Monday, 21 September 2015

Special: Exodus of refugees. EU crisis. NWO conspiracy Concentration camps.

Terribly unfortunate events are occurring as the invasive terror continues usurping what does not belong to it and that pursuit of slavery, people trafficking and electoral benefits is now urgent for the empire as part of their great plan. But what is the reason for this terrible opportunistic and contemptuous cruelty? Is there something more that they are hiding and even know how to disguise it, it is becoming increasingly more evident?

Is it not clear how they are using refugees, selecting and marking them as if they were convicted criminal even though they are only seeking stability and work? What we are seeing, is it nothing more then rejection and greater racism?

Do they really want to leave their countries to be mistreated and humiliated in such a way considering that it is all a result of the unjust and cruel wars that the empire created in their homelands?

Have they not been deceived, led to believe that Europe was the promised land, and above all Germany? And to the utter bewilderment of the refugees and the entire world are they not encountering [all kinds of unimaginable difficulties? What is the EU doing?
Are they not treating them badly, driving them along long corridors towards some kind of cage or isolation cell where they are trapped under police control and placed in ghettos, while countries erect fences and close borders and what is worse without anyone realising their true horrific intentions...

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