Sunday, 11 July 2021


 The Covid farce pandemic and consequent vaccination is not only generating physical problems of all kinds, it is also triggering deaths and an upsurge in mental illnesses and aggressive behaviours, particularly on airlines. The idea of reaching a holiday destination via air travel has become a rather dark issue, due to a growing number of vaccinated individuals who are manifesting aggressive, rebellious and violent behaviour, triggering the cancellation of flights. The same is true of cruises, as infections continue to grow, despite requirements, tests and vaccines.

The vaccine industry is now resorting to bioterrorism as its business model, as it pursues extinction. Indeed, it is now requiring humans to be repeatedly injected with spike protein particles that spread sickness and death, for which Covid will be blamed. Is it possible that spike protein particles are being sprayed via drones and chemtrails, in order to perpetrate the plandemic, as was the case in New York City?

Why is an exodus taking place in many cities throughout the world, as people seek places to live with less restrictive measures or better living conditions? We are undoubtedly experiencing terrible deceit and manipulation at the hands of the elite who govern us, including presidents, politicians, royalty and major leaders who are striving to maintain the fake pandemic scam. In order for vaccination to continue, they do not hesitate to appear before the media in order to set an example, although their gesture is merely staged. It is propaganda related to a fake vaccine jab that they want the gullible population to receive.

Saturday, 26 June 2021


 To understand how today’s world works, it is useful to imagine a chessboard. In terms of the alleged pandemic’s management, we can see that we are but humble pawns of the governing empire. Nonetheless, we are called to wake up and checkmate the globalists who are causing extreme harm. Although the odds are against us, if we unite like one big family, we have huge potential to emerge victorious, just like little David who kills the giant Goliath.

Indeed, our only option is to fight for our awakening for, if we do not, our thoughts and actions will dissipate over the next few years, until Agenda 2030 is complete. In order to gain more power, they are resorting to a high-tech Big Brother, disguised as a digital observer that uses Artificial Intelligence to monitor and control the entire world.

This is why a growing number of people who are aware of what is happening with this relentless vaccination campaign, refuse to participate in this experiment. This includes any number of famous athletes who are voicing their refusal to take these highly damaging vaccines. The same is true of artists, musicians, singers, presenters, producers and actors who openly speak out against vaccines. Many have even been affected by them, whilst others have died after being vaccinated, despite the media not reporting on it.

Thus, with each passing day, more and more people are joining forces to sue governments for damages incurred by the tyrannical measures they have mandated. Judges, MPs, deputies, prestigious physicians and lawyers are offering their support, suing governments for fomenting the police state, totalitarianism and genocide. They are also presenting legal action with international courts. And what can be said about recently discovered scandals involving US scientific advisor Anthony Fauci and his ties with Bill Gates and the fake pandemic? What can be said of his being implicated in the origins of Covid, and his funding Big Pharma, in order to sell vaccines? What about the lies he has told to prohibit the use of effective medical treatments, ultimately triggering the death of many defenceless people?

Tuesday, 15 June 2021


 Based on what we are seeing today, in every country, the vaccination curve is followed by a death curve and new variants are emerging, as a result of vaccination itself. Furthermore, recent studies have revealed that people who have been vaccinated against Covid-19 become super-spreaders because they shed the spike protein, which potentially infects the un-vaccinated. This is not all, however. We now know that the vaccine’s spike protein is not innocuous, as we have been told. Rather, it can travel from the injection site and accumulate in organs and tissues, throughout the entire body, in addition to causing cardiovascular and cognitive problems. And how can we explain the series of strange events linked to the Covid vaccine – like the fact that magnets stick to the jab site or that vaccinated individuals become Bluetooth receptors? Is it possible the Covid vaccine turns the body into a 5G antenna? And what can be said of the contents inside parasitic nanotubes found in masks that are activated through heat and moisture and the other harmful contaminants also found there?

There is evidence that this jab contains metallic particles of magnetic hydrogel or biosensors that can reach the brain and record our mental activity before passing it to a computer or releasing it on the web. This is being put into practice by a company called Profusa in Silicon Valley, funded by DARPA and the Gates Foundation. Renowned medical experts agree that we are dealing with self-replicating bioweapons. Could this transgenesis experiment involving Covid vaccines, be a way to control human beings and transform people into nodes on the Smart Grid or intelligent electric network?

Although this information is difficult to except, the truth is that all these factors form part of a global depopulation agenda. Is this why a growing number of police officers, military officials, marines and other law-and-order enforcement agencies are rebelling against the false pandemic’s measures, whilst they reject these harmful vaccines en masse?

Monday, 31 May 2021


 We are living in the post-truth era, in a society where lies are a weapon of persuasion used by the media which is brainwashing millions of people with its false information disguised as truth. Undoubtedly, the aim is to apply the psychology of fear, whilst they force the populace to continue wearing masks and to practice social distancing. Moreover, they are using the fake pandemic to pressure citizens, in an attempt to vaccinate the entire population. In the process, they are creating a new kind of ethic characterised by servile and obedient slaves who do not think. These factors are causing mental health problems to intensify as unemployment rises and we face poverty and famine like never before. Green passports are being imposed upon us as a requirement for travel and this is nothing, if not a global surveillance system that will drive us towards total slavery and genocide.

The only truth we have here is that a genocidal conspiracy is being perpetrated against humanity though experimental vaccines that will modify human DNA so that the body will create part of the virus – the spike protein – which causes vascular damage. All of this is happening under the supervision of the medical establishment and corrupt pharmaceutical companies. Even Pfizer has admitted that these vaccines contain a substance that turns those receiving the jab into super-spreaders who can infect the unvaccinated.

