Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Nuclear wars of antiquity and current threats, cosmic DNA, Governing aliens, UFO

A large part of humanity possesses a genetic heritage that is more extraterrestrial than terrestrial... How is it possible that being a civilisation possessing this cosmic DNA we are still governed by a dictatorial elite? For centuries, some entities have been cunningly positioning themselves in prominent positions in the monarchy and governments, in order to govern us whilst waging wars and conflicts.
What is known of the colossal nuclear wars of the past that took place in various parts of the Earth such as Sodom and Gomorrah, or the explosions in Mohenjo Daro, Harappa in ancient India, or those in Scotland, the central plateau of Egypt, or Brazil as well as in many other regions of the planet?
Remains of large areas of vitrified soil and ashes with high levels of radioactivity have been discovered, scientifically testifying that the Earth has witnessed terrifying atomic explosions for centuries. Will there be a repeat of the nuclear holocaust that occurred in ancient civilisations, or will mankind be able to reverse that risk of destruction, which is increasing every day?
It is important to know that for many centuries, the Beings of Light have worked tirelessly to prevent radioactive leaks or the triggering of nuclear conflicts, because they are well aware of the terrible effects that this would generate for centuries to come...
Does the Star Brigade and the various commando units that support them from the cosmos continue to act to prevent a horrendous nuclear war taking place on our planet and this is the reason they continue to appear in our skies as well as in close proximity to the international space station? Is the reason that the rich and famous are building bunkers and shelters or buying islands to ensure that nothing happens to them? As seen from all sides we are on the edge of a terrible holocaust with unpredictable effects.

Sunday, 11 June 2017

Terrorist attacks, Militarisation, Middle-East, Qatar-Iran, Trump-Saudi Arabia

With every passing day confidence in our leaders diminishes, especially because of the terrorist attacks, since instead of providing citizens with security, in the end they are unable to prevent the attacks that are now occurring everywhere. It would seem that the Imperialist Deep State is desperate to maintain its control over the population, which continues to ignore what lies behind in the darkest shadows.
But why are these serious acts being committed against society? Are the governments too negligent, even though they know that terrorism will not stop, or is there something else at play?
And what are the Intelligence Services doing? Were they not created with the aim of tracking terrorists and providing security to the population, or are they for the militarisation of countries and the creation of widespread fear, entrapping us under states of emergency as is happening in France and now in the United Kingdom with so many attacks, false alarms, etc., and many still believe these measures are for their protection?
Is it a cover to give more powers to the police and military against terrorism, even though it is the governments who have created and spread terrorism all over the world, to sow the bewilderment and pain everywhere?
Is this related to the US president's veto against citizens of seven Islamic countries to protect the country from terrorists, as well as confronting Saudi Arabia for the attacks on the Twin Towers, even though he then travelled there in order to sell them huge quantities of weapons?
Is the black hand behind, so that the war in the Middle East spreads, and for this they are involving Qatar, as a stepping stone to invade Iran?