Monday, 5 December 2016

4th anniversary, health & diet on glands & vital energy, neurotoxins, fluoride

Part of this necessity to try to press forward in these difficult, problem-filled times… includes striving to become a bit more tranquil, balanced and happy... if we all fight for the decoding of our DNA and to move towards photonic-stellar luminescence, united together we will be able to achieve the unimaginable…
A message we would like to convey in this documentary that marks our fourth anniversary is that, in addition to it being necessary to take care of our human, emotional and psychological relationships, it is also essential to look after our physical health, paying attention to the food we eat and all that our body needs. A healthy diet is fundamental, but since we are in a totally sedated state and robotised, they take advantage of us by feeding us vast amounts of junk food and giving us so-called medicines full of chemicals and toxins which do us harm.
Thus, how can we live a better life if multinational companies inject the things we consume with inhibitors that alter our health? Are we aware that many of them are full of hormones, heavy metals, insecticides and pesticides... that affect the brain and limit our ability to manage emotional responses, as well as causing behavioural problems, attention deficit disorders, memory loss, depression and despondency?
And if we also consider that our intellectual capacities are being reduced by all the poisons they subject us to through GM foods, chemtrails, terrible ELF waves and GWEN transmitters… they are silently destroying our lives.
We would be very happy if those accompanying us knew how to take care of themselves physically and think in terms of values and moral, ethical and spiritual principles as this would provide the crucial stability we have been promoting since the release of our first documentaries... so that we can build a better, healthier life on all levels.
In this new documentary, we mention the 224 countries and territories across the planet’s five continents that Alcyon Pleiades has been able to reach... for us, the most important thing is that it reaches the greatest number of people who wish for self-improvement because this yearning motivates us to search for the truth and to hope for a better, more just world.

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Donald Trump, strategy of the elite, society in shock, NWO, economic collapse

Every day that passes, it becomes clearer to see the serious nature of the sociological, governmental and political situation that is causing the global panorama to change in such unexpected ways. It is essential that we be alert because these are the ways the global power and its vassals are increasing their conspiracy against humanity, in this case by instigating social unrest…
The vast majority, although they are beginning to suspect that so much fraud and deception is taking place worldwide, many still trust politicians without realising that behind them in the darkest shadows, are those who really govern us and this can undoubtedly be seen in the results of the recent US presidential elections which has set the stage for other governments who are waiting, to obediently follow the same process
Very soon, it will not be long before many things that have been promised will be directly confirmed with this surprising appointment of the new president Donald Trump ... What will be the response to the endless social instability and unrest, that now even includes various celebrities? Will this be a good excuse for establishing the NWO that they have been seeking for so long as it is only a question of time before we start seeing violent and unpredictable reactions? Will the new government begin strategic changes as panic hits the global economies allowing them to implement their new world currency?
Did Trump really fight for the presidency alone or was his winning an elite decision, are his xenophobic and racist attitudes and insults part of an intentional plan created from the shadows to take another step forward?

Sunday, 23 October 2016

Time changing from 16 to 24 hours, Schumann Resonance, Fractal universe

We are currently living a moments of a high risk of global war... on the one hand the photonic energy has greatly increased as a result of the approach of the Earth to the Galactic Centre and this is creating great benefits as well as a great acceleration in the mutation of the DNA of many people. But are we preparing ourselves for a real change or do we continue to believe that nothing is happening as the Earth and Solar System are undergoing a full transformation, continuously influenced by high frequency cosmic electromagnetic particles?
On the other hand, incredibly, the time before our eyes is being inconceivable reduced...
Likewise, all without exception we are subjected to a continuous spatial-temporal change, something intangible and invisible but that subjects us to be faster...
Why do days now seem to be only 16 hours long?
Have we realised that the time is shrinking or disappearing, circularly folding in on itself leaving only an empty space?
Can we cope with this modification to space-time, which with each passing day will inevitably accelerate as humanity and the planet is entering a more subtle-ethereal stellar field or will our egos, and cruelties be more and more prevalent everywhere, due to our inability to know how to transform photonic energies for the good of raising the level of our DNA?

