Wednesday, 4 December 2013


It is important to realise that the dissatisfaction of people grows throughout the world and this is an indication that many are beginning to awaken from their hypnotic lethargy, influenced by the transformative photons that arrive to Earth in increasing numbers each day...
The upper echelons of power prefer to keep us numb and sedated, so that we do not interfere with their plans of dominion, oppression and total control. Therefore, they redouble their efforts to impose and command at any cost.

Their discontent also extends towards the military and this is why, besides carrying out a great military purge, the US government has determined to put high-ranking officers to the test and dismissed 197 of them.

Could it be that it wants to abolish the Constitution in order to urgently replace it with a dictatorship accompanied by terrible martial law? It is also seen in the growing public insecurity, the persistent misinformation and concealment by the media, the well-camouflaged Patriot Act, the restriction on withdrawing savings from banks, the complete power to inspect telephone calls, e-mails and financial records, armoured vehicles on the streets of the US, war simulations in various cities, etc., etc.

What is the dire event they are preparing with such extreme urgency, whilst the entire world is unaware of it?
Or are these their last threats as they are losing out and everything is crashing down around their ears?
Is the photonic light overcoming the darkness that governs us?
As long as we are in this purgatorial limbo, we should not lower our guard and continue to protest tirelessly and peacefully until achieving our lawful objectives.

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Evidence and proof of an imminent transforming change in the planet and in man

Alcyon Pleiades 16 Part 1
Now more than ever in the conflictive history of this race we have to go through the worst moments that we could have ever imagined, a transitional period of purging and purification that we have to face with maturity, willpower and responsibility

It is a profound structural renovation on a solar, geological, psychological, behavioural and genetic level. This process is inevitable which the dominating aliens know perfectly well. The problem lies within the global population itself, especially in those who are highly hybridised, zombified and crossbred and who are causing many major incidents since the majority work for the dark ones that govern us.

We can also add to this the huge amount of photonic light that is constantly arriving, which will determine the path we will choose to follow, that is to say, either the decoding of our old habits in life, or carrying on the same as before but with the fatal result of mass destruction... Yet what can be done so that we open our eyes and see our authentic reality and the different cosmic, terrestrial and human events that are happening? Or do we prefer to continue hiding behind passivity and disinformation as if this were the best solution for all the sorrow and crises that we experience? Is it not better to be aware of the situation so that we can find more viable options to protect us?

Video created by ALCYON

Friday, 8 November 2013

Agenda for Global financial collapse...

It is important to understand that the European Union, the United States and world powers such as Japan, Russia and China are in serious debt, undergoing crises and huge economic recession.

Although they maintain that we are coming out of it, this is actually an enormous fallacy and deceit, because everything is heading for a collapse of unlimited proportions.

Why do they not disclose this to the general public? Is it to avoid further financial panic, commercial chaos and a fall in the markets, as well as to cover up the flights of capital and the money that is being withdrawn from banks, thus obviating any violent social uprising or political breakdown?

According to reputable economists, they are just waiting for the unavoidable debt limit to be surpassed, in order to force an immediate collapse and precipitate a bail-in or global corralito, as they did in Cyprus to test reactions and now they are already aiming for this in the American Union...

Experts say that for the first time in history the volume of US public debt is in excess of 17 trillion dollars.

Would it not be wise for us to widen our prism of understanding and become aware of the fact that they are taking advantage of us all to see how much we can withstand?

Regarding the economic collapse of the US government and its unexpected shutdown, could it be that although the suspension of payments has been temporarily resolved, the outcome will be positive and long lasting? Or will it be the lighting of the touch-paper of an unstoppable bomb that will very soon explode collapsing the entire planet?
Video created by ALCYON

Sunday, 27 October 2013

EP 15 Pt.2 - Global toxic and radioactive dangers, Fukushima, Chernobyl, Waco, Syria...

The Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan which is still releasing deadly poisons, surpassing even the terrible disaster of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in Russia that killed 200,000 people and left 270,000 suffering from serious physical abnormalities and cancers. Why did the Nuclear Safety Agency recommend to the government to not carry out a simultaneous earthquake and nuclear disaster exercise in Fukushima?

Could this have been a trap of the global elite to demonstrate their power and strength as then they did with the terrible earthquake and tsunami in Fukushima? Was this an act of retaliation against this country for its government disobeying the economic and financial demands of the holders of global power?

