Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Danger in the Vatican, the Pope’s change of direction, threats-prophecies of IS

Continuing ahead with the pressing need to create authentic internal principles, not false ones as has often been the case, as well as to avoid becoming victims of horrors, mass murders and cruel attacks, there is something which really demands attention, and that is the case of the Supreme Pontiff of the Catholic Church.

It seems that he has been showing greater concern, more interest and dedication regarding the severe situations and serious conflicts that are occurring all over the planet even getting involved in the dreadful terror and barbarism that is taking place everywhere.
This attitude is not really typical of religious guides of fervour and devotion it is often the case that they preach is not exactly what it seems to be since they use it to play both sides and this can be seen throughout the centuries…

These facts are very crude and realistic particularly for those who
believe that the spiritual, moral and physical life of today is still synonymous with faith, transparency, purity, trust, harmony and peace…
and in spite of feeling very sorry for those who believe this we have to say that the evidence around us shows it not to be the case and this is what we would like to examine more clearly and truthfully in this documentary.

Prophecies of the elite. Warnings given in advance. Apocalyptic films

With the aim of helping to solve the problems with which regretfully all of mankind is beset it is of utmost importance for all those who are accompanying us to make a serious analysis of both themselves and the global situation, since the planet is entering a transformative phase, so intense and indescribable that has not been seen since the sinking and disappearance of Atlantis.

By this we mean that a new, cyclic, geological, topographical and
geomagnetic change is approaching…

So what can be done in these situations of intense planetary imbalance? Can we do something to curb these unusual geomagnetic and climatic changes?

Likewise, within this difficult transformative and destructive process which modifies everything that exists we find a profound genetic mutation but this change depends greatly on how we proceed individually and collectively…

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