Monday, 3 October 2016

Clinton-Trump, health problems cover-up, USA-Russia, Racism, EU crisis

We have to understand that we are at the end of this race and the only thing that governments seek is to carry out orders and lead us into conflicts, crises, wars, social divisions... Can we not see how they manipulate us by making us believe an infinite number of electoral promises, or by failing to reach political agreements or repeating elections, or postponing elections for a third time? Might they be preparing a great move in efforts to impose their NWO upon us and, they hope to make it coincide with elections in the USA?

Will they continue threatening Russia any way they can with the sole ambition of creating the armed conflict they need so much? Various countries are beginning to see this and they are trying to avoid this global confrontation, because if that were not the case, the Islamic State would have already invaded the majority of Europe, including Spain, Italy and France…

But, in addition to this situation, what is going on with the two candidates running for the presidency of the most powerful country on the planet? What can we say about the woman, who will possibly be the first female President of the United States? Does she have full use of her physical and psychological faculties in order to govern this great nation, if her destructive program includes wanting to wage a Third World War as soon as possible?

Why are they putting a double in her place? Or might it be a synthetic robot, as she herself has declared… and what can be said about the other candidate, the irrational showman Donald Trump? Could it be that people are becoming increasingly aware of this large-scale electoral fraud, or what is it they want to hide?

Sunday, 18 September 2016

Threat of meteorites, meteor showers, weak Van Allen belt, cosmic warnings


Continuing onward, with the subject of the constant pressure and enormous worry that we detect daily on our planet regarding the difficult geological events that are approaching. Are so many space-related phenomena just by chance or what is happening on our planet, with its innumerable mysterious cosmic events, occuring this year, in 2016?
Comets and other cosmic-space phenomena that are not at all common are becoming prevalent, including eclipses, supermoons and planetary alignments, occurring on dates that are very close together, in addition to asteroids and meteorites that graze the Earth. Nonetheless, they are not given much importance officially, despite the dangers they generate.
And might this influence the protective “Van Allen” belt that is getting weaker by the day, as well as the vast amount of space junk which also causes great risk to the International Space Station? And might this weakening of our vital life-protecting shield be caused by a powerful energy field that comes from outside the Earth, which also threatens the International Space Station, and the Earth itself?
Will we know how to protect ourselves and will governments do something to avoid greater evils, all the more now, as the entire Solar System enters an area with many asteroids, as we move closer to the galactic centre?
So, what must we do in the face of this dire world situation that remains unabated? The only thing left to do is to try and counteract by carrying out more constructive, positive actions, as everything that exists activates itself according to energies-vibrations-frequencies…

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Pokemon Go, Project Blue Beam, Beings of Light and Anti-light, Selfies, NWO

****Our videos now include narration***
It is most worrying that much of mankind is totally sedated and zombified, and what is worse feel comfortable being so asleep.
This can clearly be seen in the mass phenomenon of ‘Pokemon Go’ that has gone viral around the planet to keep the world’s population submissive and under control…
But how is it possible that we are not capable of seeing that we are physically and mentally manipulated to keep us occupied, fascinated and dependent on our Smartphones? Why is it said that the CIA, the NSA and other organizations are involved? Is it to access our lives, emails, photos, bank accounts?
And what lies behind Project Blue Beam and holographic projections? Is it not some cunning conspiracy of the New World Order, with which the Shadow Government intends to impose a total dictatorship, slavery and all-out repression, much worse than we suffer now? And what relationship does it have the that malevolent story they would have us believe of an inevitable alien invasion?

Monday, 25 July 2016

Nice attacks, Turkey coup, Rio Olympics, Munich

Note: This republished version is a new expanded spoken edition to improve the viewing experience.

