Thursday, 5 July 2018

Corrupt politicians, puppet governments, soft coups, immigrants

We find ourselves at the end of this corrupt civilisation characterised by a paradigm of extreme avant-gardism… The origin of this decadent modernist trajectory lies chiefly with our corrupt politicians and leaders. This movement forms part of a well-planned agenda whose aim is for confusion and pain to continue… The fact that a digital society is being created represents a serious problem, causing people to lose the ability to communicate directly and emotionally… they solely communicate via the Internet, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and social networks. The objective is to make us fall asleep and keep us from realising all that is happening in the world...
This irrepressible psychological, social and global decline has a lot to do with the leaders who govern the world amidst scandals and lies, adopting attitudes that used to be more effectively concealed but are becoming increasingly brazen… This is why they are now calling upon younger individuals to act as emissaries and gofers.
What can be said of the corrupt and dishonest governments that abound all over the world? Will they continue misappropriating public funds whilst continuing to demand that citizens fulfil their obligations? What about the puppet governments that are everywhere? What can be said about the most powerful nation in the world which seems to be lacking a concrete programme benefiting citizens?
Moreover, politics is becoming incoherent and ridiculous, the attitudes and behaviour displayed is typical of the uneducated, who lacking ethical principles carry themselves with arrogance, defiance and disrespect. Are the globalist elite adopting these modern methods so that they can put into office whoever they find most convenient, staging a series of silent, soft coups in order to remove worn-out members and replace them with others who will obey the orders of the kleptocratic globalist government?

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