Thursday, 4 February 2021


 It must be said that the dark elite and medical tyranny are continuing their endeavours with the same intensity or worse. This is not surprising, considering that they are all working towards the same agenda, which involves a conspiracy that dark, Machiavellian forces have been planning for a long time. The intent is for world leaders to reshape global relations and restructure national economies, whilst developing new business models and allegedly managing common property, so that the dystopian rules they have planned will ultimately supplant free societies.

It is about exercising control over all aspects of our lives, including what we eat and where we can work. The aim is to create an upsurge in poverty and homelessness, triggered by mass job loss, the collapse of small and medium-sized businesses, and worldwide economic bankruptcy, whilst the wielders of global power continue getting richer… and this is why we must open our eyes to the truth.

This is not all, however. They are also striving to institute mass surveillance and mandate a digital health passport, in order to make vaccination mandatory, using an experimental mRNA vaccine that is causing a large number of deaths and triggering long-term negative side effects, despite claims being filed by physicians and professionals worldwide. They are also trying to abolish freedom of expression and resolutely prohibit dissidence that does not support the official measures of this medically tyranny. Indeed, their sole aim is to exterminate this race and trigger its total demise.

For this reason, we have to leave our comfort zone and abandon our indifference and passivity, as we openly rally and demonstrate our dissatisfaction with these absurd measures, before reaching the point of no return – because the medical tyranny of these puppet governments is unabatedly pursuing its plans for global genocide. General mobilisation is urgent, in order to say ‘No’ and combat the perversity the dark forces of Anti-light have unleashed onto this defenceless humanity.

Sunday, 24 January 2021


 We are dealing with a fallacy, and this scam involves health-based terrorism designed to force humanity to get vaccinated. This is nothing short of systematic extermination which has been carefully planned by the world’s most powerful elite, in order to reduce the global populace. Thus, we urgently need to wake up, because, if we persist in our lack of awareness, we will not be able to break free of the manipulation and health-based terrorism they wish to impose upon us.

This manipulation involves the use of masks which are destroying the health of children, and damaging our mental and emotional stability. It also involves mandatory lockdowns and subsequent physical isolation without just cause which is a flagrant violation of our human right to freedom. The harmful vaccine they want to jab us with is experimental and its effectiveness and safety has not been proven. In fact, the death toll is on the rise, as is the number of people affected by adverse side effects.

This is why more than 100,000 physicians, scientists, virologists, biologists, psychiatrists, immunologists, microbiologists, geneticists, epidemiologists and various other health professionals worldwide are sounding the alarm about the harmful dangers involved. Similarly, lawyers, legal committees and courts are taking a stand against the imposition and propagation of information that uses sensationalism, manipulation and fear to impose increasingly restrictive measures that violate our rights.

These measures cause serious psychological, physical, economic and social damage, and their objective is the extermination and reduction of the human population, in order to roll out Agenda 21, or the Great Reset, which will serve to impose a totalitarian state upon us, whereby the elite can introduce the New World Order.

This enables us to understand why, now more than ever, we must pose robust, unbreakable resistance. It is urgent for us to continue demonstrating non-stop, conveying that we are a free, democratic society with the right to an opinion, as we express our inconformity with the vaccine.

Saturday, 9 January 2021


 The puppet governments that have sold out to the elite are doing whatever they can to destroy this civilisation. Yet, they have to understand that they are finding it difficult because millions of people are waking up, as they confront a false medical emergency and a pandemic that does not reflect reality in any way. All they have done is create a fear-based psychosis, generating economic and psychological instability in humanity.

This unreality involves the risks inherent in the experimental vaccine being imposed upon us. It is neither safe nor effective and, in fact, it is being used as a depopulation tool. Vast numbers of physicians, geneticists expert virologists and immunologists from all over the world who have not sold out to this medical tyranny are exposing the fact that it can cause serious autoimmune disorders, organ failure, changes in our DNA and mass deaths. Additionally, it contains nano participles so that we will become the property of health-based multinationals and turn into robot automatons devoid of principles or internal values.