Again the full potential of terror is increasingly apparent, whilst people disconcerted and unaware of what to do, become [more and more affected… What is behind this web of plots that strangely occur on very specific dates? Is this another lone wolf, similar to those that have committed previous slaughters? But is there not an increasingly militarised control to protect people? Is this just part of another ruse to spread nationalism and xenophobic hatred as millions of people of Algerian and Tunisian origin live in France as do many people from other countries that were, or continue to be, French colonies? Is their objective to shape a new system of control that will be imposed on the population to lay the foundations for their ever urgent New World Order?
Apart from the enormous chaos and pain that is spreading and causing confusion throughout the entire planet, there another [secret motive behind this, which is to hide the inevitable crash of the global economy or to accelerate [social confrontations that will lead to civil war?
However, this is not the only perverse conspiracy that they seem to be preparing against humanity, they also seem to be trying to jeopardise the coming Olympics Games in Brazil, apply pressure on Russian sportsmen and women, and now implement attacks in Munich…

Saturday, 2 July 2016

Schumann Resonance, Stargates, Looking Glass-Yellow Cube, Brexit

Note: This republished version is a new expanded spoken edition to improve the viewing experience.

The closer we get to the Galactic Centre the more we are all influenced by defining energies, but also greater difficulties, planetary-geopolitical-psychosocial chaos and disasters that we have to suffer until the Earth readapts and readjusts to an unprecedented Schumann resonance frequency and terrestrial-space time...

It is important to be aware that the Schumann resonance, or Earth’s pulse, is the magnetic field is gradually but steadily diminishing and this is related to the reversal of the Earth’s magnetic poles or to a dimensional quantum leap of huge proportions.

This means that the psychological and physical awakening will increase on a massive scale both for those sheltered by the light as well as those who worship the darkness yet, everything remains uncertain as it is unclear which of these opposing energies will be stronger…

What has this to do with Project Looking Glass or Yellow Cube which gave the dominating elite a projection of the future, something which coincidentally has not worked since the end of 2012? Why are they anxiously searching for new inter-dimensional portals around the globe?

Brexit, Global economic and social repercussions, Domino effect

We warned in previous documentaries that the month of June 2016 could be quite turbulent and this is precisely what is happening, with the unexpected Brexit of the UK that could have unpredictable consequences.
In just the little time we have left, we will have answers to these uncertain questions and we hope that it is not a duplicitous move by the imperial elite, as occurred in the Greek referendum
For that reason, we must be very alert to future events.

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Reincarnation, NDE, pole shift, magnetite, climate change

Note: This republished version is a new expanded spoken edition to improve the viewing experience.

We live in a troubled world, in a very difficult time full of conflicts... But not only that... What can be said about the many geological and space phenomena that are causing the shifting of the geomagnetic poles... which have failed to stabilise in our planet? What is the cause?
Could it be that something beyond our human understanding is occurring for which science does not wish to offer an explanation?
And how do these electromagnetic changes affect our health? Changing our biological rhythm, our moods, the circadian rhythms, our sleep patterns, the magnetite in our body, our behaviour... What affects do they have on the planet? Uncontrolled climate change, disoriented animals as seen in the hundreds of birds, whales...
Does this have a natural cause? What can we do about this serious global situation?

Sunday, 29 May 2016

False messiah, Prince William, Murals of Bank of America, Denver airport

Note: This republished version is a new expanded spoken edition to improve the viewing experience.

Continuing with this important subject which is becoming increasingly controversial and that now, due to ignorance has become a new way of life we believe that it is most urgent to make a stand, as it is the last battle that the satanic aliens are waging to control our body, mind and psyche of millions of innocent people, who do not at all realise the evil involved.

Let us also remember that we are in 2016, a year in which the kabbala of the Beast, 666 vibrates this is why they try to wreak further havoc and manifest themselves more directly to humanity as they are not only pressing to establish their New World Order, but also their New World Religion. This is their main objective, even though many are unaware of what lies behind this false doctrine because they already control the world through the economy, depopulation, technological sciences as well as what they have cunningly named geo-engineering, geopolitics and social engineering yet right now [it is about taking definite control and possession of souls, as this is their main purpose.

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

2016, 666 and the NWO, new religion of satanic worship and Queen Elizabeth II

Note: This republished version is a new expanded spoken edition to improve the viewing experience.

