Saturday, 31 October 2015

Separatism. Political fraud and corruption. Spain. NWO

Continuing in this 2nd part with the delicate situations for our existence, as the elite and their allies are seeking to first to take their monopoly to the rest of the world, but if their cunning games of always do not work they are likely to seek alliances so that they can control us better, since their objective is to create their much needed New World Order uncontested, because with it they could take complete control of the planet and for this they have to show their true face and this seems to be what is happening now.

Did they not impose themselves on the Greek people even after the referendum? And what can we say about Portugal and its recent elections?
What about the next elections in Spain who will govern, the same parties as always or other groups with supposedly supposedly new ideas, or will they be the same with a younger face in order to continue taking turns to govern, but always promising what not they will never do because they have to serve their masters?

Is it the case that many more conscious citizens know who is behind in the shadows giving orders to change monarchies and governments as they always have?
And what can we say about the independence that is in full swing? Will it be the new alternative for the owners of global power to impose its New World Order?

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