Saturday, 22 November 2014

Elite on display: Corruption, Ebola scam, Mexican revolts and the rise of BRICs

Continuing with the unresolved events that put our destiny at stake and that involve us all, it is really important to realise that although there is utter desolation, sadness and bitterness everywhere, if we really want a change towards the light and the transformation of our life
it is a not a question of closing our eyes but of taking a firm and radical stance, otherwise, we will become victims, as can be witnessed in various countries where millions of refugees have had to leave their entire lives behind to emigrate or flee aimlessly towards an uncertain fate that has been macabrely prepared whilst at the same time we are massacred.

We should also remember that whilst both the official and privately-owned media are dependent upon, and serve as useful instruments of the high command at the dictates of the powerful elite they have to continue misinforming us and communicating to us the opposite of factual truth…
Nevertheless, remember that they are ever more those who, with courage and resolve, side with the truth that with judgement, discernment and intelligence provide clear evidence and testimony to dismantle the corruption and everything that some still conceal with impunity.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Secret Weapons of the Elite?: Ebola, ISIL, Terrorism, Climate Change...

The globalist empire is trying to cause us as much harm as they can before their inevitable and agonising fall, and there is an enormous amount of evidence that supports this which with a heavy heart we will impart because it is very important for our survival… as thousands of innocent people have been displaced from their lands, villages and homes whilst others are scandalously murdered in a cruel and inhuman manner and this involves us all directly, since any sovereign state could suddenly find itself involved in terrorist attacks, and covert and open wars, which unless stopped as quickly as possible will not only encompass countries in Africa, the Middle East and Eurasia, but the entire world.

We should be well aware of the causes and secret motives that work by giving orders from the most hidden dark shadows and are accompanied by their servile pawns who obey them without hesitation and control us…

How is it possible that at this stage they still control us and deprive us of our rights whilst we have no idea what the elite are secretly and shamelessly doing behind our backs?

If we disconnect a little from the enormous cybernetic network and the addictive internet that is keeping us terribly distant from reality and severely zombified we would not be so unconscious, robotic and lost nor would they be able to so barefacedly abuse our life, psyche and consciousness.
It is based on what is openly and secretly happening all over the world that can be clearly verified on a financial, geopolitical and geostrategic level producing military conflicts and changes of governments when nations rebel against the elite until the pressure builds to exploding-point and they get their coveted thermonuclear world war. This is why it is now urgent for them to bring down several legitimate regimes and keep the world on a knife’s edge…

The last desperate actions of the Elite: Wars, terrorism, crisis...

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Whilst there is no fundamental change in the global political and financial structure, the total disintegration of those in power who cause us so much harm and a truly authentic social, ethical and spiritual evolution… it will become increasingly more difficult to cope with the extra time we have to decide our destiny.
This is a profound transformative mutation, the conclusive steps towards the creation of the new civilisation that will populate our world leading us to a change in frequency, and this incredible event cannot be postponed as it is due to a powerful decoding and recoding of our DNA driven by the revealing photonic light, which propels us towards defining ourselves between the subtle and the dense in other words, the middle ground is disappearing.
Although it is difficult to become aware of this due to the high level of inhibition and unconsciousness we have, according to our daily actions, each of us is taking a stance whether placing ourselves at the same energetic frequency that the aliens of anti-light want us to have and this is what is actually happening with thousands and thousands who have
lost all reason, scruples and dignity or awakening to the reality that is taking place.
Remember that they are fighting by all possible and impossible means to stealthily ensnare, sedate and zombify us further, to convince us of many things, to offer new supposed ‘reforms’, unfulfilled agreements, whilst they are razing cities to the ground, exterminating innocent people with the usual pretexts and it is these double standards that continue to deceive many naïve and gullible people who, do not yet know what lies behind all this… however, an increasing number of people are finding out that the infamous political parties whether they be Democratic or Republican, Labour or Conservative, right wing, left wing or centre-left are all faithfully working towards the same objective: total servility to the empire and so, with a new disguise that seems more charismatic, reformist and adaptable they appear from nowhere, making incredible promises to the disenchanted and undecided or if not, they pass to a different party to later, depending on the dictates of the imperial elite rise to power again. The point is to maintain their absolutism through a clear global dominion at whatever cost…
The ailing ruling elite and their minions are fighting by all possible means to buy off, now not so much the people, who, despite demonstrations everywhere are equally repressed and controlled by them but also the government leaders who begin to distance themselves from the hegemony of the domineering empire…

The improvement of our DNA-RNA and the Beings of Light

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As the amount of photons of light heading towards Earth increases many things will continue to be modified, all that we are will be impossible to hide and the consciousness will awaken in one direction or another, following the path that each of us has chosen.

