Tuesday, 7 September 2021


 We are experiencing a new planet-wide war where governments and political parties solely strive to rise to power, so that they can continue the very same agenda as their alleged enemies. To achieve their aims, they use politics to deceive us, since it is a field in which manipulators, narcissists, sociopaths and compulsive liars lead us to believe that governments operate via several opposing political parties, when, in reality, all of them serve the same eugenics-based plan.

Throughout the history of politics, they have been promoters of worldwide conflicts, and war. Now, allied with Big Pharma, they are using Covid as a pretext to wage war against humanity. And what can be said of Brazil, whose people have stopped worrying about the plandemic, as they prepare for elections? They are looking favourably on a candidate who is just as corrupt as everyone else on the ballot, and, like them, he has pending charges against him And what about Spain? Why aren’t its people staging mass protests to counter restrictions and protest against vaccine injuries? This is something that has to be done, otherwise, mandatory vaccines and health passports will be imposed upon us at any time.

This suggests that sedated people are in opposition with the hundreds of thousands of more aware, more awake people in many countries, who have lost their faith in politicians, and are resolutely demonstrating, and protesting, throughout the world, as they speak out against the fake pandemic of pain and death.

Friday, 3 September 2021


 We are all involuntary participants in a Third World War that is currently underway. The elite are fighting against humanity, targeting the populace as the enemy. The macabre idea of creating a Great War that would directly affect and exterminate the vast majority of humankind has been one of the satanic elite’s principal aims for many years, as seen during the First and Second World Wars. Both were triggered by false flags, like the sinking of the Luistania – just like the Titanic – the badly named ‘Spanish flu’, the bombing of Pearl Harbor and many more. And what can be said about the ‘inside-job’ terror attack on 9/11, whose 20th anniversary is this year? What about its consequences, like the loss of liberties, under the pretext of the fight against terror? A considerable amount of evidence suggests that the attack was a move orchestrated by the nation’s own government, with the participation of the CIA and the Mossad.

Right now, with the excuse of the false pandemic crisis, we find ourselves in a similar situation, where our freedoms and constitutional rights are being threatened worldwide, in order to impose a toxic gene-therapy vaccine, using bribery. Furthermore, its parameters have now been extended to include children. Draconian restrictions are being rolled out in many countries and they involve health passports, medical tyranny, searches and arrests without a court order, assaults, surveillance and the control of information and citizens, in addition to division and discrimination between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated…

Despite all these factors, the police and other forces are rebelling against mandatory vaccination and taking the side of citizens, who are staging demonstrations without respite… We are in a Third World War; the elite are waging this biological and genetic war against the population, in accordance with a eugenics plan, in order to seize the human soul.

Saturday, 21 August 2021


 Although we may think that automaton beings, robots and Artificial Intelligence form part of a modern-day issue, it is surprising to note that they existed in antiquity. Indeed, the myths and lore of ancient Greece, China and India bear witness to this fact. This broad spectrum of artificial life forms represented a fusion between the animate and inanimate, and they were endowed with the ability to make decisions, until eventually achieving AI. The myths also attest to the existence of human-animal hybrids, like centaurs, the minotaur and combinations of different species, as in the case of the Chimeras.

Today, we are once more immersed in an AI-driven robotic culture, which uses new technologies for facial recognition, biometric data and people tracing. Our personal data is mined without our realising it, and then utilised for surveillance and control of the population, using the false pandemic as an excuse. The aim is to achieve increasingly dangerous levels of automation, involving new, obedient cyborg robots, unless we seek a solution to counter the new technological way of life they wish to impose upon us.

Is it possible that AI machines will take over the world and that we will soon be replaced by robotic automaton machines? Alternatively, will they be used to control all those who do not follow the directives of this new global indoctrination and mandatory vaccination, by means of insect drones, which are actually already being used?

And what can be said about Neuralink, a company that is striving to implant Artificial Intelligence inside human brains? Could the aim be to create enhanced super soldiers or human-animal hybrid cyborgs that are devoid of emotion and poised for combat, like the ones that already exist, or could genetic modification of people be the goal? This is no longer science fiction…

We have to stay alert because the dominating elite’s objective is to create an ideal society, according to their views, whereby productive labour will be carried out by a slave race designed to comply with, obey and serve the elite’s needs, according to directives received via a hive mind. This forms part of their transhumanist agenda already underway through nanochips contained in the dangerous mRNA gene therapies disguised as vaccines, which are designed to turn us into soulless beings, devoid of ethical principles and human values.

Friday, 6 August 2021


 The plandemic crisis that has been prepared, with the aim of destroying humanity, has triggered the approach of a global economic collapse, which will give rise to famine and an upsurge in violence, as we are already seeing, by creating a scenario similar to that of the Great Depression. At the same time, they are preparing a cyber-pandemic that will potentially cause a global digital blackout, complete with internet shutdown, whose purpose is to rollout the Great Reset, which, in turn, could bring us back to the Middle Ages.

Furthermore, governments continue to engage in medical tyranny, posing opposition towards many proven and effective treatments, in order to coerce the public into receiving their vaccines, which are known to contain toxic graphene nano particles that negatively affect our health. The vaccines have also been proven ineffective, as they do not provide protection against Covid. Concurrently, governments continue to build a police state and to mandate closures and lockdowns. Together with judges, who are complicit in the cover-up, they continually strike out against the defenceless population.