What is surprising is that many things have been concealed and very little is said about it. Are deaths and radioactive pollution concealed from the people? According to a report published two years after the disaster, 44.2% of children examined, already have thyroid abnormalities, with 18 confirmed cases of cancer and 25 more suffering symptoms of the illness; this is on top of the 15,845 dead, 3,380 missing and 5,893 injured... And what about the 22,000 alleged deaths in the US, caused by the radiation of Fukushima?

What about other leaks that are not officially disclosed, such as the one at the Penly nuclear plant, in France or that of the Doel nuclear station in Belgium, or that of Torness in East Lothian, Scotland, all of them occurring in 2012? Are they just coincidences or is it that those who are behind them want us to fall ill and eradicate us? Why so many nuclear leaks in such a short space of time? What about the chemical plants that cause pollution everywhere?

And the tankers that spill thousands of tons of crude oil into the sea?
Why is the real cause of the destruction of the chemical plant in Waco, Texas, still unknown?
What is happening all around the world?
Is this all a coincidence or is there a sinister conspiracy behind?
Are they still spraying us little by little to gradually eliminate us?

Sunday, 13 October 2013

EP.15 Pt.1-Comet ISON and its effects, Obama's dictatorship...

Part 1 of 3
We are living the most difficult moments of our life, either for the survival of our civilisation or the destruction of everyone and the planet itself.
The enigmatic comets have heralded great events since ancient times. This is the case with the passing of Halley's Comet in 1910, the Comets Kohoutek and Hale Bopp and Comet Honda, whose passing coincided with the bloody Vietnam War or the deadly Spanish flu, shortly after the end of the Bolshevik Revolution during the First World War, which occurred along with the long trail left by the famous Halley's Comet.

Is there a connection between the transit of comets and mankind?
What can be said about Comet ISON, the comet of the century, which will pass very close to the Sun on 25 December 2013? Has it some transformational connection? Is there a message related to the pictogram formed on 10 August 2013? What was the significance of Comet C/2007 N3 Lulin when it passed near the Earth on the dates of President Barack Obama's election? Does it have any connection with the events that are currently taking place in the US with more and more discontent amongst people? Could it be that beginning a new fiscal year without a state budget and with the largest debt in the history of the country, Obama's government is preparing itself for any unforeseen contingency that may arise, as many signs indicate? Is it as the German press claims that the US democracy is heading down a path of self-destruction, in reference to the temporary shutdown of the US government?

Is it an attempt to implement open dictatorship over all citizens?
Do the UFOs also have some significance, for instance, the UFO sighted over Damascus in the midst of the armed conflict? And many others, such as the giant UFOs photographed near the Sun by NASA...
Whether what comes from the depths of stellar space is one thing or the other, it is essential to be as informed as possible and in this way we will be able to take greater precautions.
Created by ALCYON

21st NEWS REPORT 2013: UFO sightings, conspiracies, strange phenomena...

Sunday, 15 September 2013

False Flags: Pretext for Dictatorial Control and Orwellian Surveillance

We are in the most difficult period of our conflictive history, in an Earth-mankind transition that will clearly define our uncertain fate.

We are faced with two forces, that of darkness characterised by some nefarious invading aliens who seized our planet abusively and with impunity 12,000 years ago, and the beings of light from highly subtle and superior worlds, who did their utmost to help us to evolve and acquire necessary skills... However, the power of darkness was stronger and more imposing, yet now that that period of dominion and control has ended, the entire planet and humanity must return to their stellar origins decoding themselves from the baneful frequencies they absorbed, whilst the planet Gaia begins readapting to its new geological structures to become the base of the forthcoming photonic race.

We are called upon to undergo a total and radical planetary, psychological, behavioural and genetic change, as the dominating aliens know extremely well. Therefore they cling to their supremacy and control, fighting to not let us go and provoking further adversities and chaos throughout the world.

For now, their hybridised cyborgs are squeezing us more and more and to justify these terrible pre-planned objectives, they rely on public or national security. Then, through this false flag, they militarise cities, the population becomes more controlled and besieged... Apart from presenting themselves as defiant, as if they were from a highly-weaponised army, there are also the terrorist attacks and self-perpetrated attacks, the simulation exercises that they have been carrying out, the abuse of civil rights...

Strangely enough, since the 2001 attack on the Twin Towers in New York, this repression and limitation has intensified hugely. This is why many activists, journalists and human rights defenders say that the apparent New World Order began on this date.

