Saturday, 5 January 2013


This blog was created with the aim and desire to clearly and honestly make public and pass on the momentous events that are taking place in the cosmos and on our planet Earth and of which we should all be aware.

We are specifically referring to the imminent arrival of the long-awaited sun Alcyone of the Pleiades to our Solar System which, as part of its celestial journey that occurs in a 12,000 year cycle, since 21 December 2012 could happen at any time.

Our objective is to warn of the need to prepare ourselves for this great stellar event, whose energy is beginning to be perceived in our planet through luminescent phenomena, stunning brightness, the strange passive behaviour of the Sun, a growing number of meteorites, power cuts… All these are signs of the approaching huge electromagnetic band, full of photonic particles, which is on the increase day by day.

Likewise, we will try to rigorously clarify the plots and intrigues woven into the planet Earth, society and governments, as well as conspiracies and fights in the cosmos… interferences whose aim is to prevent or hold back the inevitable arrival of this great sun of hope, Alcyone.

This sun comes to bring order to the chaos we live, and purify and cleanse everything negative and corrupt that exists on Earth and in humans. For this reason, we must prepare ourselves on every level to withstand the entrance into the rings of the gigantic sun Alcyone, so that we can participate in the new Photonic Era that will bring us the long-awaited peace and happiness for which we all search.

This blog is addressed to everyone interested in the subjects of science, cosmology, ufology and anthropology, to everyone searching for the truth and above all, to everyone fighting to improve and become more positive every day, building the foundations of a better future that will be brought about by the sun that casts no shadows, Alcyon, which is already on our doorstep.

We hope that the study of these pages, articles and videos can help us all to become better informed, so that we prepare ourselves to endure the purifying photonic energies of Alcyone and participate in the new Koradhian race or Photonic Era.

Thursday, 3 January 2013

The Alcyon Pleiades Trilogy I

Part 1

The following video shows us the events that are already taking place in the cosmos with the approaching of a huge amount of electromagnetic energy coming from the Sun Alcyone of the Pleiades towards our planet Earth and the entire Solar System.

Realistic re-creation with original images of incredible cosmic events that will lead to a radical transformation of the world such as we know it and the creation of a new Photonic Era.

Part 2

This second part of the video, The Pleiadean Photonic Frequency  and the New Photonic Era, explains the reason why there is a delay in the longed for entrance of the Earth and the entire Solar System into the Pleiadean Photonic Belt and the beginning of the new Photonic Era such as the Mayans predicted and which scientists are confirming  would coincide with the winter solstice, between 21 and 23 December 2012.

However, this has not happened yet. Therefore, the following video clarifies the strong interferences and opposition created by those who want to dominate the planet in order to delay its inevitable arrival, producing greater pain and chaos, as well as causing humanity to become sceptical of the events for which we all need to be prepared without lowering our guard, so enabling us to participate of a new day of 2,000 years of photonic light.

Part 3

This third part of the video, The Pleiadean Photonic Frequency and the New Photonic Era, reveals a reality that although may seem to be science-fiction, is not. It explains the strong obstacles that have delayed the longed for arrival of the sun Alcyone of the Pleiades on the noteworthy date of the winter solstice of 2012.

However, despite all these difficulties, the arrival of Alcyone is part of a cyclic rotation that in any moment has to happen at a cosmic level and for this reason our advice is not to lower one's guard and be prepared on every level in order to be part of this great stellar event never previously seen.


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