Sunday, 29 November 2015

Social chaos, terror attacks, EU divided, Schengen agreement, RFID implants

Note: This republished version is a new expanded spoken edition to improve the viewing experience.

We are experiencing the most difficult period of our existence, the worst in our history and from what we can see everything either remains the same or is worse, since the usurping wielders of global power continue to create greater instability and pain with a huge number of refugees who do not know where to go and if we add to this the terrorism, blackmail, corruption and the cruel, inhumane wars, the enormous uncertainty that exists increases every day…

Does a colossal conspiracy of alliances exist with the aim that this strange breaking up of the EU urgently take place, which involves still more terrorism, tighter controls, further riots, economic crises, unemployment and racism and as part of this iron-fisted control of the masses the European population will also find themselves affected?

It is very important to understand that if we do nothing for our own survival, very soon the whole of humanity without exception will be implanted with electromagnetic devices, in other words, tiny microchips will be placed within us to control us in all areas of our life. We will be at the mercy of the so-called Big Brother, which has been widely cited in various films and books that refer to this terrible and serious threat.

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Paris terror attacks. ISIS threat. False flag. Illuminati. NWO

A terribly frightening and horrific event that has affected the whole world with the aim of creating greater instability and trying to generate insecurity and a state of shock everywhere. With great perversity the dark destroyers and have managed to alter the life, psyche and consciousness of all, causing great suffering...

This is sad news for peace, freedom and basic human rights. Fear has not only seized hold in France but throughout Europe and the entire world because the inhuman terrorist threats are spreading everywhere...
On top of these threats are they preparing something more horrifying that will inhibit our freedom? Do we still not to realise that all are moves to create their NWO?

Why someone post an anonymous message on the internet announcing what would happen two days before the attack?
It is important to understand that many of these macabre facts are not accidents as many may believe...