Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Evidence and proof of an imminent transforming change in the planet and in man

Alcyon Pleiades 16 Part 1
Now more than ever in the conflictive history of this race we have to go through the worst moments that we could have ever imagined, a transitional period of purging and purification that we have to face with maturity, willpower and responsibility

It is a profound structural renovation on a solar, geological, psychological, behavioural and genetic level. This process is inevitable which the dominating aliens know perfectly well. The problem lies within the global population itself, especially in those who are highly hybridised, zombified and crossbred and who are causing many major incidents since the majority work for the dark ones that govern us.

We can also add to this the huge amount of photonic light that is constantly arriving, which will determine the path we will choose to follow, that is to say, either the decoding of our old habits in life, or carrying on the same as before but with the fatal result of mass destruction... Yet what can be done so that we open our eyes and see our authentic reality and the different cosmic, terrestrial and human events that are happening? Or do we prefer to continue hiding behind passivity and disinformation as if this were the best solution for all the sorrow and crises that we experience? Is it not better to be aware of the situation so that we can find more viable options to protect us?

Video created by ALCYON

Friday, 8 November 2013

Agenda for Global financial collapse...

It is important to understand that the European Union, the United States and world powers such as Japan, Russia and China are in serious debt, undergoing crises and huge economic recession.

Although they maintain that we are coming out of it, this is actually an enormous fallacy and deceit, because everything is heading for a collapse of unlimited proportions.

Why do they not disclose this to the general public? Is it to avoid further financial panic, commercial chaos and a fall in the markets, as well as to cover up the flights of capital and the money that is being withdrawn from banks, thus obviating any violent social uprising or political breakdown?

According to reputable economists, they are just waiting for the unavoidable debt limit to be surpassed, in order to force an immediate collapse and precipitate a bail-in or global corralito, as they did in Cyprus to test reactions and now they are already aiming for this in the American Union...

Experts say that for the first time in history the volume of US public debt is in excess of 17 trillion dollars.

Would it not be wise for us to widen our prism of understanding and become aware of the fact that they are taking advantage of us all to see how much we can withstand?

Regarding the economic collapse of the US government and its unexpected shutdown, could it be that although the suspension of payments has been temporarily resolved, the outcome will be positive and long lasting? Or will it be the lighting of the touch-paper of an unstoppable bomb that will very soon explode collapsing the entire planet?
Video created by ALCYON