Monday, 25 January 2016

Human clones, robots and highly advanced synthetics, Posthumanism, Immortality

Continuing with the second part of this documentary on a subject which involves us all even though much of what the abusers of our psyche, life and consciousness have done is ignored, it is them who have us subjugated with the aim of exterminating us whilst humanity, disconcerted, does not know what to do.
If we add to this the huge emotional, ethical and spiritual fragility that has grown substantially this is a perfect opportunity for the dark, lugubrious ones, to push us towards total automatisation in other words millions will become the vehicles for spreading human robotisation…

Are we doomed to suffer a genetic mutation from humans to posthuman robots not, as the Beings of Light had planned, through an elevation in our DNA so that we could have a fully awakened consciousness able to discern the darkness from the light?

This means that we find ourselves in the most defining moment ever, either we survive as human beings, who are able to think and feel, or we will end up replaced by machines, robots, androids, clones and synthetics…

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