Friday, 13 February 2015

Plots and schemes of the Elite. Xenophobia. Energy of Helium 3

Continuing with the urgent necessity to strive hard to achieve this indispensable awakening of our dormant consciousness and thus cast aside the strong apathy, neglect and inertia we have already mentioned in several documentaries… …since the longer we detain ourselves in inaction, the harder it will be to face what we have to face, as the difficulties will increase and when we finally decide to address them it will more difficult.)

Will we wait for these serious disasters to happen or will we take our responsibilities seriously, knowing that our fate is at stake?

Clearly, they are getting us more and more used to living in a state
of shock amid impacts in which terror, insecurity, suicide and upheaval are increasingly common as is the managed climate change, tailor-made by those in power and obviously, by carrying out their destructive and precise methods of climate geoengineering they are drastically altering the atmosphere, meteorology and also the Earth’s crust with the overwhelming desire to destroy us.

What can we say about the strange, record-breaking snowstorms that ‘coincidentally’ take place in the countries they want to depopulate so
that they can keep them for themselves?

What about the growing number of fish and birds found dead with no known cause?

How is it possible that to mourn the 12 people who were killed, the Western governments and media mobilised millions of citizens all over France, including the participation of several heads of state and world leaders whilst in clear contrast, they remain totally indifferent to the thousands of Palestinian men, women, children and even elderly citizens sacrificed in recent months or the millions killed, wounded or made
refugees by the US and its NATO allies in countries like Iraq,
Libya, Syria, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Why is so much deception and falseness coming to light so quickly?

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