Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Climategate, HAARP, ELF waves, GWEN, chemtrails, nanoparticles, climate change

Extensive evidence suggests that we are facing critical climate change in many regions, as Nature becomes more and more unbalanced. As a result, we are seeing torrential rains and a great deal of lightning strikes, in addition to countless earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Record hot and cold spells as well as extreme highs and lows, whilst surprisingly violent temperature changes occur.

That is not all, however; intense droughts or storms accompanied by increasingly severe floods are devastating entire towns, and the same can be said of horrific fires, which are often an act of arson. These circumstances prove the existence of an underlying scheme that is making millions of people unsure about which direction to take.

Is something playing out behind the scenes that is being left unsaid, whilst the oligarchical elite continue to turn the planet into a desert? Are they along with large corporations the true culprits, though their aim is to make people believe that overpopulation and man-made pollution are to blame?

Research proves that whatever politicians say is a massive farce designed to create alarmism... Nonetheless, HAARP and sinister chemtrails are to blame for climate modification, in addition to the fact that vast amounts of pollutants are being sprayed into the atmosphere to supposedly avoid global warming, whilst they feign concern and harm biodiversity. Similarly, GWEN transmitters, ELF and scalar waves, sonic and psychotropic explosions are provoking numerous natural disasters and triggering diseases that affect the endocrine system, as well as metabolic, psychological and biological systems in general.

We are in no way denying that climate change is intensifying; we are simply stating that this global mutation process has been underway for many years and that several of its component causes are being kept quiet...since the cleptocracy’s aim is for the extinction of humanity as quickly as possible.

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