Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Harmful modification of human DNA by the alien elite, their attempt to annihilate the population and the preparation for the New Photonic Era

Continuing our investigations into the events, transformations, reactions, mutations, loss of individuality and global identity, along with many other obstacles that due to the presence in our planet of the invading alien entities who govern us, humanity and the entire planet are suffering, we also analyse the modification of the genes of light and wisdom left in our DNA by our Pleiadean, Sirian and Andromedan ancestors so that we could achieve a higher, correct and wise evolution.

We are carriers of very powerful multi-cultural and multi-racial origins that enrich our behaviour, psyche and emotions. They have always wanted to genetically modify us since they were afraid that we would develop beyond them. Therefore, they removed and nullified our sensory and extrasensory faculties, as well as limited our brain and stagnated our reasoning, emotional and conscious growth, which by now should have reached another level of universal and cosmic wisdom and knowledge.

Through this genetic alteration, the dominating aliens keep us dormant, manipulating our affections, friendly nature, fellowship and all the internal principles that belong to the heart-consciousness.

The Aliens-Illuminati and their dark secret societies will fight to the end tooth and nail to keep us imprisoned. In the absence of an integral psychogenetic renovation-transformation, consciously directed towards the Pleiadean-Sirian frequency, it will be extremely difficult to break away from their absorbing dominating influence.

Undoubtedly, now more than ever, we are facing two diametrically opposed directions, either we completely integrate ourselves with the internal photonic energies or we become fully part of the depopulation that has long been planned for us by the dark forces in order to eradicate us from our planet.

Could they really bring an end to the powerful genome of stellar light which by right we carry, disabling and destroying us forever? Or will we survive the silent extermination of our traditions and customs, as well as the huge joy for living in happiness and inner peace?

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