We should not forget that this is what the retrograde aliens want in order to strengthen themselves and cripple us further. Thus, under this pretext, they lock us up and in that way we are controlled without difficulty. For this reason, the entities of anti-light are working tirelessly to maintain the Orwellian globalised mind within us in order to manipulate us through the masses with no opposition, keeping us entertained and fascinated in a thousand and one ways, making it easier for them to exert any kind of control or extermination that they see fit.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Plans for Human Sterilisation and Restrictions of Freedom to wipe out the population

As long as we ignore the disastrous events that surround us, the deprivation of our civic freedom and the constant disinformation, concealment and misreporting by the media, whilst our DNA has not been recoded to its new Pleiadean-Sirian frequency, we will continue to be trapped by ignorance and the dark ones will further their malevolent and destructive agenda unhindered, which is what the alien humanoids are trying to do in order to control our battered and unconscious civilisation.

The main problem lies in the fact that the globalisation of indifference and permissiveness has prevailed over our capabilities and the development of our consciousness, therefore they monitor our family, professional, social and marital life, keeping us well controlled, reprogrammed like automatons with microchip implants, perfectly tracked through GPS, mobile phones and the internet, so no one can escape their satellite, cybernetic and terrestrial surveillance.

They state that they offer us 'supposed' great advantages in terms of personal and family protection but this is a huge shameless cover up disguised with successful technological and scientific developments. Thus, the relaxed multitudes, trusting in the apparent facilities, believe that everything is for our own security and that of the state, whilst spying and phone tapping take place, as does unconstitutional abuse and social gagging on a worldwide scale.

In addition to these amazing skills, they have to learn how to perform and carry out their job to perfection, that is to say, they are true actors or showmen and they were created for this task to precise specifications, doing exactly what the general public want to see and hear.

Obviously, in this way it is very easy to hold everyone in their grasp, whilst continuing in the background with harassment, persecution, mass surveillance, drones killing everywhere, polluting chemtrails, fracking triggering earthquakes and poisoning drinking water, HAARP modifying the weather and generating powerful quakes and tsunamis, the Bloop causing the death of millions of fish, armies invading countries and killing...

Likewise, countless sterilising vaccines and powerful synthetic hormones that are found in the analysis of food create an increasingly acute infertility, as well as the endocrine disruptors triggered by a group of chemical substances that interfere in the reproductive function. The goal is to bring about infertility on a large scale. We are referring to macabre actions devised by the dominating dark ones, which can only be described as the sum total of the crimes against humanity, particularly those committed by the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Fords and Carnegies, who plan to decimate, disable and sterilise everyone in order to replace us with a 'supposed' select clone of the elite.

Friday, 26 July 2013

The Deception of the Dark Powers to curtail Liberty, Democracy and Human Rights

As we have already explained in the other Alcyon-Pleiades videos, we are at a terrible crossroads because we can no longer rely on those who govern our life and guide our psycho-ethical development in general.

Trust in the governing elite, religious figures, the biased media and television has almost completely disappeared, because they hypnotically lead us to disinformation, concealment, lies, violence, paedophilia, vice...

Could it be that the respected politicians, authorities, religious figures and moralists who rule, instruct, guide and govern our physical, ethical, material and spiritual lives are leading us astray? We are talking about a situation that leaves us stunned and upon realising that our leaders are involved in deceit, fraud, corruption and lies, the population will react to so much abuse.

It is important to remember that the great majority of those who are part of the elite, alongside those of the visible and shadow governments are not human beings, as we believe, but rather cold, robotic and insensitive aliens disguised in human bodies, who have nothing in common with the sensitivity of our race.

Therefore, even though they are politically skilled, camouflage themselves and perform, they cannot hide what they really are and their reptilian genetics has to manifest in some way. Everything they do has two facets, that is how they play two sides and live by double standards to continue with their same vile, degenerative and destructive agenda directed towards humanity.

This is why many of those who discover that the elite manipulate people's trust, prefer to separate themselves from the system and the dirty double dealings they employ, taking the decision to reveal to the population the horrible deception in which we find ourselves.