And what can be said about the persuasion campaigns that are underway, complete with absurd rewards, incentives, bribes and gifts that are being offered worldwide, as a way to vaccinate the doubtful? Unquestionably, this extreme interest in persuading the populace to get vaccinated is very suspicious. Could neuromarketing manipulation be behind it, although millions ignore its macabre results? They appear to want to cover up the fact that we are dealing with an injection that is hugely harmful and lethal, as the masses fall into their trap.

Thus, in order to counter these terrible evils, growing millions are demonstrating against the huge Covid farce and health-based terrorism, demanding that those responsible for this fake pandemic be tried in a special court – much like the Nazis at Nuremberg – for human rights violations and attempted global genocide.

Tuesday, 18 May 2021


 The sombre interest in depopulating humankind is nothing new, as the quest to eliminate humanity through genocide and euthanasia has been going on for centuries and continues today. This is apparent in the creation of an artificial virus that has nothing to do with the pandemic, which is actually a cover-up designed by psychopaths to achieve depopulation and destroy 94% of the global populace… whilst millions are overcome by terror-stricken panic and even willing to sacrifice our children via an experimental vaccine that alters our DNA.

Sir Francis Galton and Charles Darwin are both eugenicists, as are William and Bill Gates and even Klaus Schwab, director of the Davos Forum. The same is true of Henry Kissinger, Soros and Prince Bernhard von Lippe-Biesterfeld – all of whom prescribe to Nazi ideologies. Even Tedros Adhanom, Director General of the WHO and others are among the mass murderers who commit crimes against humanity, but are recognised as professionals and so-called philanthropists.

What can be said of PRC tests that can be used as a vaccine, in addition to containing harmful theragrippers? And what about alarming vaccine passports that seek to restrict our freedoms and control everyone? Why has there been an upsurge in deaths, coinciding precisely with the start of vaccination campaigns in many countries? Similarly, what can be said about the internment camps or ‘quarantine camps’ that have already been set up and are operative throughout the world? Or about Pfizer’s unmasked document discussing the fact that vaccinated individuals can transmit spike protein to the unvaccinated, thereby modifying their DNA?

This vaccine and all the new vaccines that will soon be rolled out following mutant strains are murderous agents developed by the Covid mafia. Apparently, they are triggering many imminent deaths and this will continue, if we do not engage in uprisings worldwide, thereby manifesting our disobedience towards those who are perpetrating this scam and striving to create global genocide and depopulation.

Saturday, 1 May 2021


 It is important for us to consider that documents discussing the true origins of our race and the extra-terrestrial forces that have influenced our development were seized and stolen from us many years ago by global authorities and their secret societies. Thus, in reality, human history is fraught with deception, omissions and inaccuracies.

The powers that rule over us have sought to hide the truth of their conspiracy in order to control and eliminate the human race. Indeed, they have engendered countless invasions, terror attacks, armed conflicts and false-flag attacks to dominate and enslave us. Using their dark psychology, indoctrination and manipulation, they have always endeavoured to make people feel insecure, fearful and depressed, and this continues to this very day.

Within this context, they have devised the schemes and false-flag murders that gave rise to World Wars I and II, the Twin Tower attacks and many other crimes against humanity in order to roll out the New World Order…

And what can be said about the Blue Book, one of the best-kept US secrets involving UFO sightings and their official propaganda to discredit the issue or the mysterious Men in Black who strive to neutralise and scare eyewitnesses, silencing all UFO-related matters? These things are happening despite the huge number of honest citizens, political and religious leaders and scientists who have been contacted by extra-terrestrials, not to mention the evidence and testimonies that have been recorded throughout history… Why has everything been covered up or discredited? What is behind this issue?

Furthermore, all we are told about extra-terrestrial beings is that they are small, robotic aliens who abduct people against their will. Why are no allusions ever made to the Pleiadian beings of light and those from other evolved worlds who have the same features as human beings? Why are they never mentioned, considering they strive to help humanity, especially in this era in which the forces that created the new plandemic currently affecting us, are taking over the Earth?

Wednesday, 31 March 2021


 It is important to note that a world without culture is a dying world, as cultural, artistic and folkloric events are a meaningful source of motivation and enrichment for people. Regrettably, they are being cancelled and banned worldwide, as timeless performances cease to exist or are a relegated to the virtual sphere and affected by distancing.

If the extensive culture sector is not reinstated as soon as possible, recovery will be extremely difficult. In fact, unless an immediate solution is found, the culture and arts industries we admire and patronise via concert halls, theatres, performances, dances and festivals, will end up going bankrupt, thereby impacting hundreds of artists, professionals, musicians dancers and singers…

In the same way, entire families make their living thanks to cultural traditions, the Fine Arts and entertainment. This is true for authors, playwrights, scriptwriters, crewmembers, editors, technicians and any number of professionals involved in the many branches of culture. Thus, the situation arising from the cancellation, shutdown and postponement of events throughout the world is a deadly blow undermining the progress of nations.

We are referring to a dark, Machiavellian conspiracy aimed at eradicating culture and eliminating traditions that have existed for centuries, as libraries, temples, monuments, museums and much more are being destroyed, in order to obliterate knowledge and rewrite history as they please, because this fake pandemic and its hard-line measures are part of a destructive agenda against humanity and its traditional values. This is why we have to continue staging demonstrations, as we speak out, loud and clear, against this medical tyranny and its health-based terrorism. We have to demand that governments continue providing citizens access to culture, so that they will not fall prey to barbarism and the decline of our cultural and social values.

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