Therefore, whilst we are in this purifying limbo-purgatory of transition the Rescue Beings are indicating to us the importance of preparing ourselves thoroughly and it is urgent to be positive, affectionate, empathic, show solidarity as well as learning to digest or transform density into subtlety.

Likewise, we are being asked that as much as possible we prevent ourselves from experiencing reactionary, disturbing or turbulent states so that we avoid falling into strong outbursts or discharges of emotion, as is the case with the vast majority of people who do not know how to conduct themselves prudently, intelligently and with good sense.

We are experiencing are the result of conspiracies and provocations, which have been clearly, deliberately and perfectly staged with the aim of keeping us trapped within the low frequency the dark ones emit.

So, in order to counteract this dominating anti-light
we must fight to free ourselves from the shackles that have bound us for centuries and whilst this huge change of genetic vibration takes place, we must try to recover the stellar heritage that rightfully belongs to us only in this way will we achieve the freedom of our soul-consciousness, which has been eternally ours.

A metamorphosis is taking place throughout the planet and behind it lies the defining photonic energy, the photons spur us on to establish our preferred stance, desires and tastes, whether towards the light or towards darkness, and all that they entail.

This situation is experienced by the whole of humanity alike, this is why there is no place to which we can attach ourselves, complain, use to shield ourselves, or from which we can try to seek help, the only thing that is true is the harmony and integration that each one of us feels and can develop with others.

Bermuda Triangle, Malaysia Air flights, Mysteries on the 27th Parallel

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Continuing with the diverse events that have been vilely concealed, it is important to know that Earth-Gea-Gaia and all that exists is not, as we have been led to believe a world that we must abuse, deforest, contaminating cities causing huge water shortages, destroying arable land or leading us to infect its seas, lakes and river in an attempt to turn it into a huge sick and contagious rubbish dump.
They are also doing it in the stratosphere that surrounds us whilst simultaneously they induce the merciless extinction of countless natural species.
What is the purpose of wanting to destroy our beautiful blue planet that has served us so well?
Furthermore, not content with piling us on top of one another and making us pay large sums in taxes, rates and mortgages they have shamelessly desensitised, numbed and paralysed us, in this way creating a decadent, suffering and resigned race that is hybridised, laden with barbarity, war, corruption as well as a huge number of vices and lack of restraint.
It is important to know that still an invaluable ecological diversity survives which even now is immersed in powerful fields of electromagnetic frequency with wonderful centres of vital energy, circuits, spirals and formidable vortices that after many centuries of annulment and misappropriation to the surprise of many are beginning to reactivate and revitalise themselves once again.
They are powerful vibrational fields bestowed upon us by the wise Cosmocreators of space with great wisdom and love created with the aim of helping us in our evolution and management of physical, psychological and spiritual energies.
We are speaking of [sites that since ancient times have been highly-magnetised... a magnetic geo-biology that has always existed but now, with the enormous rise in the number of light-photons that increasingly descend are once again being reactivated as they were before. This is why previously unknown events and phenomena are beginning to manifest...

Extraterrestrial Mentors and Plasma Ships of Light

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The Galactic Confederation and their allies from Agarthi are hastening their task of repair and carrying out a recomposition on a cellular, psychological and internal level this genetic mutation is as global as possible and progresses in accordance with our important positive daily contribution, if in the end our efforts are profound and driven by truly sincere feelings and actions the result will lead us to return to our cosmic origins.

Remember that the manipulators within the most cavernous shadows openly and abusively modified our core stellar but now with the aid of the Pleiadean re-codifiers the original structure has entered an evident psycho-genetic phase of replacement yet this can only be achieved supporting and cooperating efficiently with it as well as developing constancy, determination and relentless effort by all possible means.

The problem is that we easily relax, switch off and lose interest however, if we provide more nourishment to the internal principles of our heart simultaneous to the genetic mutation that is in full development we would diminish the horrific negativity sown by the regressive forces if we had done this previously we would now be far more advanced.