The moment has come to take responsibility, courage and decisions, raising our global awareness of everything that happens around us. We should not forget that all of us are citizens of a mistreated planet that is being socially, politically and geologically destroyed, so it is necessary to do something positive that is socially constructive.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Harmful modification of human DNA by the alien elite, their attempt to annihilate the population and the preparation for the New Photonic Era

Continuing our investigations into the events, transformations, reactions, mutations, loss of individuality and global identity, along with many other obstacles that due to the presence in our planet of the invading alien entities who govern us, humanity and the entire planet are suffering, we also analyse the modification of the genes of light and wisdom left in our DNA by our Pleiadean, Sirian and Andromedan ancestors so that we could achieve a higher, correct and wise evolution.

We are carriers of very powerful multi-cultural and multi-racial origins that enrich our behaviour, psyche and emotions. They have always wanted to genetically modify us since they were afraid that we would develop beyond them. Therefore, they removed and nullified our sensory and extrasensory faculties, as well as limited our brain and stagnated our reasoning, emotional and conscious growth, which by now should have reached another level of universal and cosmic wisdom and knowledge.

Through this genetic alteration, the dominating aliens keep us dormant, manipulating our affections, friendly nature, fellowship and all the internal principles that belong to the heart-consciousness.

The Aliens-Illuminati and their dark secret societies will fight to the end tooth and nail to keep us imprisoned. In the absence of an integral psychogenetic renovation-transformation, consciously directed towards the Pleiadean-Sirian frequency, it will be extremely difficult to break away from their absorbing dominating influence.

Undoubtedly, now more than ever, we are facing two diametrically opposed directions, either we completely integrate ourselves with the internal photonic energies or we become fully part of the depopulation that has long been planned for us by the dark forces in order to eradicate us from our planet.

Could they really bring an end to the powerful genome of stellar light which by right we carry, disabling and destroying us forever? Or will we survive the silent extermination of our traditions and customs, as well as the huge joy for living in happiness and inner peace?

For those unable to watch the video here, the video is also found in 3 parts here:

Saturday, 1 June 2013

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Thursday, 30 May 2013

Alcyon Pleiades Trilogy II

The New Energy Source of Tesla and the Neutralising of the Dominating Aliens

Fall of the Elite, the Bilderberg Club, the NWO and the Rescue by the Beings of Light

Conspiracies and Unsolved Murders, Decadence of Monarchies, the Elite facing Terrestrial and Stellar Justice

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Conspiracies and Unsolved Murders, Decadence of Monarchies, the Elite facing Terrestrial and Stellar Justice

We are living a time of limbo and wait, a period of renovation and a transition to a new Era, in which everything that has been covered up and hidden will finally come to light. This is due to the fact that the photons and quanta coming from the sun Alcyone of the Pleiades are carriers of such powerful and defining energy that the dark ones-Illuminati cannot endure or receive it, and this results in them showing themselves as they really are.

It is very important to understand that although this change of elevating frequency is not normally perceived, it is now our basic point of reference in order to put each physical, psychological and internal state in its proper place. Whilst the Pleiadean-Sirian hologram-wrapping, in which we are immersed, has not opened and granted us access to a race of light, then purification and cleanliness will be more and more necessary and urgent.

The agenda or plan and the dictatorial dominion of the Annunakian-Grey-Reptile and Draco invading and usurping aliens continues through manipulation and control. Their nefarious objective was to take our internal and human capacities of stability, peace, empathy, conciliation, harmony, intelligence and consciousness, as well as altering our DNA.

As a result of these cruel and inhuman transgressions, they have to be prosecuted by terrestrial-stellar justice that has made the determination to oppose so much injustice, high-handedness, abuse of power, killings, both selective and en mass…

This is the case of many murders and disappearances that were carried out with impunity and remain unsolved yet recently appear to be coming to the surface and turning against the NWO, such as occurred with the actress Marilyn Monroe, the death of famous singers like John Lennon, Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson or the Princess Diana of Wales, as well as certain political activists such as Mahatma Gandhi, Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi, Benazir Bhutto, Yitzhak Rabin, Olof Palme, Anwar el-Sadat, Salvador Allende and many others.

These transformative changes are also observed in the decadence of the royal families with signs of the inevitable abdication of Queen Elizabeth II, King Albert of Belgium and the many scandals of lovers and illegitimate children that caused a huge decrease in his popularity, the eccentricities of Queen Margrethe of Denmark’s husband, Prince Henrik, or the strangeness of the Duke of Edinburgh… What is currently taking place in the royal families? Could it be that the continuous flow of photonic energy arriving to Earth affects them, forcing their cover-ups and vice to come to light?

What is happening with such speed throughout the world? Could it be that this is the end of corruption, vice, injustice and inequality, together with a new planetary change that is very close?

