Friday, 31 January 2014


This is a historic moment of great significance in an era of cosmic, terrestrial and human transition in which everyone without exception is involved...
Are those who orientate and guide us normal, intelligent and self-controlled individuals or is there a high-level of hybridization and total derangement? Or is it that we are led by a decadent alien race as well as by robotic cyborgs that destroy everything and control us at their whim?

Why do they do it? Do they receive orders to massacre all with impunity... to provoke further social uprisings and then create their dictatorship and martial law as Barack Obama is trying to do in the United States?

Or is it something more radical, Nazi totalitarianism camouflaged in an Orwellian style?
We can see all around us our harsh reality of a n accentuated militarisation of the police where freedom is no longer possible. Although this may seem part of a dark past, this is not the case as the situation remains the same or worse and there is the beginnings of the resurgence of neo-Nazi fascist groups as well as other extreme right and xenophobic groups that are creating a new wave of interest... Are these the new seeds that were planted in the dark Nazi fascist era and that are now beginning to bear the long-awaited fruit? Or is it the Shadow Government itself continuing with their dirty game of distraction and manipulation of always... all with the aim of intensifying wars, cruel killings, extreme fear and under this disguised ruse more easily leading everyone to their fatal destruction?

Saturday, 18 January 2014


We find ourselves in the most difficult moment of our history. The root of the problem lies in the fact that whilst we do not take decisive steps towards a positive transformation, all the horrific plans of the elite for extermination will be clearly evident throughout the planet.
This is why there are so many disasters and so often such as the increasing number of volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, fires, icy cold spells, continuous radioactive leaks... Is nature now already beyond their control due to endless artificial modifications through their terrible methods such as HAARP, Elf waves, Gwen, chemtrails and fracking?
Could it be that apart from attempting to reduce our number as much as possible, gestating covert wars, massacring the innocent and making the planet radioactive, there is something else that they have not yet done, which is in full development, in order to harm us greatly?
We should not forget that we are still in the hands of alien entities who hate us and for a long time have wanted to enslave us and to make us disappear, as we clearly saw during World War II through all the barbarities committed by Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy and the Japanese empire.
But did all these atrocities remain in the past, resolved for ever?

23rd NEWS REPORT 2013: UFO sightings, conspiracies, strange phenomena


All the dominating aliens' sinister damaging intentions become more evident with each passing day. Is it not advisable to inform ourselves more and demonstrate our complete disagreement with everything that the echelons of power plot in their plan to destroy the human race?
Now the governing elite is trying to wipe out humanity and achieve our extermination by any possible means as can be seen in many 'apparent' coincidences, such as the unusual winter that many countries are experiencing or numerous disasters... Is the Earth managed by Project HAARP, Elf waves, Gwen and when they want to modify the climate they can do so with ease producing countless devastating hurricanes, typhoons, tornados and earthquakes?
Could it be that they can control it? What has happened to Comet Ison? Could it have been destroyed? What is taking place in the skies and in our atmosphere of which we are unaware?
The camouflaged dominating alien elite want to reinforce their cruel objectives of invalidation and nullification but upon seeing that they have been unable to diminish us entirely, as they always wanted, they have set out to toughen up their eliminating purging by means of countless strange underground bases. What is the aim of these underground bases?