Wednesday, 6 December 2017

5th Anniversary, Quantum leap, Mutating genetic meditation, Photons of light

The moment has arrived to make a quantum leap in our lives and achieve a transformation, modifying our destiny, as the photons of light are becoming increasingly stronger in the planet and it would be absurd not to grasp this opportunity with both hands
The vast majority have not taken seriously that they need to be cured of many harmful traumatic, phobic and egoic states... And although we are in the worst era of this decadent and corrupt civilization, and the aliens camouflaged as human beings are relentless in trying to destroy us..  our struggle for that urgent change should not stop, because the closer we get to the galactic centre we will experience more intense and renovating vibratory frequencies in our DNA... and even if we they continue to set traps to make us stumble, a mass awakening is in process and will be unstoppable.
So to counteract this antithetical force that is in opposition to the light, the solution is to use the science of Meditation, because this ancient practice makes us grow internally, helps us to achieve more lasting physical health, etc ... and is also present in our DNA, therefore to be able to achieve an authentic evolution that reaches the depths of our life and behaviour, Zen Buddhist meditation is fundamental.
The human being has the possibility of taking a quantum leap in consciousness, but only if there is peace, balance, harmony and coherence in the environments where we find ourselves, that is why we insist on the need to raise that dense vibratory frequency that many carry.
However, to achieve this, the balance between the mind and the heart is fundamental, in order to carry a deep bioenergetic stability. Only the mutating genetic meditation, which occurs between the brain and the heart, will lead us to the unified consciousness and the splendid Light of the Photon, and these synaptic, neurological and atomic interactions that surround us, will elevate our internal frequency, and even in the direction of the same galactic energy field that surrounds us.

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