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Fall of the Elite, the Bilderberg Club, the NWO and the Rescue by the Beings of Light

Continuing our investigation into 'the abuse of power' by the NWO, we would like to examine what is happening with 'the monarchy', which also seems to be 'going astray'. For example, in the case of Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, who has decided 'to relinquish the throne', we should remember that she 'is the daughter of a Nazi SS officer', who was the founder of 'the Bilderberg Club', and she is a 'regular participant', as well as being 'an honorary member and organiser', together with David Rockefeller, of this famous club's meetings, this being the club that directs the planet.

What can we say about Queen Fabiola of Belgium, who established a private fund 'to evade taxes and syphon off public resources' for her own benefit? Why are the financial affairs of 'Queen Elizabeth II' to be more closely 'controlled' than ever before?

In addition to this, what is 'the secret trigger that has led to the finances of 'the Spanish monarchs' becoming increasingly 'controlled'? Is it coincidental that Queen Sofía is another active member of 'the famous Bilderberg Club'?

Why is there 'decadence and entropy' within the world elite? Is there a connection with 'the inevitable uncovering of corruption in many high-ranking positions', triggered by a 'cosmic, energetic, photonic and purifying' operation that the 'beings of light' are expediting on our planet?

For this reason, there is an ever increasing number of people from different spheres dedicated to 'investigate and unmask' those who control the world, even speaking openly about 'the Reptilian aliens', who have been 'camouflaged amongst us' for a long time.

Therefore, it is very likely that 'the dark ones' will apply a 'dictatorial subjugation', 'greater global control using security cameras', 'small aircrafts or MAVs' and 'the implanting of microchips' to closely control humanity in an attempt to prevent 'uprisings' against them.

Therefore, 'they hold on to power digging in their claws', nonetheless, despite resisting by every 'legal and illegal means' to prolong 'their dominion over us', ultimately they will have to give way to 'the beings of photonic-quantum light' who are coming to rescue us from their clutches.

Very soon it is they who 'will take control' of the entire planet and will help and guide us in order to participate directly in the next 'luminic race'.

Friday, 26 April 2013

The New Energy Source of Tesla and the Neutralising of the Dominating Aliens

According to what we are seeing, there is 'a huge unknown energy force' that has decided to pull 'the invisible strings of the elite' and bring down its enormous 'global system' awash with all types of 'fraudulent and vice ridden acts'. Only in this way can we be 'happy', raise our 'vibrational frequency of quantum light lost for centuries' and take 'our rightful place' in the evolutionary process, as takes place on other advanced worlds of 'the Galactic Confederation'.

Therefore, 'a very powerful Earth-cosmos connecting force' is being created and 'eminent figures and professionals' are contributing to this noble mission. They work with magistrates, prosecutors, judges and lawyers to thoroughly shatter the network and this power that has been 'mistakenly managed' for so many years.

They are beings with a level of 'consciousness-wisdom' who, 'together with' these high-profile figures and professionals, have formed an 'alliance-agreement', in which 'the beings of Agarthi, the Mutants' and a group of transplanted 'Sirians and Pleiadeans intelligently and stealthily' operate. Their objective is the definitive 'overthrow and removal' of 'the Nibiruan-Alien elite', who persist in 'securing and perpetuating' their enslaving power at all costs.

Nonetheless, to accomplish this process of 'disbandment and transformation', the incredible yet terribly censored 'free-toroidal energy' plays a fundamental role. It was discovered by the scientist and inventor Nikola Tesla, and taken up again many years later by other men of science, such as Guglielmo Marconi, Edward Leedskalnin, Viktor Grebennikov, John Bedini, John Hutchison, Dr Royal Raymond Rife, Eugene Mallove...

There is also the case of the nuclear engineer Mehran Tavakoli Keshe, who created 'the Keshe Foundation' that has made known an 'anti-gravitational plasma' revolutionary technology, which could make 'journeys to outer space' possible, as well as apply this 'renewable energy' to transport, science, 'medicine, electricity', etc. He was even able to 'produce a flying saucer', similar to those of the beings from 'evolved worlds'.

This verifies that behind everything, there is 'a powerful league-alliance' of certain nations, which together with 'the Interplanetary Confederation and the Great Galactic Confederation of Light' have dedicated themselves to provoke the imminent downfall of all 'aliens disguised as humans' that have occupied our planet for many centuries.

