Tuesday, 7 September 2021


 We are experiencing a new planet-wide war where governments and political parties solely strive to rise to power, so that they can continue the very same agenda as their alleged enemies. To achieve their aims, they use politics to deceive us, since it is a field in which manipulators, narcissists, sociopaths and compulsive liars lead us to believe that governments operate via several opposing political parties, when, in reality, all of them serve the same eugenics-based plan.

Throughout the history of politics, they have been promoters of worldwide conflicts, and war. Now, allied with Big Pharma, they are using Covid as a pretext to wage war against humanity. And what can be said of Brazil, whose people have stopped worrying about the plandemic, as they prepare for elections? They are looking favourably on a candidate who is just as corrupt as everyone else on the ballot, and, like them, he has pending charges against him And what about Spain? Why aren’t its people staging mass protests to counter restrictions and protest against vaccine injuries? This is something that has to be done, otherwise, mandatory vaccines and health passports will be imposed upon us at any time.

This suggests that sedated people are in opposition with the hundreds of thousands of more aware, more awake people in many countries, who have lost their faith in politicians, and are resolutely demonstrating, and protesting, throughout the world, as they speak out against the fake pandemic of pain and death.

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