This is why many people are beginning to wake up and refusing to get the vaccine. As they start to denounce the ludicrous measures being imposed upon us, they are calling for the populace to engage in a civil uprising in order to avoid the genocide of humanity the elite are striving to achieve. With everyone’s help, they are not going to succeed, however, because our freedom as human beings is at stake and the battle against ignorance and deceit is of paramount importance. Thus, grounded in truth and supported by valid scientific arguments, we must protest and demonstrate until our rights are respected and we achieve the victory of Light over Darkness.

Thursday, 17 December 2020

Fear, Syndromes, Christmas cancelled, Vaccines, Emotional Intelligence. Biden, 3rd Wave

Whilst we are experiencing the second lockdown for a virus that is in no way lethal, countless people find themselves psychologically affected and millions are facing serious financial difficulties. Fear and uncertainty are growing and freedoms are being suppressed, as fake news is generated in ways that are always persuasive, manipulative and insistent.

This deceit is creating a new morality whereby we act like servile and obedient slaves. Inflated figures regarding the number of Covid deaths is one factor involved. The dangers of using masks for long periods of time are being covered up, as is the harm they cause to children. Indeed, they are an attempt against public health and an assault on the dignity of citizens.

And what can be said about the pandemic of fear and the upsurge in anxiety, depression, hypochondria, distress and any number of syndromes and neurological disorders that are escalating as a result of the endless health crisis, fuelled by the media and TV? Staying in lockdown and confinement for as long as possible is making people scared, angry and anxious, as they watch the economy plummet and many are willing to be vaccinated but they are unaware of what lies beneath… The aim of the elite psychopaths, paedophiles and Satanists who govern the world is to create increasing chaos, pain and suffering everywhere. For this reason, the capacity for discernment and insight, combined with emotional intelligence, form the basis for standing united and with determination, because people have gotten weary of being locked down for so long and they are tired of job losses and instability. Yet heedless governments ignore the populace’s fatigue and what they really need is support since our future is at stake. Indeed, their agenda is to vaccinate the entire world, so that we will become robotic zombies devoid of feelings and reason and stripped of our soul-consciousness. And what can be said about the current President-elect Joe Biden with his paedophilic and Satanist inclinations? What is the agenda of the newly elected president of the most powerful country in the world?

Wednesday, 2 December 2020

Indian temple-technology, Gods, Dwarka, Vimana-Astra, War, Asura, Mahabharata

 The ancient Indian culture undoubtedly continues to display its grandeur through a vast number of monument-cities, built with a striking degree of technological and architectural perfection. Indeed, many of them were constructed by the Gods themselves or designed by wise architects such as Visvakarma, the builder of cities like Dwarka, the golden city of the God Krishna. The Trimurti of the Gods Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva – together with their consorts – represents a force that is fundamental to the existence of the Universe. Based on revelations found in books like the Mahabharata, the Skanda Purana, the Ramayana, the Bhagavad Gita, the Rig Veda and many other Vedic-Brahmic texts, these Gods were physically present and living among human beings. 

One enigmatic site characterised by this amazing technology and architecture is the mysterious Kailasa Temple, carved out of a single rock. Others include Konark’s Sun Temple, the ancient temple of Ramappa, the Warangal Fort and many others. To date, no one has explained how they were built or what their use might have been, judging from their vast proportions. 

According to chronicles, the Devas travelled in huge mobile palaces, called Vimanas, that could soar through the skies and into space… Is it possible that, in antiquity, they had technology advanced enough to enable them to embark on interplanetary journeys and even travel through time? 

And what can be said of the powerful weapons known as Astras that the Gods would use to combat the Asura demons? And what about India’s cosmic cultural traditions, such as Dwali and its connection with the Pleiades or the Seven Sisters – the Kratikas – which celebrates the triumph of light over darkness? 

Without a doubt, the ancient Indian culture is imbued with unprecedented wisdom and exceptional technological, metaphysical, cosmogonic and scientific knowledge that has not been profoundly valued; in fact, attempts have been made to keep this fact hidden.