It is also crucial to know that every human being carries a very complete genetic map, which each one of us will receive through this stellar guidance that will help and direct us and we will be able to decipher it according to our daily evolution and progression.

Pleiadean Photonic DNA Recodification

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It has been scientifically proven that we are within a gigantic protective energetic hologram created by the Galactic Confederation to protect us in the long journey to solar system of Canis Major and the sun Sirius

We are referring to an endeavour of highly advanced extra-terrestrial technology executed when the entire planetary group, and our closest star penetrated the colossal photonic ring of the sun Alcyon of the Pleiades.

Only from this moment, at the end of the Mayan, Hindu, Hopi and Egyptian calendars did the Galactic Confederation intervene initiating a powerful physical and genetic transformation, which is currently underway.

Although we are still subject to the many obstacles created by the alien elite simultaneously a genetic phenomenon, apparently unknown to official science, is taking place and that is the modification of DNA which is undergoing a total transformation this is why children with 3 or even 4 strands of DNA are being born worldwide.

Do these genome variations play a significant role in the evolution of our human race and is this linked to the continuous flow of photons to Earth as well as a deep psychological and behavioural innovation that is totally unknown.

If so, are we cooperating with our ethical, moral and spiritual change in this incredible and valuable new transformative genetic rebirth?

How the Beings of Light are helping humanity

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Continuing with the need to be helped by the Galactic Confederation due to our slow reaction towards an internal, psychological and human change the Beings of Light, with all their love, dedication and selfless wisdom are committed to the noble task of helping humanity...
It is essential that we achieve an authentic transformation for the sake of our own survival before the entities of anti-light wipe us from the face of the Earth completely. Remember that the extra-terrestrials respect our decision so everything we can do to evolve is invaluable, since through our decisive effort, courage and positive energy towards change and progress we will cooperate with their hard work and together, we will become a part of the new era of the photon.
However, in its bid to damage us further and prevent us from advancing in in the transformative mutation of our DNA, the darkness provokes all types of disasters through powerful hurricanes, tornadoes, cyclones, tsunamis... this inhumane perversity they have created for us. However we need to understand that we are not alone, the Galactic Confederation is helping us...
Would it not be better to do something more concrete and authentic than just accept the fact that we need to improve and better ourselves and make a greater effort to achieve a profound change before they exterminate us completely?

The help of the Cosmic Confederation: Crop circles, UFO sightings...

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Examining in depth the dire aspects that the elitist leadership are persistently planing for us with the aim of exterminating the human race...
Why have they not yet achieved it if everything is prepared?
Could it be that the excuses for finding a credible reason continue whilst humanity does not know what to do and is unaware of what lies behind this tremendous foul play?
Is our sedation and lethargy so strong that we yield to their dictates?
To our knowledge the Galactic Confederation is trying to ensure by all possible means that the global chaos and annihilation that was planned for us together with the sinister and ominous concentration camps do not come into play
But is the world population cooperating effectively with this incredible and arduous task?
How should we react to these unfortunate and unhappy situations that we experience?

World Genocide, New Concentration Camps

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Continuing with the chilling events with which the holders of global power cause so much injustice, abuse of power and perversity in the name of the law...
What is the cause? Why so many persecutions, beatings and imprisonments... if all the people ask is for constitutional legality, jobs, equity and an end to the vile deceit of the defenceless population?
It seems that precisely what the elite leadership want is for demonstrations and protests to take place along with increasing divisions, confrontations and crises between the government and the population, and thus the formation of unruly and highly dangerous radical that, using the fear of a serious risk of segmentation, so that the obsolete NWO and the EU Troika can supposedly justify their interference and provoke Russia to create their much needed and long-awaited war.
Or can they divert the attention of the entire world with these dirty tricks as in the case of the US that is about to collapse financially and warns that it will no longer be able to meet its international financial obligations?
Are we submerged in a downward spiral, an unending dark tunnel and these measures are specifically implemented by the soulless, abusive and dominating system so we become desperate as well as to open new well-planned arenas of conflict
Is there a solution for this acute, ceaseless global crisis?
What can we say about the coercive and insulting new measures, putting even greater pressure on citizens of various countries?
Is this a move to keep us scared and apprehensive at any cost?
Can these dangerous places associated with extermination and genocide really existin countries whose governments exhibit freedom and democracy such as that of the United States and other countries of the world?

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