Saturday, 11 April 2015

UFOs offering protection. International Space Station . Chemtrails

Note: This republished version is a new expanded spoken edition to improve the viewing experience.
It is important to understand that as the Great Stellar Brigade wants to prevent a lack of confidence from arising amongst the population which it knows to be extremely traumatised, distrustful, suspicious and sensitive to everything due to its awakening process, change of
frequency and the profound mutation of its DNA, they only help us
internally and in the world of dreams, but also they strengthen our
protection with their amazing plasma, circular, spherical or tubular ships and their mother ships with their corresponding colours and shapes.

All of this is an enormous help that they provide to protect us not only on Earth but also in our airspace and even around the International Space Station (ISS)?
Why was NASA’s live feed suddenly cut, precisely when a fleet of UFOs appeared? Was to prevent us from seeing the protective ships that keep
watch and check everything they do?
What really happened with the destruction of the Antares rocket when it was launched towards the International Space Station? But also, what was the cause of a US military satellite suddenly exploding? Was this not a huge coincidence and extremely dangerous? And why was it not reported to the public by the global media? What is the strange and enigmatic mystery surrounding the ISS?

Do the Stellar Brigade know that the destructive Empire are plotting a great catastrophe and therefore remain on high alert to everything that happens?
Also what can be said about the Blue Beam false flag project that has been created by the dark ones to scare us and to convince the population that we under invasion from space when really it will be them showing themselves and continuing with their agenda?

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