Monday, 25 July 2016

Nice attacks, Turkey coup, Rio Olympics, Munich

Note: This republished version is a new expanded spoken edition to improve the viewing experience.

Again the full potential of terror is increasingly apparent, whilst people disconcerted and unaware of what to do, become [more and more affected… What is behind this web of plots that strangely occur on very specific dates? Is this another lone wolf, similar to those that have committed previous slaughters? But is there not an increasingly militarised control to protect people? Is this just part of another ruse to spread nationalism and xenophobic hatred as millions of people of Algerian and Tunisian origin live in France as do many people from other countries that were, or continue to be, French colonies? Is their objective to shape a new system of control that will be imposed on the population to lay the foundations for their ever urgent New World Order?
Apart from the enormous chaos and pain that is spreading and causing confusion throughout the entire planet, there another [secret motive behind this, which is to hide the inevitable crash of the global economy or to accelerate [social confrontations that will lead to civil war?
However, this is not the only perverse conspiracy that they seem to be preparing against humanity, they also seem to be trying to jeopardise the coming Olympics Games in Brazil, apply pressure on Russian sportsmen and women, and now implement attacks in Munich…

Saturday, 2 July 2016

Schumann Resonance, Stargates, Looking Glass-Yellow Cube, Brexit

Note: This republished version is a new expanded spoken edition to improve the viewing experience.

The closer we get to the Galactic Centre the more we are all influenced by defining energies, but also greater difficulties, planetary-geopolitical-psychosocial chaos and disasters that we have to suffer until the Earth readapts and readjusts to an unprecedented Schumann resonance frequency and terrestrial-space time...

It is important to be aware that the Schumann resonance, or Earth’s pulse, is the magnetic field is gradually but steadily diminishing and this is related to the reversal of the Earth’s magnetic poles or to a dimensional quantum leap of huge proportions.

This means that the psychological and physical awakening will increase on a massive scale both for those sheltered by the light as well as those who worship the darkness yet, everything remains uncertain as it is unclear which of these opposing energies will be stronger…

What has this to do with Project Looking Glass or Yellow Cube which gave the dominating elite a projection of the future, something which coincidentally has not worked since the end of 2012? Why are they anxiously searching for new inter-dimensional portals around the globe?

Brexit, Global economic and social repercussions, Domino effect

We warned in previous documentaries that the month of June 2016 could be quite turbulent and this is precisely what is happening, with the unexpected Brexit of the UK that could have unpredictable consequences.
In just the little time we have left, we will have answers to these uncertain questions and we hope that it is not a duplicitous move by the imperial elite, as occurred in the Greek referendum
For that reason, we must be very alert to future events.