This is even more so now, as 'the photonic energy of the Pleiadean sun Alcyone' increasingly intensifies... Nonetheless, up until the moment 'the hologram' in which we are immersed 'fully opens', 'the resistance and opposition' of the dark ones will not cease.

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

The End of the Illuminati Dominion, Crisis in the Vatican and its interest in Aliens

Examining further these sensitive and profound subjects that are of immense global importance, in addition to the ritualistic 'number 11' managed by the sly manipulators of 'both sides or factions', the 'alien Illuminati-Reptilian' influence and 'the terrible covert attacks on the Twin Towers of New York', massive 'economic fraud' has come to light that involves many 'government and private institutions'.

Since 'the end of 2012', their nefarious plans have begun to irrevocably 'unravel'. There is a 'superior and cosmic energy or power' that is enabling 'its terrestrial allies' to 'unmask-reveal quickly and conclusively' everything that has been secretly 'concealed' for many years.

In this case, we are referring to certain 'financial irregularities' carried out by large and prestigious banks such as 'HSBC, Barclays, Santander, J P Morgan, the Vatican Bank, Banco Ambrosiano, the Royal Bank of Scotland, Goldman Sachs'  and many others. Could it be that their 'schemes' and terrible financial wrongdoing are 'coming to the surface'?

Has 'this enormous network' anything to do with the recent 'scandals within the Vatican' which led to the dismissal of the well-known 'God's banker' Ettore Gotti Tedeschi, as well as other high-ranking officials?

Could this also have been 'the trigger' that led Pope Benedict XVI to abdicate his throne on '11 February', which was 'an unheard-of renunciation' in the history of the Catholic Church?  Several centuries ago St Malachy predicted that there would be '112 popes' before the end of civilisation and 'the Catholic Church'.

Who is this last Pope? Is he the one of 'the visible face' that we all now know or the one of 'the shadow', who hides himself extremely well? What does it mean that Jorge Mario Bergoglio (Francis I) is 'the first Jesuit pope in history' and that just at the very moment of 'the presentation' of the newly-elected Pope, 'several UFOs' were sighted over St Peter's Square in the Vatican?

Why has Catholicism 'become involved' in matters concerning 'the existence of life on other planets'? Why has the theologian Corrado Balducci, one of the most prominent official 'exorcists and demonologists' of the Vatican and also a 'Jesuit', spoken emphatically on the existence of 'UFOs and extraterrestrials'?

Why '2 heralding comets' coinciding with two popes, one 'emeritus' and the other 'in office' on the same dates? Are they 'ill omens or a thorough renovation' everywhere, so as to begin 'the new Era of photonic light'?

Sunday, 7 April 2013

The Gold Fraud and Deceit of the Alien Oppressors

After learning of 'the different conspiracies' and covert plans of 'the sombre and dominating NWO', this 'sixth part of Alcyon Pleiades' continues with this interesting search and study of well-founded information that directly 'concerns us all'. Many investigators of 'political and geopolitical sciences' have been able to verify that those of 'the New World Order' created 'the unconstitutional gold reserve' (FED) for their own benefit.

We are referring to a 'private national bank' that together with the other 'international banks' of the 'twenty principal magnates-families' belonging to 'the Illuminati-Bilderberg and other secret orders', 'with insatiable greed', took possession and control of the entire 'gold deposits of the world'.

In this way, 'the gold reserves' that each country 'always had' diminished until becoming 'completely non-existent'. Although they make assurances that 'the gold holdings' are very safe, is this true or 'is there no longer gold kept in their strong depositories'?

Recent investigations carried out by 'financial and economic experts' have even led to the discovery that the gold of many countries 'no longer exists' and it has been supplanted by 'gold-plated tungsten'.

It is known that this vast 'global gold fraud' is so 'vilely disgusting' that it could have serious consequences for 'the international elite' to which 'the Bilderbergs, Illuminati, Majestic 12, the Bohemia Club, the Club of Rome' and many more of their 'secret dark societies' belong.

Apart from the objective of the NWO consisting in 'impoverishing the population' and embroiling us in dreadful 'economic crises', there is something else that is also part of 'the cruel agenda' of the 'dark lords', which is the events surrounding the grievous attack on 'the Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre' in New York, USA, on 11 September 2001. If we further examine this mystery, we will realise that 'the focal point' of this terrifying disaster is again the famous 'number 11'.

8th News Report 2013: UFO sightings, conspiracies, strange phenomena...

