Saturday, 22 November 2014

Elite on display: Corruption, Ebola scam, Mexican revolts and the rise of BRICs

Continuing with the unresolved events that put our destiny at stake and that involve us all, it is really important to realise that although there is utter desolation, sadness and bitterness everywhere, if we really want a change towards the light and the transformation of our life
it is a not a question of closing our eyes but of taking a firm and radical stance, otherwise, we will become victims, as can be witnessed in various countries where millions of refugees have had to leave their entire lives behind to emigrate or flee aimlessly towards an uncertain fate that has been macabrely prepared whilst at the same time we are massacred.

We should also remember that whilst both the official and privately-owned media are dependent upon, and serve as useful instruments of the high command at the dictates of the powerful elite they have to continue misinforming us and communicating to us the opposite of factual truth…
Nevertheless, remember that they are ever more those who, with courage and resolve, side with the truth that with judgement, discernment and intelligence provide clear evidence and testimony to dismantle the corruption and everything that some still conceal with impunity.

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