Sunday, 7 April 2013

The Gold Fraud and Deceit of the Alien Oppressors

After learning of 'the different conspiracies' and covert plans of 'the sombre and dominating NWO', this 'sixth part of Alcyon Pleiades' continues with this interesting search and study of well-founded information that directly 'concerns us all'. Many investigators of 'political and geopolitical sciences' have been able to verify that those of 'the New World Order' created 'the unconstitutional gold reserve' (FED) for their own benefit.

We are referring to a 'private national bank' that together with the other 'international banks' of the 'twenty principal magnates-families' belonging to 'the Illuminati-Bilderberg and other secret orders', 'with insatiable greed', took possession and control of the entire 'gold deposits of the world'.

In this way, 'the gold reserves' that each country 'always had' diminished until becoming 'completely non-existent'. Although they make assurances that 'the gold holdings' are very safe, is this true or 'is there no longer gold kept in their strong depositories'?

Recent investigations carried out by 'financial and economic experts' have even led to the discovery that the gold of many countries 'no longer exists' and it has been supplanted by 'gold-plated tungsten'.

It is known that this vast 'global gold fraud' is so 'vilely disgusting' that it could have serious consequences for 'the international elite' to which 'the Bilderbergs, Illuminati, Majestic 12, the Bohemia Club, the Club of Rome' and many more of their 'secret dark societies' belong.

Apart from the objective of the NWO consisting in 'impoverishing the population' and embroiling us in dreadful 'economic crises', there is something else that is also part of 'the cruel agenda' of the 'dark lords', which is the events surrounding the grievous attack on 'the Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre' in New York, USA, on 11 September 2001. If we further examine this mystery, we will realise that 'the focal point' of this terrifying disaster is again the famous 'number 11'.

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