Saturday, 2 April 2022


 It is striking how just when the majority of governments worldwide are lifting the draconian measures imposed upon the people in response to the Covid plandemic, after two long years, in which the Covid fraud's experimental vaccines caused a huge amount of injury and death, precisely now that people who are more awake are starting to realise who is behind this whole montage, pulling the strings of government... precisely now, a newly engineered war has emerged out of nowhere, pitting Russia and Ukraine against each other. This conflict is causing a lack of energy and food, producing price hikes, inflation, economic crisis and fear, in addition to fomenting hunger and poverty the world over.

Clearly, we cannot give credence to those who are now telling us that it is all over. Indeed, in a few months' time, they are going to come out with new measures, some worse than before, as they introduce a novel strain or a newly engineered pandemic. We also cannot trust those who are trying to cover up the crimes against humanity they have committed through murderous vaccines, by generating a war and manipulating humanity. In so doing, they are engendering more suffering and fuelling further crisis, which serve as a smokescreen to cover up all they have done.

We now know these circumstances form part of their agenda and that we are dealing with the usual suspects who play on both sides of the fence, without the slightest concern for human suffering, since they continue to pursue the same objective as always; their goal is none other than depopulation and to roll out the New World Order's Great Reset, which they are striving to impose upon humanity as a whole.

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