7th News Report 2013: UFO sightings, conspiracies, strange phenomena, natural disasters...

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Titanic Conspiracy and Attacks Relating to the Number 11

In this fifth video, we consider that it is very important to continue elaborating on what exists within 'the terrible unveiling of the dark ones' in opposition to humanity and in this case bring to light 'the secret reasons' why the famous ocean liner 'the Titanic' ended immersed beneath the sea.

Could it be that there was something more than 'the official explanation' given to the public? What really 'happened' to the largest ocean liner in the world? It really was a very well organised 'Nibiruan-Reptilian' conspiracy and plot .

It relates to the creation of 'a powerful conspiratorial network' which was hostile to a group of wealthy businessmen, 'builders, bankers and financiers', who together with three powerful magnates were strongly opposed to the creation of 'the US Federal Reserve' because with its creation, 'the banks would centralise and would control the global economy'.

It was also of great impact to society in general as amongst those killed was John Astor 'the wealthiest man' of the time, a great 'friend' of Nikola Tesla and a 'financier' of his inventions, it was Nikola Tesla who discovered 'free and infinite toroidal energy'. 'The Nibiruans and Illuminati' did want us to have knowledge of this for any reason whatsoever so that 'we would remain dependent' on the New World Order (NWO) and their cruel tasks.

What about the strange coincidences of these conspiracies on specific dates related to the number 11, which is repeated in other events that have shocked humanity occurring on this key date? Could it be that everything is well prepared?

As has been seen the real truth remains unknown about the events of "11 March 2004" in Madrid, Spain, or the destruction of "the Twin Towers in New York" that also occurred on an 11th of the month. Are they part of an agenda related to "rituals of human sacrifice" whether en masse or targeted or related to "the beginning or end of a war".

Thursday, 21 March 2013

The Dominion of the Alien Invaders and the New World Order

In this ‘fourth part of Alcyon Pleiades’, we have seen the necessity to elaborate on some important points particularly because ‘the dominating dark lords’, the Reticulians-Nibiruans and their hybrids continue forward with ‘their destructive agenda’ and they resist openly, causing countless human, cosmic and geological ‘obstructions’ throughout the planet.

Therefore, we cannot yet see ‘a definite way-out’ of this ‘long and sombre tunnel’ into which they have taken us but we see only a great number of ‘interferences’ threats, frights and ‘endless provocative and unpleasant critical situations’ that exist throughout the planet.

Who are these ‘powerful manipulators’ of human dignity? The main figures are: ‘the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, J P Morgan, the Windsors, Goldman Sachs, Harriman, Warburg, Carnegie, Schiff, Stillman, Wilson,’ etc. It was they who seized all the riches of humanity and in turn were also ‘the founders of the New World Order’.

 Very few ‘have opposed openly’ their greedy dominion of power and control and when some ‘rebelled’, such as the Presidents Abraham Lincoln and John F Kennedy, they were ‘cowardly assassinated’.

 We should not forget what has been explained in ‘Part Three’, that due to the serious terrestrial and human obstacles caused by ‘the dominating aliens’, ‘the Intergalactic Confederation’ has ‘placed us’, as a preventive measure, into ‘a space-time void’, a type of ‘limbo-wait’ before our complete entry into ‘the photonic rings of the sun Alcyone’.

 It is ‘a gigantic hologram’ or energetic wrapping created with wisdom and conscious love so that when we enter this high frequency of ‘manasic light’, it will not be such ‘an impact-shock’ nor might we feel ‘the pain-trauma’ and terrible suffering that we were all expecting with the powerful and disturbing electromagnetic shock of the ‘Null Zone’.

Monday, 18 February 2013

2nd News Report 2013: UFO sightings, conspiracies, strange phenomena, natural disasters, planetary changes…

As we explained in the video trilogy, Alcyon Pleiades, whilst we await the longed-for entrance of our planet Earth and the entirety of humanity into the photonic rings of the sun Alcyone, as well as the arrival of the extraterrestrial beings from the Rescue Brigades, especially the Pleiadeans and Sirians, there are countless global events taking place all over the world, a series of huge political, governmental, religious and social changes that are essential for the urgent eviction and de-activation of the visible government and the Shadow government, as well as that of the invading aliens on our planet.

