Saturday, 11 April 2015

MK Ultra in Hollywood, subliminal manipulation and freak accidents

Continuing with the pressing need to fight to awaken from our deep lethargy... And although the dark ones continue with their quest to destabilise the Earth and mankind in general, to keep us unconscious-sedated, as well as scared and worried we must make an effort to collaborate with those Beings of Light that with infinite love and charity are working to ensure there is no further chaos-destruction and to decode ourselves from everything dense that for years we have acquired and replace it with a new positive recoding.

But can we do it now that we're at the worst moment in time, when everywhere there is crisis, poverty, conflict, espionage, abuse of power, mysterious murders, false flag attacks, genocide and wars in order to create more Islamophobia, anti-Semitism?

And what can we say about cinema, does it also play an important role of brainwashing us to create their New World Order and does so by delivering all kinds of messages so that the ignorant fall into their nets?

Could it be that there is a well-studied objective to create destructive and manipulative movies? Or does the Hollywood Empire, as an important branch of the ruling elite, employ their double and triple dealings so that the submission continues and our mental, emotional and internal frequency is reduced? And within this do we find this terrible technique of levels of programming and mental compartmentalisation which include several methods of MK Ultra?