Sunday, 22 April 2018

Illegal bombing of Syria, fake chemical attack, Russia sanctions, World War III

This special documentary has been created with the sole purpose of warning as many people as possible and raising awareness about the Empire and its allies’ belligerent actions that are intended to escalate tensions so as to perpetuate the invasion of sovereign nations such as Syria and other countries of the region, while the main stream media and the UN stand by in silence.

What is the secret motive guiding the manipulation of this web of warfare and this attempt to hide the truth under the guise of supposedly seeking peace and stability, although all they simply create more chaos and pain the world over? Is it because they have lost the war against Syria and are now seeking revenge, reacting against Russia for the support it has offered the Syrian people?

If these terrible warmongering actions are not curtailed as quickly as possible, serious problems will result from such threats, sanctions, lies, disinformation… Should the current level of pressure and coercion continue, the end result will be catastrophic and irreversible. What new excuses will they fabricate in order to trigger the Third World War they long for?

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