Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Political duplicity. Photonic light in roses, spacecraft, giant plants, fairies

Note: This republished version is a new expanded spoken edition to improve the viewing experience.

After discussing the terrible events that we are now experiencing because of the unjust wars that they create to provoke huge migration all over the planet. Will the elite try to hide their double dealing of always showing the face of support to the refugees for the sake of appearance or will the world ignore the cynicism taking place that will soon be uncovered? It's unbelievable but all these dirty and double standards of politicians are never ending...
On the other hand, another of the problems of mankind is that we have lost that ability to look up and see that we are not really alone, much less now where everything is rearranging-resetting toward the photonic stellar light.

Not only can we see spacecraft but there is also an inhabited multi-universe full of light, wisdom and love which awaits those who evolve their DNA and awaken their dormant consciousness... there are also the inter-dimensional portals which are prepared to protect and safeguard those who actually improve in their evolutionary field if we really want to be helped.
That is why we insist on trying to be normal, simple, thoughtful, understanding, creating greater receptivity, intelligence and sensitivity in order to raise our frequency since the ships of photonic light are showing themselves in nature in many ways especially in roses and various beneficial plants...

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