Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Plans for Human Sterilisation and Restrictions of Freedom to wipe out the population

As long as we ignore the disastrous events that surround us, the deprivation of our civic freedom and the constant disinformation, concealment and misreporting by the media, whilst our DNA has not been recoded to its new Pleiadean-Sirian frequency, we will continue to be trapped by ignorance and the dark ones will further their malevolent and destructive agenda unhindered, which is what the alien humanoids are trying to do in order to control our battered and unconscious civilisation.

The main problem lies in the fact that the globalisation of indifference and permissiveness has prevailed over our capabilities and the development of our consciousness, therefore they monitor our family, professional, social and marital life, keeping us well controlled, reprogrammed like automatons with microchip implants, perfectly tracked through GPS, mobile phones and the internet, so no one can escape their satellite, cybernetic and terrestrial surveillance.

They state that they offer us 'supposed' great advantages in terms of personal and family protection but this is a huge shameless cover up disguised with successful technological and scientific developments. Thus, the relaxed multitudes, trusting in the apparent facilities, believe that everything is for our own security and that of the state, whilst spying and phone tapping take place, as does unconstitutional abuse and social gagging on a worldwide scale.

In addition to these amazing skills, they have to learn how to perform and carry out their job to perfection, that is to say, they are true actors or showmen and they were created for this task to precise specifications, doing exactly what the general public want to see and hear.

Obviously, in this way it is very easy to hold everyone in their grasp, whilst continuing in the background with harassment, persecution, mass surveillance, drones killing everywhere, polluting chemtrails, fracking triggering earthquakes and poisoning drinking water, HAARP modifying the weather and generating powerful quakes and tsunamis, the Bloop causing the death of millions of fish, armies invading countries and killing...

Likewise, countless sterilising vaccines and powerful synthetic hormones that are found in the analysis of food create an increasingly acute infertility, as well as the endocrine disruptors triggered by a group of chemical substances that interfere in the reproductive function. The goal is to bring about infertility on a large scale. We are referring to macabre actions devised by the dominating dark ones, which can only be described as the sum total of the crimes against humanity, particularly those committed by the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Fords and Carnegies, who plan to decimate, disable and sterilise everyone in order to replace us with a 'supposed' select clone of the elite.

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