We believe that, now more than ever in this dark and uncertain year of 2016, we must fight with the utmost urgency as it seems that time is running out and we are living in the most difficult age and we must do something to rescue ourselves...
It is important to realise that 2016 is a ‘leap year’, a year of major conflicts, definitions and changes. Will this difficult year of 2016 coincide with the belief that exists in many countries that leap years bring bad luck? Will there be many unforeseen events in this year in which the number 666 stands out and more so, if we remember other fateful dates such as that of the devastating Great Fire of London in 1666 as well as very special events such as the coronation of the Queen of England and many others… could it be that something is being prepared whilst people’s consciousness and psyche sleep? With this we can see that there is something unusual regarding the kabbalistic number 666… Why do we find 666 discreetly hidden in several specific dates such as these special celebrations which coincide in such an exact manner?

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Unexplained assassinations, the Kennedys, Evita, Princess Diana, Grace Kelly

Note: This republished version is a new expanded spoken edition to improve the viewing experience.

Continuing with the sole purpose of trying to clarify different sad events which concern all of humanity, even though this is ignored by millions in this second part we see the urgent need to be more aware of those people who displayed true bravery but who were vilely betrayed by the Empire immersed in its envy and perversity as always for the simple reason that they failed to comply with the Empire’s assault on the

It is important to fully understand that the fight against darkness is no longer secret, it is now open, hence there are millions of disorientated people who are easily misled because now the paths are defined, those who are with the light and those who are with the darkness although it might seem like fiction for many, this was actually what these great people were fighting for… for this reason we believe it to be of the utmost importance that these strange deaths and unexplained murders that are unknown to humanity be disclosed.

Sunday, 17 April 2016

Satanism, global dictatorship, crisis in Spain & Latin America, Trump, Brexit

Note: This republished version is a new expanded spoken edition to improve the viewing experience.

We are living the most difficult moments of our existence as everything is characterised by injustice, betrayal, conspiracies and the assassinations of people who did nothing other than give their best, by serving and helping to build a better world ...
Now everything is motivated by selfishness, greed, power, and that is what we have inherited from those who govern in the anti-light with impunity...
Why do the difficulties become greater each day? Is there a secret plan that has been created precisely for this purpose of which humanity is unaware?
Within this well-established program are they trying to to create a Schism Energy so that chaos and terror reign throughout the planet?
But apart from this, what can we say of the increasingly open Satanism that is spread even at a government level, with temples even erected in honour of their pagan and demonic cults and deities? Do they want to impose upon us their ancient creed of ritualistic and demonic entities and as always exploit specific and kabbalistic dates with blood sacrifices to the beast?

Sunday, 3 April 2016

Truth about 9/11, ritualistic killings & no. 11, George Washington’s vision

Among the different conspiracies that the wielders of power have carried out against humanity is the specific case that led to an era of terror and horror planned by those known to be terrorists as well as those in the shadows…
Although several years have passed, the majority have remained silent… we would like to show as much evidence as possible in this documentary so each person can evaluate the harsh events, as these Machiavellian attacks, instead of decreasing have continued unopposed.

How is this growth possible if controls are increasingly tighter? Is something not working? The strangest thing is that the ones who always pay the consequences are the innocent population.

Various people were brutally murdered by the oligarchic empire
because they knew too much, and opposed all the plots and deception, in this way, it was possible [to conceal the truth regarding the demolition of the Twin Towers even though several activists have clearly demonstrated it to be a false flag attack carried out by the American and Saudi governments…

Was the destruction of the Twin Towers planned precisely so that it would take place on 11 September 2001?

Saturday, 27 February 2016

Global economic crisis, bail-in, NWO, unemployment, cosmic warnings

With the sole aim of trying to help all those have been following our videos for more than three years, we would like to communicate the urgent need to prepare oneself for the very real difficulties that are on their way with the imminent global financial collapse which will devastate our entire economy and way of life

We warn of terrible events that are fast approaching. We are on the threshold of a far greater crisis than that of the Great Depression of 1929, which left many millions starving on the street in a way that had never been seen. We are in a difficult global situation that is on the verge of exploding and though they would like to make us believe that we are emerging from the global crisis, the reality is that it is a serious problem that is already beyond repair.