In addition to these fundamental points, we refer to facts, the  majority of which are extremely unfavourable to mankind. They are events that are worsening through natural and meteorological imbalances, social situations that are increasingly dramatic and critical, provocations and declarations of war in several countries, crises and conflicts everywhere… There are also conspiracies and hidden plots, a greater amount of UFO sightings, strange and luminous phenomena that are more and more evident and occur in more places, etc.
From now on, we would like to periodically inform those who have been following Alcyon Pleiades about all this, by means of a compilation of current news and documents of great interest that very often have not been reported by official means or go unnoticed but which are crucial to know the reality of the times we are living.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013


This third part of the video, The Pleiadean Photonic Frequency and the New Photonic Era, reveals a reality that although may seem to be science-fiction, is not. It explains the strong obstacles that have delayed the longed for arrival of the sun Alcyone of the Pleiades on the noteworthy date of the winter solstice of 2012.

However, despite all these difficulties, the arrival of Alcyone is part of a cyclic rotation that in any moment has to happen at a cosmic level and for this reason our advice is not to lower one's guard and be prepared on every level in order to be part of this great stellar event never previously seen.

Video by: ALCYON

Saturday, 5 January 2013


This blog was created with the aim and desire to clearly and honestly make public and pass on the momentous events that are taking place in the cosmos and on our planet Earth and of which we should all be aware.

We are specifically referring to the imminent arrival of the long-awaited sun Alcyone of the Pleiades to our Solar System which, as part of its celestial journey that occurs in a 12,000 year cycle, since 21 December 2012 could happen at any time.

Our objective is to warn of the need to prepare ourselves for this great stellar event, whose energy is beginning to be perceived in our planet through luminescent phenomena, stunning brightness, the strange passive behaviour of the Sun, a growing number of meteorites, power cuts… All these are signs of the approaching huge electromagnetic band, full of photonic particles, which is on the increase day by day.

Likewise, we will try to rigorously clarify the plots and intrigues woven into the planet Earth, society and governments, as well as conspiracies and fights in the cosmos… interferences whose aim is to prevent or hold back the inevitable arrival of this great sun of hope, Alcyone.

This sun comes to bring order to the chaos we live, and purify and cleanse everything negative and corrupt that exists on Earth and in humans. For this reason, we must prepare ourselves on every level to withstand the entrance into the rings of the gigantic sun Alcyone, so that we can participate in the new Photonic Era that will bring us the long-awaited peace and happiness for which we all search.

This blog is addressed to everyone interested in the subjects of science, cosmology, ufology and anthropology, to everyone searching for the truth and above all, to everyone fighting to improve and become more positive every day, building the foundations of a better future that will be brought about by the sun that casts no shadows, Alcyon, which is already on our doorstep.

We hope that the study of these pages, articles and videos can help us all to become better informed, so that we prepare ourselves to endure the purifying photonic energies of Alcyone and participate in the new Koradhian race or Photonic Era.

Thursday, 3 January 2013

The Alcyon Pleiades Trilogy I

Part 1

The following video shows us the events that are already taking place in the cosmos with the approaching of a huge amount of electromagnetic energy coming from the Sun Alcyone of the Pleiades towards our planet Earth and the entire Solar System.

Realistic re-creation with original images of incredible cosmic events that will lead to a radical transformation of the world such as we know it and the creation of a new Photonic Era.

Part 2

This second part of the video, The Pleiadean Photonic Frequency  and the New Photonic Era, explains the reason why there is a delay in the longed for entrance of the Earth and the entire Solar System into the Pleiadean Photonic Belt and the beginning of the new Photonic Era such as the Mayans predicted and which scientists are confirming  would coincide with the winter solstice, between 21 and 23 December 2012.

However, this has not happened yet. Therefore, the following video clarifies the strong interferences and opposition created by those who want to dominate the planet in order to delay its inevitable arrival, producing greater pain and chaos, as well as causing humanity to become sceptical of the events for which we all need to be prepared without lowering our guard, so enabling us to participate of a new day of 2,000 years of photonic light.

Part 3

This third part of the video, The Pleiadean Photonic Frequency and the New Photonic Era, reveals a reality that although may seem to be science-fiction, is not. It explains the strong obstacles that have delayed the longed for arrival of the sun Alcyone of the Pleiades on the noteworthy date of the winter solstice of 2012.

However, despite all these difficulties, the arrival of Alcyone is part of a cyclic rotation that in any moment has to happen at a cosmic level and for this reason our advice is not to lower one's guard and be prepared on every level in order to be part of this great stellar event never previously seen.

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