Friday, 3 March 2017

Predictions 2017, The Economist, Trump, balkanisation, Romania, Iran, Schengen

It is truly important to explain that we are experiencing the most delicate, uncertain moments in the harsh history of this civilisation. Nevertheless, many people have not yet realised that we find ourselves submerged in a world of falsehoods, intrigue, conspiracies and endless double-dealing… because hidden forces have ignominiously abused power over the years, in order to dominate and weaken and mistreat us… For this reason, we must awaken our cognitive conscious to discern what is real from what is false and not allow ourselves to be deceived by appearances, as unfortunately the majority of naive people do

Within the scheme devised by the upper echelons of global power, one can analyse the famous English magazine, 'The Economist' which is very closely tied to the world's elite, Bilderberg and the Rothschild and Agnelli families… The cover of its special issue published more than a month before the beginning of 2017 seems to have contained a prophetic message about who would become the next US president. Did they really know who was going to govern, before results of the winner were decided? How did they know? Was it because they are a fundamental part of the Shadow Government and clearly knew who was going to be put into power?

And what can be said of the other mysterious predictions? Do they reveal something that is in store for us on Planet Trump during 2017? What secrets are brewing behind the scenes? Are they foretelling something very serious, though our sedated humanity does not realise it?
Are the forces of darkness trying to 'balkanise' the entire planet just like they successfully did during the bloody wars of the Balkans, in order to achieve the collapse of the European Union countries and do away with the Schengen zone… building a vast number of walls instead, whilst they cause an economic collapse of the markets, generating poverty of unimaginable proportions across the entire planet? Do they really need to destabilise as many countries as they can, whilst humanity remains unaware of the huge machinations that lie beneath, whose objective is organised collapse?

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