Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Prophecies of the elite. Warnings given in advance. Apocalyptic films

With the aim of helping to solve the problems with which regretfully all of mankind is beset it is of utmost importance for all those who are accompanying us to make a serious analysis of both themselves and the global situation, since the planet is entering a transformative phase, so intense and indescribable that has not been seen since the sinking and disappearance of Atlantis.

By this we mean that a new, cyclic, geological, topographical and
geomagnetic change is approaching…

So what can be done in these situations of intense planetary imbalance? Can we do something to curb these unusual geomagnetic and climatic changes?

Likewise, within this difficult transformative and destructive process which modifies everything that exists we find a profound genetic mutation but this change depends greatly on how we proceed individually and collectively…

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