Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Titanic Conspiracy and Attacks Relating to the Number 11

In this fifth video, we consider that it is very important to continue elaborating on what exists within 'the terrible unveiling of the dark ones' in opposition to humanity and in this case bring to light 'the secret reasons' why the famous ocean liner 'the Titanic' ended immersed beneath the sea.

Could it be that there was something more than 'the official explanation' given to the public? What really 'happened' to the largest ocean liner in the world? It really was a very well organised 'Nibiruan-Reptilian' conspiracy and plot .

It relates to the creation of 'a powerful conspiratorial network' which was hostile to a group of wealthy businessmen, 'builders, bankers and financiers', who together with three powerful magnates were strongly opposed to the creation of 'the US Federal Reserve' because with its creation, 'the banks would centralise and would control the global economy'.

It was also of great impact to society in general as amongst those killed was John Astor 'the wealthiest man' of the time, a great 'friend' of Nikola Tesla and a 'financier' of his inventions, it was Nikola Tesla who discovered 'free and infinite toroidal energy'. 'The Nibiruans and Illuminati' did want us to have knowledge of this for any reason whatsoever so that 'we would remain dependent' on the New World Order (NWO) and their cruel tasks.

What about the strange coincidences of these conspiracies on specific dates related to the number 11, which is repeated in other events that have shocked humanity occurring on this key date? Could it be that everything is well prepared?

As has been seen the real truth remains unknown about the events of "11 March 2004" in Madrid, Spain, or the destruction of "the Twin Towers in New York" that also occurred on an 11th of the month. Are they part of an agenda related to "rituals of human sacrifice" whether en masse or targeted or related to "the beginning or end of a war".

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