Monday, 3 October 2016

Clinton-Trump, health problems cover-up, USA-Russia, Racism, EU crisis

We have to understand that we are at the end of this race and the only thing that governments seek is to carry out orders and lead us into conflicts, crises, wars, social divisions... Can we not see how they manipulate us by making us believe an infinite number of electoral promises, or by failing to reach political agreements or repeating elections, or postponing elections for a third time? Might they be preparing a great move in efforts to impose their NWO upon us and, they hope to make it coincide with elections in the USA?

Will they continue threatening Russia any way they can with the sole ambition of creating the armed conflict they need so much? Various countries are beginning to see this and they are trying to avoid this global confrontation, because if that were not the case, the Islamic State would have already invaded the majority of Europe, including Spain, Italy and France…

But, in addition to this situation, what is going on with the two candidates running for the presidency of the most powerful country on the planet? What can we say about the woman, who will possibly be the first female President of the United States? Does she have full use of her physical and psychological faculties in order to govern this great nation, if her destructive program includes wanting to wage a Third World War as soon as possible?

Why are they putting a double in her place? Or might it be a synthetic robot, as she herself has declared… and what can be said about the other candidate, the irrational showman Donald Trump? Could it be that people are becoming increasingly aware of this large-scale electoral fraud, or what is it they want to hide?

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