Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Donald Trump, strategy of the elite, society in shock, NWO, economic collapse

Every day that passes, it becomes clearer to see the serious nature of the sociological, governmental and political situation that is causing the global panorama to change in such unexpected ways. It is essential that we be alert because these are the ways the global power and its vassals are increasing their conspiracy against humanity, in this case by instigating social unrest…
The vast majority, although they are beginning to suspect that so much fraud and deception is taking place worldwide, many still trust politicians without realising that behind them in the darkest shadows, are those who really govern us and this can undoubtedly be seen in the results of the recent US presidential elections which has set the stage for other governments who are waiting, to obediently follow the same process
Very soon, it will not be long before many things that have been promised will be directly confirmed with this surprising appointment of the new president Donald Trump ... What will be the response to the endless social instability and unrest, that now even includes various celebrities? Will this be a good excuse for establishing the NWO that they have been seeking for so long as it is only a question of time before we start seeing violent and unpredictable reactions? Will the new government begin strategic changes as panic hits the global economies allowing them to implement their new world currency?
Did Trump really fight for the presidency alone or was his winning an elite decision, are his xenophobic and racist attitudes and insults part of an intentional plan created from the shadows to take another step forward?

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