Friday, 12 May 2017

Drugs, trafficking, invented wars, colonialism, USA-North Korea, WW III

With the purpose of carrying out a profound analysis of the events taking place across the world, including greater difficulties and more intense conflicts… It is fundamental to quickly prepare ourselves on all levels, especially with regard to our inner world, that of the soul or cognitive consciousness, because it is the only part of us that is undying and immutable. Many will be protected by the Stellar Confederation of Light that is watching over our internal development, if they rely upon a more positive lifestyle and vibrational field. For this reason, we must grasp for an authentic inner change.

We are examining this issue because vices are continuing to spread across the planet, as in the case of drug trafficking and our growing addiction to drugs, which many governments overlook.

Are they not interested in eradicating the problem as it provides a way keep the masses sedated and under their control? Is there really no control capable of eradicating the drugs that are consuming millions of people? Or is this actually a huge cover up by many government leaders who are in league with drug cartels, in order to generate more income, at the price of causing the deaths of millions of people?

Obviously, the purpose of much of the Empire’s abusive intervention in foreign countries was clearly colonialism and their cruel plans included the mass extermination of the native populations so that they could take control of their lands and establish geostrategic enclaves… And these atrocities are not a thing of the past, but rather continue to occur with more and more intensity.

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