Are the financial crisis and the indebtedness that are fast approaching somehow linked to the new wielders of global power, the masters of money and the world’s richest men – who control more than 75% of the world’s wealth and were responsible for creating the private banks that gave rise to the Federal Reserve in the USA? The Rothschild, Morgan, Rockefeller, Carnegie and Bush families, among others, pull the strings of the global economy and worldwide domination. And why is it that so many US presidents who challenged the elite and defied their power were vilely assassinated without the public ever achieving clarity about who really committed these magnicides?

President Kennedy stands out among them, but others include Abraham Lincoln, James Garfield, William McKinley, Warren Gamaliel Harding, Franklin Roosevelt and more. Who is behind these silenced deaths?

Wednesday, 28 July 2021


 Whilst the Covid farce continues, the tyranny ruling over us is taking advantage of people’s fear and lack of awareness about the fake pandemic. Indeed, they are pressing forward with their mass manipulation, imposing new rules that further limit our freedoms. Moreover, with their harmful vaccines, they are striving to impose travel restrictions, social distancing and vaccination at all costs, in order to reduce the global population.

They are now trying to put us under even more pressure, using the human-caused global warming hoax, which forms part of the UN’s Agenda 2030 and the Great Reset proposed by the forces driving the global economy. Nonetheless, in contrast with the claims of global warming theorists who follow the mainstream narrative, Winter 2020 saw temperatures drop below zero in many places. And what can be said of the fatalist predictions made by former Vice President Al Gore and the fake seer Prince Charles of England, or the so-called environmentalist Greta Thunberg, a young person who has been utilised as part of the cover-up, to promote climate change and blame adults for it. And what about the mega-billionaire David Mayer de Rothschild, whose predictions have not come true either? Despite it all, they continue their attempts to convince us to believe the global warming lie.

According to advocates of the Zero-carbon agenda, what they are really striving to achieve is the de-industrialisation of more advanced economies. This strategy has been calculated over decades, to trigger the collapse of civilisations, and they are using various strategies to achieve their aims, including trying to block the Sun and the privatisation of water, as well as the use of HAARP or geoengineering, which causes even greater imbalance and harm to humanity. In other words, they are trying to make us retrogress to medieval times, as the population plummets, due to unprecedented famine and slavery.

Sunday, 11 July 2021


 The Covid farce pandemic and consequent vaccination is not only generating physical problems of all kinds, it is also triggering deaths and an upsurge in mental illnesses and aggressive behaviours, particularly on airlines. The idea of reaching a holiday destination via air travel has become a rather dark issue, due to a growing number of vaccinated individuals who are manifesting aggressive, rebellious and violent behaviour, triggering the cancellation of flights. The same is true of cruises, as infections continue to grow, despite requirements, tests and vaccines.

The vaccine industry is now resorting to bioterrorism as its business model, as it pursues extinction. Indeed, it is now requiring humans to be repeatedly injected with spike protein particles that spread sickness and death, for which Covid will be blamed. Is it possible that spike protein particles are being sprayed via drones and chemtrails, in order to perpetrate the plandemic, as was the case in New York City?

Why is an exodus taking place in many cities throughout the world, as people seek places to live with less restrictive measures or better living conditions? We are undoubtedly experiencing terrible deceit and manipulation at the hands of the elite who govern us, including presidents, politicians, royalty and major leaders who are striving to maintain the fake pandemic scam. In order for vaccination to continue, they do not hesitate to appear before the media in order to set an example, although their gesture is merely staged. It is propaganda related to a fake vaccine jab that they want the gullible population to receive.

Saturday, 26 June 2021


 To understand how today’s world works, it is useful to imagine a chessboard. In terms of the alleged pandemic’s management, we can see that we are but humble pawns of the governing empire. Nonetheless, we are called to wake up and checkmate the globalists who are causing extreme harm. Although the odds are against us, if we unite like one big family, we have huge potential to emerge victorious, just like little David who kills the giant Goliath.

Indeed, our only option is to fight for our awakening for, if we do not, our thoughts and actions will dissipate over the next few years, until Agenda 2030 is complete. In order to gain more power, they are resorting to a high-tech Big Brother, disguised as a digital observer that uses Artificial Intelligence to monitor and control the entire world.

This is why a growing number of people who are aware of what is happening with this relentless vaccination campaign, refuse to participate in this experiment. This includes any number of famous athletes who are voicing their refusal to take these highly damaging vaccines. The same is true of artists, musicians, singers, presenters, producers and actors who openly speak out against vaccines. Many have even been affected by them, whilst others have died after being vaccinated, despite the media not reporting on it.

Thus, with each passing day, more and more people are joining forces to sue governments for damages incurred by the tyrannical measures they have mandated. Judges, MPs, deputies, prestigious physicians and lawyers are offering their support, suing governments for fomenting the police state, totalitarianism and genocide. They are also presenting legal action with international courts. And what can be said about recently discovered scandals involving US scientific advisor Anthony Fauci and his ties with Bill Gates and the fake pandemic? What can be said of his being implicated in the origins of Covid, and his funding Big Pharma, in order to sell vaccines? What about the lies he has told to prohibit the use of effective medical treatments, ultimately triggering the death of many defenceless people?

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