Friday, 26 April 2013

The New Energy Source of Tesla and the Neutralising of the Dominating Aliens

According to what we are seeing, there is 'a huge unknown energy force' that has decided to pull 'the invisible strings of the elite' and bring down its enormous 'global system' awash with all types of 'fraudulent and vice ridden acts'. Only in this way can we be 'happy', raise our 'vibrational frequency of quantum light lost for centuries' and take 'our rightful place' in the evolutionary process, as takes place on other advanced worlds of 'the Galactic Confederation'.

Therefore, 'a very powerful Earth-cosmos connecting force' is being created and 'eminent figures and professionals' are contributing to this noble mission. They work with magistrates, prosecutors, judges and lawyers to thoroughly shatter the network and this power that has been 'mistakenly managed' for so many years.

They are beings with a level of 'consciousness-wisdom' who, 'together with' these high-profile figures and professionals, have formed an 'alliance-agreement', in which 'the beings of Agarthi, the Mutants' and a group of transplanted 'Sirians and Pleiadeans intelligently and stealthily' operate. Their objective is the definitive 'overthrow and removal' of 'the Nibiruan-Alien elite', who persist in 'securing and perpetuating' their enslaving power at all costs.

Nonetheless, to accomplish this process of 'disbandment and transformation', the incredible yet terribly censored 'free-toroidal energy' plays a fundamental role. It was discovered by the scientist and inventor Nikola Tesla, and taken up again many years later by other men of science, such as Guglielmo Marconi, Edward Leedskalnin, Viktor Grebennikov, John Bedini, John Hutchison, Dr Royal Raymond Rife, Eugene Mallove...

There is also the case of the nuclear engineer Mehran Tavakoli Keshe, who created 'the Keshe Foundation' that has made known an 'anti-gravitational plasma' revolutionary technology, which could make 'journeys to outer space' possible, as well as apply this 'renewable energy' to transport, science, 'medicine, electricity', etc. He was even able to 'produce a flying saucer', similar to those of the beings from 'evolved worlds'.

This verifies that behind everything, there is 'a powerful league-alliance' of certain nations, which together with 'the Interplanetary Confederation and the Great Galactic Confederation of Light' have dedicated themselves to provoke the imminent downfall of all 'aliens disguised as humans' that have occupied our planet for many centuries.

This is even more so now, as 'the photonic energy of the Pleiadean sun Alcyone' increasingly intensifies... Nonetheless, up until the moment 'the hologram' in which we are immersed 'fully opens', 'the resistance and opposition' of the dark ones will not cease.

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

The End of the Illuminati Dominion, Crisis in the Vatican and its interest in Aliens

Examining further these sensitive and profound subjects that are of immense global importance, in addition to the ritualistic 'number 11' managed by the sly manipulators of 'both sides or factions', the 'alien Illuminati-Reptilian' influence and 'the terrible covert attacks on the Twin Towers of New York', massive 'economic fraud' has come to light that involves many 'government and private institutions'.

Since 'the end of 2012', their nefarious plans have begun to irrevocably 'unravel'. There is a 'superior and cosmic energy or power' that is enabling 'its terrestrial allies' to 'unmask-reveal quickly and conclusively' everything that has been secretly 'concealed' for many years.

In this case, we are referring to certain 'financial irregularities' carried out by large and prestigious banks such as 'HSBC, Barclays, Santander, J P Morgan, the Vatican Bank, Banco Ambrosiano, the Royal Bank of Scotland, Goldman Sachs'  and many others. Could it be that their 'schemes' and terrible financial wrongdoing are 'coming to the surface'?

Has 'this enormous network' anything to do with the recent 'scandals within the Vatican' which led to the dismissal of the well-known 'God's banker' Ettore Gotti Tedeschi, as well as other high-ranking officials?

Could this also have been 'the trigger' that led Pope Benedict XVI to abdicate his throne on '11 February', which was 'an unheard-of renunciation' in the history of the Catholic Church?  Several centuries ago St Malachy predicted that there would be '112 popes' before the end of civilisation and 'the Catholic Church'.

Who is this last Pope? Is he the one of 'the visible face' that we all now know or the one of 'the shadow', who hides himself extremely well? What does it mean that Jorge Mario Bergoglio (Francis I) is 'the first Jesuit pope in history' and that just at the very moment of 'the presentation' of the newly-elected Pope, 'several UFOs' were sighted over St Peter's Square in the Vatican?

Why has Catholicism 'become involved' in matters concerning 'the existence of life on other planets'? Why has the theologian Corrado Balducci, one of the most prominent official 'exorcists and demonologists' of the Vatican and also a 'Jesuit', spoken emphatically on the existence of 'UFOs and extraterrestrials'?

Why '2 heralding comets' coinciding with two popes, one 'emeritus' and the other 'in office' on the same dates? Are they 'ill omens or a thorough renovation' everywhere, so as to begin 'the new Era of photonic light'?

Sunday, 7 April 2013

The Gold Fraud and Deceit of the Alien Oppressors

After learning of 'the different conspiracies' and covert plans of 'the sombre and dominating NWO', this 'sixth part of Alcyon Pleiades' continues with this interesting search and study of well-founded information that directly 'concerns us all'. Many investigators of 'political and geopolitical sciences' have been able to verify that those of 'the New World Order' created 'the unconstitutional gold reserve' (FED) for their own benefit.

We are referring to a 'private national bank' that together with the other 'international banks' of the 'twenty principal magnates-families' belonging to 'the Illuminati-Bilderberg and other secret orders', 'with insatiable greed', took possession and control of the entire 'gold deposits of the world'.

In this way, 'the gold reserves' that each country 'always had' diminished until becoming 'completely non-existent'. Although they make assurances that 'the gold holdings' are very safe, is this true or 'is there no longer gold kept in their strong depositories'?

Recent investigations carried out by 'financial and economic experts' have even led to the discovery that the gold of many countries 'no longer exists' and it has been supplanted by 'gold-plated tungsten'.

It is known that this vast 'global gold fraud' is so 'vilely disgusting' that it could have serious consequences for 'the international elite' to which 'the Bilderbergs, Illuminati, Majestic 12, the Bohemia Club, the Club of Rome' and many more of their 'secret dark societies' belong.

Apart from the objective of the NWO consisting in 'impoverishing the population' and embroiling us in dreadful 'economic crises', there is something else that is also part of 'the cruel agenda' of the 'dark lords', which is the events surrounding the grievous attack on 'the Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre' in New York, USA, on 11 September 2001. If we further examine this mystery, we will realise that 'the focal point' of this terrifying disaster is again the famous 'number 11'.

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