Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Refugees. Evacuation portals. Quantum leap. Multiverses, 5D world of dreams

Note: This republished version is a new expanded spoken edition to improve the viewing experience.

In this second instalment in relation to everything connected to the transcendental cosmic world with which we should all become familiar so that we will be able to advance in our transformative, mutating progress that will take us to the Light. This is a cosmic event which is far too valuable for us to remain unconcerned or involved in situations that could change very quickly because the anti-light is working hard to eradicate us from the planet

Can their desire to depopulate and the huge suffering they are causing not be seen clearly throughout the world? Generated by the creation of wars and with them a huge quantity of refugees because they know that apart from taking possession of their lands and homes, these displaced people do not know where to go, so ultimately they end up in a worse situation.

This shows that the terror of the elite has taken over the entire planet but the more time accelerates, the more it works against them, for this reason they are pushing forward with their plan of extermination since every passing day more tunnels and energy of photonic light arrive and this is impossible for the anti-light to withstand, this is why the Stellar Brigade is monitoring them.

The path towards human and internal transformation is not easy, it is very important to know ourselves, to see our reactions and behaviours, this will raise our frequency which will reward us with becoming part of the new race of photonic light. Then the supra-dimensional portals will open for us before any serious incident takes place, and the evacuation will be realised [with the spaceships and portals of the Galactic Confederation.

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