Saturday, 30 September 2017

Geoengineering, Earthquake Mexico, Hurricane Maria, Catalonia referendum, Schism

Upon analysing the countless string of events taking place all over the world: what is the cause behind this increase in the number of hurricanes, typhoons and cyclones that are terribly destructive and taking many lives? What is most striking is that they have all occurred in the same month of September, after terrible hardship and disaster had already been provoked throughout the Caribbean region.
Is there an explanation behind this strange coincidence in which so many catastrophes and deaths occurred so soon after the previous devastating hurricanes that had already levelled everything? Is there a more deeply hidden intention linked to global climate modification, scalar geo-engineered programmes and covert operations that unleash floods, hurricanes, and powerful earthquakes?
We can see this in Mexico's recent earthquake which may have been provoked in order to make it coincide with the anniversary of the devastating earthquake of 1985... Was this really an incredible coincidence or was it a well-planned causality?
This is not all they do to destroy us, however, another of their conflict-driven aims is the creation of covert wars, as well as false-flag terror attacks, crisis and social confrontation, but always with a certain degree of consent from their leaders... this is the reason they try and trigger conflicts, as in the case of Spain and the act of secession or separation of Catalonia, with the risk of creating an unprecedented social collapse… Why did the Prime Minister of Spain specifically choose this least opportune moment to travel to the United States for a meeting with Trump? Why the coincidental similarity with the King of Spain's recent trip to London? Is something on the verge of taking place? As they always do, will our corrupt politicians carry out the tasks assigned to them by the Shadow Government?

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