Saturday, 24 January 2015

Cunning and lies, false flag attacks, economic bankruptcy

Entering this new year of 2015, our greatest yearning is that over the coming months, the serious problems we face are resolved and we hope that this will provide true union, security, benefit, progress and harmony particularly to those who still hold onto some hope for a change for the better that would lead us to the creation of physical, psychological, emotional and economic stability…

So what can be done? For our part, we believe that the best thing to be able to move forward effectively and safely is to remain vigilant and to continue to tirelessly and ceaselessly demonstrate on a massive scale with this discontent and indignation since our life and future are at stake, and the only avenue left is to keep insisting until we obtain what corresponds to us.

To achieve concrete results, besides acting physically it is urgent to accompany this with a positive and real elevated psycho-energetic frequency because with it we will establish an authentic evolution as well as within the human, ethical, moral and spiritual level, which is the principal support that brings us closer to our stellar galactic family, who are waiting for us and hoping for our survival.

However, it is clear that the harsh setbacks and difficulties whether they be at work, in relationships, socially or in our families together with the terrible crimes that these modern barbarians propose in order to eliminate us are central to their horrific programme to demoralise us and we can only resist, overcome and confront them if there really exists truthful information, together with knowledge, discernment and common sense to make us see the true reality of this entire cruel Machiavellian framework and we should not fall into despair, defeatism and failure for any reason whatsoever since this is the aim of the dark ones, it forms part of their agenda of the extermination of mankind.

Therefore, we need to continue in our internal objectives persisting ceaselessly in claiming our rights, justice and freedom …and with discernment, legality and intelligence form the counterbalance of light against all the sinister and heartless situations that we now bear.

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