Friday, 19 February 2016

Zika virus, internet shutdown, martial law, terrorism, Jedi religion, Satanism

Continuing with the urgent need to open our eyes, we see what has happened the hundreds of thousands of refugees who were misled when they were offered, with apparent confidence and support, the international right to seek asylum but there has been an unexpected change, which is causing more hatred and racism throughout the world instead of providing support and jobs, as happened with the millions who sought asylum in the Americas and throughout the rest of the world.

Are there terrorists infiltrated amongst the refugees with the aim of carrying out terrible attacks and thereby cause the people to react, so the innocent have to pay the price? Is this part of the determined plan to create the NWO and establish ‘new rules’ on the planet or is this just a way to use them to justify closing the borders?

We are in a decisive moment of global change which is obviously directed towards one specific objective, widespread martial law and we can already see this terrifying situation in several countries that are now militarised…

We are reliving appalling historical events which were characterised by war, death, crises and famine… …and which is now being repeated, whilst the population remains completely defenceless whilst every day millions more die as a result of hunger, disease…

What can we say about the Zika virus that is spreading dramatically? Are they looking to create a pandemic in a continent that does not particularly agree with their global agenda with the sole purpose of triggering greater terror and the implementation of vaccines with chips hidden inside?

FEMA guillotines, clones-doubles of famous people, Akhenaten-Obama, Beyoncé

Note: This republished version is a new expanded spoken edition to improve the viewing experience.

We are laying bare a terrible planetary situation which has no hope of being resolved since the dark forces advance incessantly, threatening and blackmailing both the defenceless population as well as many countries who are not siding with them or simply seeking to put the world on tenterhooks and under the grip of all forms of terror…
Is their coveted objective to make us live in fear, uncertainty and terror and in this endeavour, they are not in the least interested that terrorism is everywhere trying to destroy us?
Is this because something terrible is being prepared that could take place at any given moment?
Could it be that the simulated man of the future that they have for so long tried to achieve is already in full development and that it is now possible to see this in the world of show business or is it simply that there are a variety of coincidences that have no logical connection whatsoever with clones and synthetics?
What would happen if various celebrities were actually remarkable clones, copied from ancient bodies that were the originals?
Could it be that Obama, his family and Beyoncé are actually Egyptian clones and that this amazing cloning process has been applied to many other famous artists as well as to presidents and important figures of the United States who had copies of themselves?

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