Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Extraterrestrial Mentors and Plasma Ships of Light

Note: This republished version is a new expanded spoken edition to improve the viewing experience.

The Galactic Confederation and their allies from Agarthi are hastening their task of repair and carrying out a recomposition on a cellular, psychological and internal level this genetic mutation is as global as possible and progresses in accordance with our important positive daily contribution, if in the end our efforts are profound and driven by truly sincere feelings and actions the result will lead us to return to our cosmic origins.

Remember that the manipulators within the most cavernous shadows openly and abusively modified our core stellar but now with the aid of the Pleiadean re-codifiers the original structure has entered an evident psycho-genetic phase of replacement yet this can only be achieved supporting and cooperating efficiently with it as well as developing constancy, determination and relentless effort by all possible means.

The problem is that we easily relax, switch off and lose interest however, if we provide more nourishment to the internal principles of our heart simultaneous to the genetic mutation that is in full development we would diminish the horrific negativity sown by the regressive forces if we had done this previously we would now be far more advanced.

It is also crucial to know that every human being carries a very complete genetic map, which each one of us will receive through this stellar guidance that will help and direct us and we will be able to decipher it according to our daily evolution and progression.

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