Wednesday, 19 November 2014

How the Beings of Light are helping humanity

Note: This republished version is a new expanded spoken edition to improve the viewing experience.

Continuing with the need to be helped by the Galactic Confederation due to our slow reaction towards an internal, psychological and human change the Beings of Light, with all their love, dedication and selfless wisdom are committed to the noble task of helping humanity...
It is essential that we achieve an authentic transformation for the sake of our own survival before the entities of anti-light wipe us from the face of the Earth completely. Remember that the extra-terrestrials respect our decision so everything we can do to evolve is invaluable, since through our decisive effort, courage and positive energy towards change and progress we will cooperate with their hard work and together, we will become a part of the new era of the photon.
However, in its bid to damage us further and prevent us from advancing in in the transformative mutation of our DNA, the darkness provokes all types of disasters through powerful hurricanes, tornadoes, cyclones, tsunamis... this inhumane perversity they have created for us. However we need to understand that we are not alone, the Galactic Confederation is helping us...
Would it not be better to do something more concrete and authentic than just accept the fact that we need to improve and better ourselves and make a greater effort to achieve a profound change before they exterminate us completely?

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