That is not all, however. The ancient texts of India are packed with descriptions of a huge nuclear holocaust in antiquity, triggered by powerful and destructive weapons, which we had never imagined could exist in past eras. 

The Mahabharata chronicles the fierce and devastating Kurukshetra War, waged between the Pandavas and the Kauravas; these frightening battles would annihilate whole cities and nations. A multitude of flying ships are said to have participated, equipped with magical weapons – the likes of which are unknown to us today. Did nuclear weapons actually exist in antiquity? And which hidden mysteries form part of the amazing culture of ancient India?

Video by Alcyon Pleiades



Wednesday, 11 November 2020

Casting couch Hollywood-Bollywood Paedophilia Satanism Child abuse Adrenochrome

 There is no doubt that Hollywood has always been a magical place. Yet, it is well known that the Hollywood industry has been pursuing an agenda of manipulation and control for a long time. It has also become the film-making arm of the advertising sector, and the Satanist elite have always tried to use it to pressure us into adopting their twisted view of the world. These films are a smokescreen to conceal more than a century of greed, corruption, cover-ups, and overdoses and to hide the scandals and sex abuse that go on behind the cameras, in addition to the most depraved form of Luciferism. 

In the end, Hollywood is not really a place of charm and glamour, as we have always believed it to be. It is fraught with rituals, demons and sodomy and is a place where many actors – especially those at the start of their career – have been deceived and forced to use the casting couch, whereby producers or directors demand sexual favours in exchange for being chosen for a certain role. Bollywood is also dealing with the issue of collectively unmasking sexual abusers who hold leadership positions in the dark world of Indian cinema. In fact, several actresses are beginning to denounce these sexual predators. 

The film industry is not the only one involved, however. Europe has always been widely known for being a paedophile’s paradise and home to the ancient aristocratic lines that control the planet, whilst they act like parasites and feed off young people’s energy and blood, which they obtain through rituals associated with Satanism. And what can be said about sex offender Jeffrey Epstein and his connection with politicians, celebrities and millionaires or passengers on the Lolita Express and orgy island? 

And what about the power structures controlling paedophilia, sodomy, vampirism, ritual child abuse and multiple forms of corruption of the very worst kind, where children are those most harmed. And what can be said about adrenochrome or adrenalized blood, gathered during rituals involving blood and child abuse, which many acclaimed celebrities use as a drug. In short, we must raise our awareness about the dark aims of the evil, Satanist elite who want to urgently destroy this inconvenient civilisation.

Monday, 19 October 2020


It is important to expose the agenda created by intelligent non-humans in conjunction with the off-Earth Military Industrial Complex. Using a huge secret fleet of UFOs, they are preparing to fabricate a false alien invasion on a global scale… This fake alien invasion operation has been discussed by numerous New World Order writers over the years and is known as the Blue Beam Project. This is not science fiction; rather, it forms part of a plan that elite psychopaths have prepared with ample advance to the detriment of humanity, as we have seen with other regrettable false-flag disasters that have often taken place throughout history, modifying the course of events to the benefit of the imperial elite that dominates us, without our doing anything to stop it.

The sinking of the Lusitania, the bombing of Pearl Harbor, the New York Black Out, the Concorde incident, the 9/11 attacks and many more events have served as a justification to intervene, invade and impose more control and fear upon the population.

Beyond the terrible damage the psychopathic manipulators of the masses have done and their pressing need to subject humanity to a false-flag event simulating the alleged threat of an alien invasion, there are Beings from the Stars who try to support humanity and often have done so; indeed, the annals of history are filled evidence bearing witness to this fact.

Yet we must avoid getting confused, because many extraordinary phenomenon are beginning to take place. Is it possible that these prodigies form part of a huge spectacle aimed at creating a transformative state in humanity, so that it will believe a superior energy is at work, when, in reality, all of this forms part of the Blue Beam project, whilst current holographic technology fulfils its task of global brainwashing, to impose a NWO upon us, along with their new religion and false Messiah?