To understand this, it is not necessary to be involved in finances, banks or the stock markets, it is a state of terrible chaos that will affect the entire world…

Friday, 19 February 2016

Zika virus, internet shutdown, martial law, terrorism, Jedi religion, Satanism

Continuing with the urgent need to open our eyes, we see what has happened the hundreds of thousands of refugees who were misled when they were offered, with apparent confidence and support, the international right to seek asylum but there has been an unexpected change, which is causing more hatred and racism throughout the world instead of providing support and jobs, as happened with the millions who sought asylum in the Americas and throughout the rest of the world.

Are there terrorists infiltrated amongst the refugees with the aim of carrying out terrible attacks and thereby cause the people to react, so the innocent have to pay the price? Is this part of the determined plan to create the NWO and establish ‘new rules’ on the planet or is this just a way to use them to justify closing the borders?

We are in a decisive moment of global change which is obviously directed towards one specific objective, widespread martial law and we can already see this terrifying situation in several countries that are now militarised…

We are reliving appalling historical events which were characterised by war, death, crises and famine… …and which is now being repeated, whilst the population remains completely defenceless whilst every day millions more die as a result of hunger, disease…

What can we say about the Zika virus that is spreading dramatically? Are they looking to create a pandemic in a continent that does not particularly agree with their global agenda with the sole purpose of triggering greater terror and the implementation of vaccines with chips hidden inside?

FEMA guillotines, clones-doubles of famous people, Akhenaten-Obama, Beyoncé

Note: This republished version is a new expanded spoken edition to improve the viewing experience.

We are laying bare a terrible planetary situation which has no hope of being resolved since the dark forces advance incessantly, threatening and blackmailing both the defenceless population as well as many countries who are not siding with them or simply seeking to put the world on tenterhooks and under the grip of all forms of terror…
Is their coveted objective to make us live in fear, uncertainty and terror and in this endeavour, they are not in the least interested that terrorism is everywhere trying to destroy us?
Is this because something terrible is being prepared that could take place at any given moment?
Could it be that the simulated man of the future that they have for so long tried to achieve is already in full development and that it is now possible to see this in the world of show business or is it simply that there are a variety of coincidences that have no logical connection whatsoever with clones and synthetics?
What would happen if various celebrities were actually remarkable clones, copied from ancient bodies that were the originals?
Could it be that Obama, his family and Beyoncé are actually Egyptian clones and that this amazing cloning process has been applied to many other famous artists as well as to presidents and important figures of the United States who had copies of themselves?

Monday, 25 January 2016

Human clones, robots and highly advanced synthetics, Posthumanism, Immortality

Continuing with the second part of this documentary on a subject which involves us all even though much of what the abusers of our psyche, life and consciousness have done is ignored, it is them who have us subjugated with the aim of exterminating us whilst humanity, disconcerted, does not know what to do.
If we add to this the huge emotional, ethical and spiritual fragility that has grown substantially this is a perfect opportunity for the dark, lugubrious ones, to push us towards total automatisation in other words millions will become the vehicles for spreading human robotisation…

Are we doomed to suffer a genetic mutation from humans to posthuman robots not, as the Beings of Light had planned, through an elevation in our DNA so that we could have a fully awakened consciousness able to discern the darkness from the light?

This means that we find ourselves in the most defining moment ever, either we survive as human beings, who are able to think and feel, or we will end up replaced by machines, robots, androids, clones and synthetics…

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Human robots, cyborg supersoldiers, ancient Nephilim giants

Note: This republished version is a new expanded spoken edition to improve the viewing experience.

In this documentary we wanted to present new evidence of surprising facts related  to the new generation of synthetic clones, which using biotechnological and artificial intelligence processes are in full development. Clones-robots with features that make them appear to be real, whilst humans, from what can be seen, are going out of fashion...
Is it because of the unbridled human decline, that we must urgently be replaced by an huge variety of humanoid robots, which are more active and extremely well prepared for anything and also less problematic, complicated, fragile and sensitive than humans?
In this documentary we show that we have an ever growing dilemma, either we evolve as we should or we will be replaced by the new generation of synthetic robotoids, more and more of which are created each day for many everyday uses either within the home, kitchen, or the workplace and cyborg super-soldiers are also being trained for the decisive moment in which the elite decides to implement their NWO... Will we learn from everything they do to our human species? Or is our unconsciousness so great that artificial intelligence will rule us forever?

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