer to our stellar galactic family, who are waiting for us and hoping for our survival.

However, it is clear that the harsh setbacks and difficulties whether they be at work, in relationships, socially or in our families together with the terrible crimes that these modern barbarians propose in order to eliminate us are central to their horrific programme to demoralise us and we can only resist, overcome and confront them if there really exists truthful information, together with knowledge, discernment and common sense to make us see the true reality of this entire cruel Machiavellian framework and we should not fall into despair, defeatism and failure for any reason whatsoever since this is the aim of the dark ones, it forms part of their agenda of the extermination of mankind.

Therefore, we need to continue in our internal objectives persisting ceaselessly in claiming our rights, justice and freedom …and with discernment, legality and intelligence form the counterbalance of light against all the sinister and heartless situations that we now bear.