Monday, 18 May 2015

Soldier suicides. Bin Laden. Germanwings crash. Drones

Within these harsh and cruel steps that we are made to experience by the elite and many bought-off governments that act behind our backs there is something that really grabs our attention, and that is the urgency to build bunkers showing us that a serious situation is approaching and only those who are in a better financial position will have access to them.

What is the reason? Is it due to the imminent threat of a thermonuclear war?
Or is the leadership and its clan taking measures against the next global economic collapse?

Is this the secret trigger they are waiting for to create a dictatorial, Orwellian police state and imprison the masses in concentration camps, as we have already explained in our videos whilst they form a single government, a single army and a single currency, in other words, the NWO and this is why they need to create further terrorism and attacks in order to justify it?

The objective seems to be to find ways to involve every country so that they all find themselves affected thus, making no excuses, they will fully enter the scene of conflict that is being prepared whilst humanity remains dormant in their occupations and distractions of always.

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