Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Global control of NWO, Big Brother, AI, robots

Note: This republished version is a new expanded spoken edition to improve the viewing experience.

We find ourselves in the most difficult moments of this decadent and impoverished civilisation where only pain and suffering reign… This is because we have allowed the current owners of our life and destiny to manipulate our future but now, unsatisfied, they are stubbornly pursuing a project of implanting us with very harmful biotechnology in order to achieve global power, and thus establish their coveted Orwellian New World Order…

They are not only controlling us but they are also the subjugation of the entire population, their objective is to zombify us and this is why we can see such blatant coldness on a psychological, mental and spiritual level as well as the fact that millions are becoming more incredulous, distrustful, malicious and atheistic… in this way taking steps towards the robotic, synthetic and android world they so desire.

Remember that we are an extremely troublesome race for the elite, and more so now that the photonic light is increasing and as these powerful photons of light are the driving force behind the awakening of our consciousness as well as the recovery of the twelve strands of DNA that they removed from us thousands of years ago, this is why they are rushing to complete their genocide, a world war, and not allowing us to awake…

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