Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Unexplained assassinations, the Kennedys, Evita, Princess Diana, Grace Kelly

Note: This republished version is a new expanded spoken edition to improve the viewing experience.

Continuing with the sole purpose of trying to clarify different sad events which concern all of humanity, even though this is ignored by millions in this second part we see the urgent need to be more aware of those people who displayed true bravery but who were vilely betrayed by the Empire immersed in its envy and perversity as always for the simple reason that they failed to comply with the Empire’s assault on the

It is important to fully understand that the fight against darkness is no longer secret, it is now open, hence there are millions of disorientated people who are easily misled because now the paths are defined, those who are with the light and those who are with the darkness although it might seem like fiction for many, this was actually what these great people were fighting for… for this reason we believe it to be of the utmost importance that these strange deaths and unexplained murders that are unknown to humanity be disclosed.

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