Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Pokemon Go, Project Blue Beam, Beings of Light and Anti-light, Selfies, NWO

****Our videos now include narration***
It is most worrying that much of mankind is totally sedated and zombified, and what is worse feel comfortable being so asleep.
This can clearly be seen in the mass phenomenon of ‘Pokemon Go’ that has gone viral around the planet to keep the world’s population submissive and under control…
But how is it possible that we are not capable of seeing that we are physically and mentally manipulated to keep us occupied, fascinated and dependent on our Smartphones? Why is it said that the CIA, the NSA and other organizations are involved? Is it to access our lives, emails, photos, bank accounts?
And what lies behind Project Blue Beam and holographic projections? Is it not some cunning conspiracy of the New World Order, with which the Shadow Government intends to impose a total dictatorship, slavery and all-out repression, much worse than we suffer now? And what relationship does it have the that malevolent story they would have us believe of an inevitable alien invasion?

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