Monday, 28 May 2018

AI, Toroidal energy, bio-nanotechnology, Smart Grid, Wearables, Robots

 ***New Edition***

We find ourselves at a time of major decisions during a difficult transitional era, in which we must decide whether to follow the path leading to the evolution of our consciousness or in the direction of Artificial Intelligence, triggering the consequences these deceitful technologies ultimately produce..

This can be seen more intensely on social networks where millions of people fail to realise that a hugely dangerous and deeply dehumanising multi-sensorial technology is being created.

What they do not realise, however, is that they are falling into the net cast by highly advanced, extremely threatening cybernetics and Artificial Intelligence which threatens to diminish our human and cognitive abilities and stunt our genetic evolution. We will eventually become more distant, unfeeling and robotic thereby generating coldness in our way of thinking and our actions.

Biotechnology, Nanotechnology and Transhumanism form part of Artificial Intelligence's new prototypes, under the umbrella of which projects such as BlueBrain and Avatar aimed at creating different cyborg sub-species or digital clones all over the world can be found. This is a huge problem the vast majority are not taking seriously. The global elite are solely interested in keeping the masses hyper-connected and completely absorbed by their computers, tablets and next-generation mobile phones so that we fall into the trap of robotics. 

What can be said about SmartGrids, or 5G technology that emits powerful microwave electromagnetic frequencies that are extremely harmful or 'Wearables' which are standalone devices or contained within intelligent clothes. Why are the technocratic elie in such a hurry to convert humanity in to insensitive robotic machines?

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